Chris Hutka (Ex- The Bunny The Bear) Dies

It has sadly been announced that Chris Hutka, best known as one of the original vocalists for The Bunny The Bear has died.

The cause of death hasn’t been publicly confirmed, the news of the passing was made public via a statement posted on the Facebook page of The Bunny The Bear.

The statement can be read below.

“As some may have heard… our original singer Chris Hutka has passed away.

I’ve know Chris since I was 15, and we spent the better part of a decade causing trouble together, making music, having ins… and having outs. All while creating thousands of memories I will never forget. Chris had a massive heart, and an undeniable talent. The voice of an angel.

Nothing will ever change the love I have for him, and I know many of you feel the same.

Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Rest In Peace man”

Hutka’s former bandmate Nat Blasdell whom is now a member of I Set My Friends On Fire also made a post on the frontman passing.

“Devastated doesn’t even begin to describe it. Losing someone you were in a band with is losing a part of family. We toured the world together. You were the big brother I never had. The most talented person I knew with a heart of gold. I’m absolutely heartbroken. You just moved back to New York and were so excited to reconnect. We were suppose to write new songs when I got home. Life isn’t fair man.

I love you forever Chris Hutka. Rest easy brother.”

Chris Hutka was the vocalist for The Bunny The Bear between 2008-2012 and then again between 2013-2014 before stepping down permanently.

As the vocalist for The Bunny The Bear, he appeared on the band’s first five full-length albums; 2010’s ‘The Bunny The Bear’, 2011’s ‘If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…’, 2012’s ‘The Stomach For It’, 2013’s ‘Stories’, and 2014’s ‘Food Chain’.

In 2020 he became engaged to Haley Roback, whom also provided vocals for The Bunny The Bear in 2015.