Check out As It Is Latest Track Feat. Cody Carson & Jordy Purp

As It Is have shared another track from their upcoming album ‘I Went To Hell And Back’, and it’s a little bit of a surprising one.

‘IN THREES’ takes cues more from electronica and SoundCloud rap as much as their rock and pop-punk roots, with dark and decadent synths coating the tone of the track There’s also guest vocals from  Set It Off’s Cody Carson and Jordy Purp to add an extra layer of twisted melody.

Vocalist Patty Walters had this to say about the track:

“[It is inspired] by spending too much time all alone in your head. You start to build an alternate reality, where what’s ‘true’ is twisted and contorted, and after enough time, it becomes reality. And it leaves you hurt and spiteful and violent and numb. It’s an intensely dark listen, both lyrically and musically, but it was a total opposition experience to create.”

And guitarist Ronnie Ish added:

“It’s about internal fires that start inside of our heads with having zero energy and no interest in extinguishing. Instead, we let the fire spread, consuming every room inside our mind and let it burn down everything inside. It’s about accepting defeat, making a bed in the darkness, and succumbing to that alternate reality.”

Check out the track below.