Crawlers Announced Details Of Debut Mixtape

CRAWLERS today announce details of their debut mixtape “Loud Without Noise”, a broad-spectrum exploration into sex, love and drugs, packaged perfectly within the bands’ repertoire for creating from a non-binary feminist perspective. Set for release on October 28th via Polydor Records, it arrives angsty and assured as ever.

Over the course of the six-track-wide tape, the Merseyside natives provide a snapshot of what it means to traverse one’s own boundaries for the aim of gaining autonomy over your body, your sexuality and your emotions. “Loud Without Noise” unequivocally showcases the range of the hotly tipped grunge rockers, from the post-punk guitars of lead single “Fuck Me”, right through to the soft acoustics of closing track “Hang Me Like Jesus”, we see the band continuing to mature towards establishing their own individual sound. Thus, this next musical chapter sees the band flexing their musical muscles and letting their burgeoning fanbase know that they’ve got what it takes to continue delivering their own unique brand of emotive and experiential sonics, that speaks to the inner rebels in us all.

Until the release of ‘Loud Without Noise’, checkout ‘I Don’t Want It’ below.

Crawlers Release New Single, ‘I Don’t Want It’

Liverpool-based four-piece CRAWLERS today share their new single. A snarling, searing alt-rock anthem fuelled by crunching riffs, spiky hooks and pummelling drums, ‘I Don’t Want It’ will cement the quartet’s reputation as the UK’s most exciting new band. The group’s third release on Polydor Records, ‘I Don’t Want It’ continues the thematic explorations of previous single of ‘Fuck Me (I Didn’t Know How To Say)’ as singer Holly Minto reflects on relationships, body image and the uncertainty of life in your early twenties. 

Holly elaborates. “‘I Don’t Want It’ encompasses what it is like to be growing up in the current state of society and how it has affected the mental health of the modern generation from a 1st and 3rd perspective. I have a lot of unhealthy habits that I am very self-aware of, however they don’t seem to change and seem to manifest into worse problems which I try to ignore, this isn’t really my own issue either, so many of us are aware of our own self-destructive behaviours but we ignore them for the sake of it being easier than recovery. I think the song actually took fruition when my therapist said “you’re very self-aware, aren’t you?”. It’s very much a curse that we all, especially gen Z share. Maybe because self-deprecation has become such a normalised thing, which I hate but I can’t help but feed into. Writing it was a good way of me getting out a lot of behaviours I want to change about myself as well as critiquing other behaviours that society tends to normalise while growing up in your teens and early 20s. As soon as Amy sent me the riff I instantly knew I wanted to get these particular feelings out and create a song with the guys that sounds like the music I am listening to, especially when I am engaging in the behaviours mentioned in the lyrics, which has always been indie with a killer riff and a fat hook – kinda full circle in a way.”

Check out ‘I Don’t Want It’ via your preferred streaming service.

Check Out Crawlers Latest Single, ‘F*ck Me (I Didn’t Know How to Say)’

Liverpool-based four-piece CRAWLERS today share their stunning new single ‘F*ck Me (I Didn’t Know How To Say)’. The single, the band’s second release on Polydor Records, is a compelling concoction of big, grungy riffs which continues to mix the personal with the issues that matter to many in our world. ‘F*ck Me’ sees lead singer Holly Minto pivoting the lens inwards as she examines her relationship with her own body. It’s yet another example of the bold, probing songwriting that makes CRAWLERS such an important new band and a powerful force to be reckoned with.

I know I used to be in love,” she whispers on the song. “The kisses that led to sex were close enough.” 

Holly elaborates, “F*ck Me (I didn’t know how to say)”’ is a song very personal to us as a band. The song covers two ideas behind sex. First the trauma and disgust after sexual assault, and then the idea of how at the time of writing it I haven’t felt loved and only used for my body and for sex rather than the love I really wanted at the time.”

“There’s a song that goes ‘You kiss me just to kiss me’ and I was like, ‘Damn, I’ve never been kissed just to be kissed’,” she explains. “I just sat there and had a little moment about it and was like, ‘Have I just been letting people use me so I can feel loved?’” 

Check out ‘F*ck Me (I Didn’t Know how To Say’ via your preferred streaming service.

Crawlers Release New Single, ‘I Can’t Drive’

Liverpool-based four-piece CRAWLERS have recently dropped share their latest stunning single ‘I Can’t Drive’. 

The track is the band’s debut release on Polydor Records since signing to the label in January. It comes hot on the heels of their hit single ‘Come Over (Again)’, which crashed into the Official UK Singles Chart thanks to fan power alone. To date it has racked up over 26.4 million streams on Spotify.

‘I Can’t Drive’ is, the band say, about “the romanticism of mental illness and heartbreak and how the media portrays it compared to the raw reality”. Singer Holly Minto elaborates, “This situation is about how me and my sibling went through break ups of toxic relationships. My mum secured that we didn’t need anyone else by filing for divorce from my dad and we all went through it together.”

CRAWLERS are firmly on the path to becoming one of Britain’s most vital acts.The band recently signed to Interscope Records and head Stateside in June for a tour of North America. 

CRAWLERS debut tour which in a few days will conclude has now completely sold out.

Check out the track, ‘I Can’t Drive’ below.