Creature Release New Track ‘Creeping’ Off Upcoming EP, ‘Haunt’

Birmingham based alternative act CREATURE release their brutal new EP, ‘HAUNT’. To celebrate the release, the band has released a visualiser for the track ‘Creeping’. 

Speaking on ‘Creeping’, vocalist/guitarist James Thompson comments:

“Creeping depicts an existential crisis of neuroticism and anxiety. It’s so easy to fixate on things out of your control, and when these go wrong it creates a heightened sense of self-awareness, making you think there’s something wrong with you. Doubt creeps up and it can become all-consuming. The ‘Creeping’ takes this further as a metaphor for death. You can easily fixate on the delusion of death, thinking that something is killing you and the certainty of it happening.”

Teasing new material and their imminent 2000Tress festival appearance, drummer Tom Bradshaw adds:

“After two years cooped up writing and demoing for our debut album, we couldn’t be more excited to be playing 2000trees and our EP launch this summer – where we’ll be showcasing the new HAUNT material. Playing our songs live is always the most rewarding experience for us – meeting like-minded people, bands and tearing it up on stage. Make sure you get down to the CREATURE set for some carnage!” 

Check out ‘Creeping’ below.

Creature Release New single, ‘Lines’

Following its premiere on REVOLVER, Birmingham based alternative act CREATURE share their latest single/video, ‘LINES’. The track is taken from the forthcoming ‘HAUNT’ EP, the final chapter in the band’s trilogy of EPs, which is set for release on the 10th of June 2022 via Grey Ghost Records.

CREATURE’s latest pummeling math-core assault sees the band speaking out on the human cost of war, foreign conflict and the 3D chess game of global politics. 

Speaking on their latest single, vocalist/guitarist James Thompson comments: “‘Lines’ depicts the reality of a global system that is set up like a chess game for the powerful. It was inspired by the UK’s involvement in Syria in the West’s proxy war with Russia – which seems even more poignant with what’s going on in the Ukraine war. 

“In Syria, warfare led to significant human cost and a new generation of refugees. Who benefits? Institutions who have vested interests – be it governments, oil conglomerates or mining companies. It is the people of Syria who lose, treated like ‘lice’ as I reference in the song. When finance and resources are seen as king, the human suffering will only continue.”

Creature Announce The Final Chapter Of The Trilogy With EP, ‘Haunt’

Following their acclaimed ‘HEX’ and ‘HOUND’ EPs, Birmingham based alternative act CREATURE announce the final chapter in the trilogy, ‘HAUNT’. The EP is set for release on the 10th of June 2022 via Grey Ghost Records. The announcement comes with the release of the lead single ‘All’ out now on all digital platforms.

CREATURE’s politically-charged new single is packed with groove-laden metallic riffs and punk rock attitude. Accompanied by a disturbing and psychedelic video, ‘All’ sees the band tackling inequality, war and the fragility of society as we know it.  

Speaking on their latest single, vocalist/guitarist James Thompson comments: “The state of inequality in the world inspired me to write ‘All’. We were more than a decade into austerity in the UK at the time of my writing it, and yet the Government was still spending ridiculous sums on War and conflict. It’s taken something as serious as an ongoing pandemic for us to see how fragile a society we truly are.”

Thompson adds “I’m angry, but the message of the song is a positive one. We are all in this together. We all have value to add to this planet, we can prosper if we organise and help each other. This is very much how we see CREATURE as a band, it’s not about us and them with our fans – we are all part of the movement. This is an important ethic to us. There is no divide.” 

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-Order options below.

1. All
2. Grey Ghosts
3. Creeping
4. Lines

Pre-order options are available via the following link.

Creature Announce New EP

Birmingham trio Creature have announced details of their upcoming EP, ‘Hound’, which is their second in a trilogy of EP releases that are coming up.

This follows on from their debut EP, ‘Hex’, which was released earlier this year.

‘Hound’ is set to be released on October 18th 2019.

Check out all the details below.




01.) Cold Man’s World
02.) Black Dog
03.) Lifeless [stream]
04.) Fool’s Curse

Streaming of lead single, ‘Lifeless’


Pre-orders are available via Bandcamp, Amazon, Google Play and Itunes.