Foo Fighters Announce New Documentary Directed By Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters have announced that they are going to be releasing a documentary. 

‘What Drives Us’ and will focus on the process of heading out on the road as a band in search of making your dreams come true. 

The film has been directed by vocalist Dave Grohl who had this to say about its themes:

“This film is my love letter to every musician that has ever jumped in an old van with their friends and left it all behind for the simple reward of playing music. What started as a project to pull back the curtain on the DIY logistics of stuffing all of your friends and equipment into a small space for months on end eventually turned into an exploration of ‘why?’ What drives us?’”

Ringo Starr, Slash, Ian Mckaye, Lars Ulrich, St. Vincent, The Edge, Steven Tyler will make appearances in the film as well!

It’s set for release on April 30th and will be available to watch via Amazon Prime.

Check out the trailer below.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl To Release New Book

There’s always stories available in the world of rock and Dave Grohl probably has so many tucked into his brain.

The music superstar has announce the details of a new book.

‘The Storyteller’ is its name and will be a “collection of memories of a life lived loud. From my early days growing up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, to hitting the road at the age of 18, and all the music that followed, I can now share these adventures with the world, as seen and heard from behind the microphone.”

Here’s an audio trailer.

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

Dave Grohl Talks Why Foo Fighters Are Releasing New Music During The Pandemic

The upcoming tenth record by the Foo Fighters, ‘Medicine At Midnight’ has been in the works for a while now and Dave Grohl has been talking on how the release could’ve been delayed further where the band decided the released was needed because they needed it, despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

The band dropped the single, ‘Shame Shame’ with the full record coming in February 2021. Speaking to New York’s Q104.3  (via Blabbermouth), Dave says the band spent ​“months” deciding what to do about releasing it in these strange times, having finished the album earlier this year.

“We started [recording] this, I think, in maybe September last year, and we were finished by January, February,” he says. ​“We were totally done – mixed, mastered, ready to go. Artwork was done; T‑shirts were being made; equipment was on the trucks – we were good to go. And then everything just kind of shut down. Then it was months and months of trying to decide when we would release it. ​‘Okay, do we just put it out now?’ ​‘No, let’s wait. Maybe we’ll see what happens.’ A month later, ​‘Do we put it out now?’ ​‘No, let’s wait.’ ”

The frontman continues: ​“So, six or seven months went by, and I’m like, ​‘We make this music for people to hear. We don’t just make it so that we can go hit the road. We write these songs so people can enjoy them and sing along, whether it’s in their kitchen by themselves with a bottle of Crown Royal or in a stadium bouncing around, singing the choruses.’

“So I was like, ​‘Right now, more than ever, people need something to lift their spirits, something to give them some feeling of relief or escape.’ I was like, ​‘We’ve gotta put it out. Let’s put it out right now.’ I don’t know when we’re gonna hit the road, but we need to give the music to the people, ​’cause that’s why we make it.”

Check out the interview below.

Check Out Dave Grohl And Greg Kurstin Cover Beastie Boys’ Sabotage

There’s a new Hannukkah Sessions Project from Dave Grohol And Greg Kurstin kicking off… and it sounds amazing!

The frontman of the Foos returns is on the drums as well as vocals, nailing those high pitched noises!

“As the only Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers with a lyric about kugel, we thought it would be a shanda to not kick off this party with New York’s – and Abraham’s – finest…” say Dave and Greg, ​“known by some as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedenego, known by others as Ad-Rock, Mike D, and MCA… known by their Imas and Abbas as Adam Horovitz, Mike Diamond and Adam Yauch… Beastie Boys!”

Check it out below.

Dave Grohl Reflects On How “F**king Terrifying” It Was To Go From Being A Drummer To A Frontman

July 4th 1995 was a turning point in music history. This was the day that Foo Fighters debut self titled record was released. Dave Grohl has recently been reflecting on the early years of the band, where he made the switch from being Nirvana’s drummer to the larger than life frontman his is now.

Speaking on Matt Wilkinson’s show on Apple Music, he remembers how he’d “been sitting on a drum stool for so long” that he found himself asking how his body moved while standing in front of people.

“‘What do I say in between songs?’” Dave says. “These are the things that go through your head, and if you’re not feeling it or you don’t have that connection or confidence, it can be fucking terrifying.”

“It took a long time for me,” he continues. “I mean, now when I walk out onstage, it’s just like, ‘Hey. Okay, let’s go.’ But a long time ago, even doing interviews, I was shy. I was just insecure, self-aware. I just felt like I wasn’t used to being put in the forefront like that and I can not even watch interviews from those days back then.”

As well as putting himself under enormous pressure, Dave also recalls on the scrutiny he faced from both fans and press after Nirvana.

“There’s some journalists that are just like, ‘How dare you played music after Nirvana,’” he says. “I’m like, ‘What am I supposed to do?’

“We tried really hard to do it right,” continues Dave. “Instead of jumping on a tour opening up for some massive arena band at the time, we thought, ‘Okay, well let’s get in the van and let’s do it like we’ve always done it. Let’s start the way we always started,’ and that felt comfortable to us. And in doing any promotion or press, we didn’t make a video right out of the gate, we tried to temper all of that stuff because it was scary in a way. I knew that I was walking the plank on this. I knew that I was going to be scrutinised and I knew that there was going to be comparisons and things like that.

“And yeah, I mean it was tough,” he concludes. “But it wasn’t that tough. I mean it was like if someone gave you shit, you just say, ‘Fuck you, motherfucker.’”

Dave Grohl Emails BBC Staff To Thank Them For Times Like These Charity Cover

So, it’s been a week after the BBC sent out a heartwarming ‘Times Like These’ cover into the world for charity and being the amazing human that he is, he has sent an email to the staff who were able to make the core happen, thanking them all for their support and for giving him “the chance to be a part of something so much bigger”.

Foo Fighters own Dave and Drummer Taylor Hawkins took part in addition with members from Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood and more to support “the global effort to stay safe and stay home during the coronavirus crisis”. The cover has been climbing the charts since where you can either download or stream it right here to help push it further!

To all of my friends at the BBC,” he writes.

What a crazy few months it’s been for all of us. And what an incredible honour to see and hear my song Times Like These transformed by the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Allstars for – well, for times like these. The response has been incredible and I wanted to thank you all for your support.

When my manager first called and explained the project to me, I literally had to fight back tears – that’s how flattered I was that the BBC would consider one of my songs for such an important cause.

To all those amazing artists who took the time to learn and sing the words that I scribbled on a bit of hotel stationery nearly 20 years ago – I am beyond humbled. You have no idea.

I hope this new version of the song helps lift people’s spirits a little, and that the proceeds we’re donating to Comic Relief and Children In Need reach as many people affected by COVID-19 as possible.

Thanks again, for giving me the chance to be a part of something so much bigger. I look forward to the day that we’ll all be back in a muddy field again, singing our hearts out together.

It’s times like these we learn to live again…”

Dave Grohl Announces His First Band Scream To Reissue Debut Record

The news broke on NME first but it has been announced that Dave Grohl’s first band Scream are to reissue their 1988 debut record ‘No More Censorship’.


The album was initially reissued as a Record Store Day Black Friday exclusive last year but now, the retitled NMC17 (No More Censorship) will see an official release on April 27th, thanks to Southern Lord Records.