New Music Videos 09/01/18

It’s back! The first of the music video countdown posts in a long while. So why haven’t I posted one of these in a while? The bottom line is that I’ve been so busy! But now the workload has gone down a bit, I’m back and ready to go!

So, up first is the band known as Hercules Morse. They’re from Southampton and are just about ready to go on their debut full-length effort. It’s not out for a while but here’s the video for their lead single, ‘Everything Is Great’.


Next up are the lads from Four Year Strong. This is being released ahead of their upcoming US tour as the band have revealed a new video for the track ‘Nice To Know. It’s a little different from the usual material but enjoyable all the same. Watch it below.


Now we go to France. This is from the band Death Engine as the band are gearing up for the release of their second record, ‘Place Noire’ in April. Until then, here’s Modern Life. Check it out below.


We’re now moving across the pond to Great Grandpa for a track off their debut record, ‘Plastic Cough’, released last year via Double Double Whammy. This post, however, is concerning their newest video for ‘Teen Challenge’ which can be seen below!


Just coming off their UK headline tour, Hollywood Undead have released a new video to accompany the track for ‘Your Life’. It’s the bands latest single from their newest record ‘V’. Your Life can be viewed below.


Still coming off strong from his very own all-dayer, Lenmaina in London, Jamie Lenman hasn’t stopped so far this year as he is currently on his headline tour of the UK! While he’s on that, we can all see what he’s made of in the new video for his track, ‘Bodypopping’ below.


Now having the name for the new face of Emo is a lot to carry on his shoulders but by the looks of things, there’s no pressure as Nothing, Nowhere has dropped the video for REM.


If you were lucky to see Paramore’s Tour Three in the UK then you had a great time! For those who didn’t then their newest video for ‘Rose-Colored Boy’ will have to do as it’s full of Paramore goodness.


We’re going to return to the heavier side now. Casey drop their upcoming record ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’ soon and now, we’ve had a glimpse of what else is coming to the table. Here the video for Phosphenes.


I’ve saved the best for last. This has to be one of my favourite tracks as well as videos at the moment. It’s the hard-hitting and female fronted band known as Dream State who hail from South Wales. They’re about to head out on their headlining UK this month and they’ve released their first music since signing to the label, UNFD. This is their newest video for ‘In This Hell’.


And that’s it for another week of music videos. Plenty of videos to view for one week. Until next week for another round of it all again.