Decapitated Release New Single Ft. Robb Flynn

Decapitated are proud to release their 8th studio album ‘Cancer Culture‘. The most versatile album in their catalogue, it will undoubtedly surprise fans with new elements, such as guest vocal appearances from Tatiana Shmayluk (Jinjer) and Robb Flynn (Machine Head).

To celebrate the release of ‘Cancer Culture‘, Decapitated have yet another surprise in store. Robb Flynn from the mighty Machine Head has contributed hauntingly beautiful vocals to the track ‘Iconoclast‘, and features in the accompanying video.

Vogg commented,
“Cancer Culture is out today!!! We’ve been waiting for this special moment for a very long time. It seems like ages – its been five years since our latest release ‘Anticult’, with sixteen months of working on the ‘Cancer Culture’ album, plus waiting almost a year to be able to share it with you finally. You can expect to hear varied tracks, outstanding production values, fantastic artwork, and of course, as always, something you won’t have heard before on a Decapitated album.
To celebrate this day, we decided to release a video for ‘Iconoclast’. To mark this occasion, we returned to the studio where it all started, where we recorded drums for the album, to once again feel an incredible energy and cool vibes, while making the video.
As you probably know, we have an exceptional guest on the track, the metal legend and friend of ours, the one and only Robb Flynn. His contribution became one of my favourite parts of this album. It’s a huge honour to have Robb in this project, and I hope you will dig the song. It’s a different song – not blasting madness as most of the songs on this record, but still powerful, fast, and crushing.
Decapitated are back, strong and alive! From pain to strength! Enjoy!

Robb Flynn commented on the collaboration:
“When Vogg asked me to sing on this Decapitated track, I was honoured to jam with pioneers and such insane musicians. When he sent the track I was blown away at this incredible melodic section in the middle. When he told me the song was called Iconoclast, I knew exactly what needed to be said. An Iconoclast is “a destroyer of images used in religious worship”. This song had to address the hateful, growing fascist Evangelical movement growing around the world. The cruel men who wish to hide their cruelty under a cloak of faith and zealotry.”

Check out the video for ‘Iconoclast’ below.

Decapitated Issue First Statement Since Release From Prison

Back in January, the Polish death metal band ‘Decapitated’ were acquitted of all charges against them of allegedly kidnapping and raping a woman in Spokane, Washington after a show back in August 2017.

The band were arrested in Santa Ana, California back on September 9th 2017 whilst they were midway through a co-headline tour of North America with Thy Art Is Murder, all charges were dismissed before it went to trial.

Now their guitarist Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka has issued a statement on behalf of the band and is the first statement issued since their release.


“We are innocent. We are free. We are back home. And we are ready to return with the band.

The last few months were one of the most terrible and irrational times in our lives.

Jail is a horrible place. 96 days in jail and almost a month outside the jail where we dealing with fear, unbelievable stress, depression, and even violence. It was a really hard time – especially for our families.

Being in jail in another country with charges that became a criminal case is an extreme experience. We do not wish this on anyone. It caused ourselves and our families many stressful days and sleepless nights. The cancelled tour meant loss of the income we use to support ourselves and our families, but worst of all, it cost us our professional reputation in a community we have loved and been members of all of our lives.

Unfortunately, while we were jailed, we could not communicate with the outside world, leaving our fans and our metal community to read many news stories and posts on social media that contained inaccurate information because there were no direct statements from us, the band, the ones in the middle of all of this. We ourselves could not report on how the situation was unfolding. This led people who were so shocked by the news to make untrue narrations. Without walking our experience with us, they felt obligated to comment on our case and blamed us, without even knowing the facts that said something opposite. They came to a very fast opinion about us in a very public way.

In this internet age, it is really easy to ruin someone, their life, their family, their career. Some media and people just jumped on a topic and made their own inconsistent storytelling, taking one piece of information and creating a story they wanted to tell about us around it.

For those who do not know yet: Our case was dropped. All charges against all members were dropped.

Words hurt. Words matter. Truth matters.

Does sexual harassment happen and do crimes against women exist? Yes, and it is horrible.

Do false accusations happen? Yes, this really happens. And it is also horrible.

Many people are falsely accused every day and the metal community is not immune. Unfortunately, it happened to us. People with their own motivations who falsely accuse someone don’t seem to understand they can ruin somebody’s life without facing any public consequences themselves. A false accusation can change a life in one moment. One day, everything is normal. Then the next day, you wake up in jail with a police record. You are marked, stigmatized while waiting to see how things unfold, even if the charges are not true. And then, when it’s all over, it is not a “hot topic” on the internet anymore. Not many people spend time on social media to spread the truth, not many people even care what the truth was. It is hard to feel relief when this happens.

We cannot and we will never accept someone else’s narration about who we are. That is why we have chosen to return with the band. We know who we are and we can hold our heads and our music high with that knowledge.

I want to thank all of you – families, friends, other bands, and our amazing fans – for your belief in us and your support throughout a horrible situation. Our incredible lawyers, Steve Graham, Karren Lindholdt, Chris Bugbee, Jeffry Finner, and all the teams who stood by us – our management and our label. It’s priceless to see that we have so many people who were, are, and will be, with us. You know who you are.

I also want to thank Mr. Dominik Tarczynski from the Polish Parliament who visited us in Spokane and checked if our human rights were protected during the whole process, for supporting our families from the beginning. It means a lot more than words can express.

There will be more time in the future to talk about the path of our return, but now the most important thing for us is to get back to our lives, to return to the people and places and things that had been taken from us, to return to what became even more precious to us while we were away.

We are eager to get our lives back and we are grateful for the opportunity.

We are really sorry we were forced to cancel tours and festivals, but we will work very hard to bring all plans back to meet with all of you again, our community.

“From Pain To Strength” is still a valid motto.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience.


Decapitated Acquitted Of All Rape And Kidnaping Charges

Following their charges since the arrest of the Polish death metal band Decapitated, they have been acquitted of all rape and kidnapping charges made against all four members, less than two weeks they were scheduled to go to trial.

The band were arrested on September 9th 2017 in Santa Ana, California whilst they were on a co-headline tour in North America alongside Thy Art Is Murder, following a report of alleged kidnapping and rape of a woman after their show in Spokane, Washington on August 31st 2017. They were temporarily held in jail in Santa Ana before then being extradited back to Spokane.


“All charges against Decapitated have formally been dropped. Arrested September 8 in Santa Ana whilst on tour, the members of the band were jailed until December where they were released on their own recognizance.

The members of Decapitated – Wacław, Rafal, Michał and Hubert – send a sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who supported them during this difficult time, including fans, friends, and family.”

Decapitated Members All Charged, Band Issues Statement

According to recent reports published by The Spokesman-Review, all four members of the Polish metal band Decapitated have now been formally charged with rape. The four members had already been charged with kidnapping in the first-degree.

The charges are apparently varying with Vocalist Rafal Piotrowski and guitarist Waclaw Kieltyka being charged with second-degree rape and Drummer Michal Lysejko and Bassist Hubert Weicek both held on third-degree charges.

The band have issued the following statement on the charges.

“An update – following extradition from California to Washington, the band has now been charged. We’d like to emphasise; the Spokane Police Department has pressed charges as procedural formality, without doing so, they would be forced to release band – this is not a conviction or any indication of guilt or innocence. Once again, we ask that everyone wait for each party’s case to be presented and await the court’s decision. With that said, whilst cases are being prepared on both sides, some facts are indisputable at this point – that the original officer who took the complaint from the accuser stated, “I do not have probable cause that a rape occurred”, and it’s taken a full 30 days to file charges, which is right up against the point at which the defendants would legally have had to be released.


Defence attorney Steve Graham of Spokane said he was hired by the band after they became aware of the investigation, and in response has said, “We have witnesses that can testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit the band of her own free will and left on good terms.” He continued to state that “the accuser has a documented history of providing false information to the police dating back to 2014.”

All scheduled tour commitments have subsequently been canceled until further notice.

Decapitated Issue Statement Following Arrest and Allegations

Seeing the allegations that have been surrounding the Polish band Decapitated, fans have been wondering when the band would release a statement on their say of the matter.

The band was arrested and are currently facing charges that all four members kidnapped and raped a woman following their show at Spokane, Washington on August 31st 2017.

Here’s the band’s statement.

“While we are not perfect human beings, we are not kidnappers, rapists, or criminals. As such, we strongly deny the allegations that have recently been brought against us.

We ask that everyone please reserve their judgment until a definitive outcome has been reached, as charges have yet to be pressed. Full testimony and evidence will be presented in due time, and we have faith in that process.

As there is uncertainty regarding a timeline for prospective proceedings and out of respect for fans and promoters, due to the severity of the claims, we have canceled all planned touring.

All social media platforms have been temporarily disabled as they have been used as destinations for defamatory and malicious remarks. We would like to point out that the statements in the published police report were given prior to an arrest. At that point, no member of the band was aware of an active warrant being issued.”

At the time of writing, all four members are currently being held in Los Angeles County Jail without bail and awaiting extradition to Spokane.

Alongside with the band’s statement, their UK headline tour for November has now been officially canceled. Those looking to obtain refunds should refer to their point of purchase.


Venom Prison Pull Out Of Decapitated UK Tour

Given the allegations against a band such as Decapitated, it’s understandable any band would want to distance themselves. This is exactly what Venom Prison have done as they have pulled out of their support slot on the Decapitated November UK tour due to the recent allegations against them.

For those who haven’t seen the recent news, Decapitated were arrested in Santa Ana, California on September 9th 2017 following charges and allegations of kidnapping and rape made towards all four members.


Venom Prison‘s full statement can be read below.

“It is with great dismay that Venom Prison is opting to pull out of our scheduled dates in the UK with Decapitated. As you are no doubt aware, the members of Decapitated were arrested on Saturday, 9th September in Santa Ana, California.

It is no secret that Venom Prison are opposed to rape and sexual assault, the band continue to advocate women’s rights and bring attention to the many serious issues which continue to plague the extreme music genres.

Venom Prison would like to stress that everyone is entitled to a fair trial – via the appropriate legal channels, not just via social media – and Decapitated remain respected musicians until proven otherwise. In addition, we would state that the burden of proof in any criminal matter, at least in the UK, is that of beyond all reasonable doubt, that 99% what is alleged to have happened did happen. On that basis, until an individual is convicted, we are not in a position to comment on the present allegations.

It is imperative that we state that we don’t believe these things ‘just happen’, so regardless as to the extent of the allegations, inevitably situations such as the one Decapitated have found themselves in, more often do than don’t involve some degree of inappropriate behaviour.

As above, we have not made any effort to hide our views on what we see as an issue that is becoming more and more visible, an unfortunate ugliness that continues to spread. On that basis, we apologise to anyone who has already purchased tickets specifically to see Venom Prison, and whilst we would ask that you reserve your judgment, Venom Prison will not be performing at the scheduled dates.

Furthermore, we have opted to donate £200 to Rape Crisis England & Wales. We hope that you will continue to raise awareness to issues such as rape and sexual assault, in music and anywhere, we must continue to take a stand and as long as Venom Prison is a band, we will continue to resist censorship and make our feelings known.

We thank you for your continued support.”

At the time of writing,  it’s unknown as to whether or not Decapitated’s November UK tour will be cancelled which will be subject to the outcome of the current investigation.