Download Festival Add Over 70 Names To Their 2022 Lineup

After confirming that the 2021 iteration of Download festival will not be taking place this year, the festival have revealed some more of the names who will be playing Donington Park in 2022. 

Joining the already announced headliners KISS, Iron Maiden and Biffy Clyro will be…

The Pretty Reckless
Rise Against
Black Label Society
Monster Truck
Power Wolf
Wayward Sons
Those Damn Crows
The Raven Age
Steel Panther
The Distillers
The Darkness
Lacuna Coil
Of Mice & Men
Wednesday 13
Ayron Jones
Massive Wagons
The Last Internationale
Control The Storm
The Ghost Inside
Funeral For A Friend
Boston Manor
Sleep Token
The Faim
Trash Boat
Holding Absence
Marianas Trench
Jamie Lenman
The Hara
Press Club
Cemetery Sun
Blackout Problems
Dead Posey
Static Dress
Electric Wizard
Blues Pills
Dying Fetus
British Lion
Bleed From Within
Twin Temple
Venom Prison
Fire From The Gods
A.A. Williams
Higher Power
Kill The Lights
Dead Poet Society
Joyous Wolf
Modern Error
Cellar Door Moon Crew
Lotus Eater
The Scratch
Dead Label
JJ Wilde
Anchor Lane
Temples On Mars
As Everything Unfolds

That’s a lot to get excited for.

Download Festival will take place at Donington Park on June 10-12 2022. 

Tickets are available via the following link.

Deftones Debut Cinematic Video For ‘Ceremony’

Metal quintet kings Deftones have debuted a new video for ‘Ceremony’, a track taken off their 2020 full-length studio record, ‘Ohms’.

The video for ‘Ceremony’ was directed by Leigh Whannell, the writer and director of Upgrae as well as 2020’s  The Invisible Man.

Vocalist Chino Moreno had this to say about it.

“When Leigh tweeted that he was a fan, we immediately thought it would be cool to collaborate with him given the chance. We’re fans of his as well, so it made sense that we should reach out. One moment we’re DMing each other on Twitter, and the next we’re on set making ‘Ceremony’. This has always been the best way for us to collaborate: organically, collaboratively, and, in this case, expeditiously. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we had making it.”

You can check out ‘Ceremony’ and its video below.

‘Ohms’ the bands ninth studio record is available now via the bands official webstore.

Chino Moreno (Deftones) Is Working On New Crosses (†††) Material

With the release of Deftones latest record, ‘Ohms’ into the world finally, the frontman Chino Moreno has shared that he’s working on a side project, Crosses (†††).

The project which also features Shaun Lopez (ex – Far) and Chuck Doom have worked on and off on material since.

In an interview with the Podcast The Boo Crew over on Bloody Disgusting, Moreno shared he’s working on unreleased material having not long moved into his new home where he’s set up a studio room.

“A few days ago, I just moved into a new place a little over a month ago, so I’ve been setting up my studio room in here and I broke out some of that [unreleased] stuff from then, and I started working on it! Now that the Deftones record is done and there’s no touring really in the near future, I kinda have time to work on stuff so I’m definitely going to dig in and see where I can go with that.

I really, really like that project. The best part about it for me was no one knew we were making that record even. We put it out as EPs first and we just kinda dropped out of nowhere. Making music without any expectations was super freeing and fun. I really love doing it. I like the guys that I work with in that so I’m gonna try to get some of that stuff finalized… finished up.”

More details surrounding Crosses will be confirmed as they develop.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Latest Record, ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ Debuts At No.3 On UK Albums Charts, Deftones ‘Ohms’ At No.05

Massive massive news for two bands in the UK Albums chart this week.

Machine Gun Kelly’s latest effort, ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ debuted at the No. 03 spot, making it his first top five finish as well as his highest record debut in the UK ever.

2007’s ‘Bloom peaked at 37 and 2019’s ‘Hotel Diablo’ at forty three.

In addition to this Deftones also made it into the top five making this their second record to hit the milestone with 2016’s ‘Gore’ also hitting the number five spot.

Be sure to check out MGK’s ‘Body Bag’ which features Yungblud as well as Bert McCracken of The Used.

And here’s one of Deftones latest tracks, ‘Genesis’.

New Music Roundup 25/09/20

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the new music roundup. We’re here for a roundup of five of the best recently released tracks. They’re not all within the same genre and they’re all different in some way or another but that means that there’s a little something for everyone here but come on, let’s get down to the music!

First up this week are Deftones. Their latest record ‘Genesis’ was released last week and this is definitely one on my favourites and was released just before the record dropped.

‘Genesis’ finds the band on gut-punching form as despondent riffs and callous howls coat themselves beautifully over ethereal passages and spine-tingling refrains.

Next up, we’re headed to check in on Broadside’s Ollie Baxxter as he lent his voice to the new track track from Aim High.

Let’s get some unhinged Pop-Punk on this weeks roundup.

Now the story of the next band Knifes is one you don’t hear every day.

The band started life off the back of guitarist Ben Young deciding to write songs of his own after getting a taste for the playing two shows as lead guitarist for Linkin Park when Brad Delson, who he was teaching for, was sick.

He then teamed up with fellow LP crew member Warren Johnson, who now plays drums, to bring his vision to life. 

The duo then went to tech for Fall Out Boy wher ethey were joined by Pete Wentz’ long time bass tech Brian Diaz.

They have an EP ‘Proof Of Concept’ which is set to be released on October 2nd 2020.

Check out the stellar track ‘The Comedown’ below.

We’re in Florida for the next band for the Pop-Rockers We The Kings who’ve released ‘These Nights’ which is the first offering of music from them in 2020. At the time of writing, it’s unknown if the track will feature on a yet to be announced EP or Full length record.

And lastly this week, we have the man himself, Tyson Ritter. He’s best known for The All American Rejects where he’s released a new track under his solo moniker Sharpton Mann.

‘Broken Glass Slippers’, much like its namesake, is a throbbing and fantastical slice of storytelling told by a man who has mastered the craft. 

And that’s it for another week of a countdown of the best new tracks out in the world in the last week. Be sure to check back next-time for another round of great music videos. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!

New Music Video Roundup

Hello everyone. I do apologise for not posting in the last week. As some of you might not know, I’m a one person operation on this blog and things just got away from me in the last few weeks where I’ve been applying for more jobs as well as working at my part time place of work so things have been a touch hectic for me at the time of writing. But enough of that real life stuff, let’s get to the music side of things.

The first pick of this week is Thousand Below. They have a animated video is a reworked version of their track ‘Chemical’. The track originaly featured on last year’s ‘Gone In Your Wake’.

This new version featured guest vocals from Dead Lakes frontman Sumner Peterson and is off their recent EP, ‘Let Go Of Your Love’ which does feature more reworked tracks off ‘Gone In Your Wake’.

Next we move to Australia. The heavy hitters in Alpha Wolf have their latest video for ‘Bleed 4 You’, which is the third single off their upcoming ‘A Quiet Place to Die’.

Sabian Lynch (Guitar) says on the track:

“This song is a little out of our comfort zone but upon completion we feel we created something special. We’re not a band who wants to stick solely to one sound, we have a wide variety of influences and we want each song to stand up on its own.

We initially had written pages of lyrics for this song. It seems most people have a story of meeting the exact right person at the exact wrong time, so there was no short supply of input. However the further we delved into the song, the more apparent it came that we didn’t need pages of lyrics, just a handful of the right words. Originally the track was a lot heavier, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, but once we had the lyrical theme in mind we revisited the song and it evolved into something none of us expected.”

Heading to the British waters for a bit of Punk this time in the form of Milk Teeth.

‘Sharks’ is off their recently released self-titled record where this video sees their fans assist in some clips.

“The video for ‘Sharks’ was put together to show fans and friends having fun during lockdown,” Becky explains. “It’s been a really weird few months globally and incredibly isolating for many, the aim of the video was to bring the music community together while we aren’t able be together in person. The submissions brought a lot of joy – a huge thank you to those who took part. Sharks is lyrically a very dark song juxtaposed against a catchy melody and tempo.

“Originally written on the piano, it’s about when I was being bullied for almost 2 years after a bad breakup and having to stay strong and determined even though I was getting swarmed by “sharks”. The “I need you like the air that I breathe” symbolises the unhealthy connection I had to the person involved – they were being abusive but I’d still feel like I needed them and their approval no matter how badly I was treated.

“The last verse is about how resilience is so important and that they may have left me vulnerable and metaphorically “exposed “ but that I wouldn’t be made to disappear until my bones have rusted out (resilience) and that even the wear and tear wouldn’t beat me.”

Keeping the next pick on British soil, Norwich’s Other Half released their debut record, ‘Big Twenty’ out into the world via Venn Records on the 21st August 2020.

Before that happened however, they dropped ‘Sameness Without End’ into the world for everyone to enjoy.

On the video, the band say:

“As nice as it’s been making all our previous videos ourselves, it’s pretty hard to get us all playing together when Sophie has to be stood behind the camera the whole time. I think we operate at our best when we’re actually making a din together, so we asked our friend Tom from Road Mutant to make us a video where we do just that.

We recorded the video at Sick Room, the studio where we recorded ‘Big Twenty’. Owen who runs Sick Room was such an important part of making the record so it was nice to come back and spend some quality time at the studio playing the same song over and over again in 33 degree heat.”

Now, in much anticipation of their upcoming record, ‘Ohmns’, Deftones have the title track in music video for for up. This is the first offering for us in four years since the release of their record ‘Gore’.

Moving onto the German progessive metal band The Ocean. they have a video for the track, ‘Oilgocene’ which is set to come on their upcoming record, ‘Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic’.

The video was filmed by Loïc Rossetti (Vocals) and David Åhfeldt (Guitar) and Robin Staps (Guitar) , the video was shot in the Aragats mountains in Armenia during one of their tours last summer.

On the video Staps says:

“We found this place by accident: the dilapidated ruins of a soviet observatory & research station for cosmic radiation. The building itself looked like a spaceship that had crash-landed up high in the mountains, but there were lots of interesting structures scattered across the landscape: concrete cubes, underground tunnels, rusted machinery, fallen power poles and watchtowers. It all looked like taken straight out of Andrej Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’ movie.”

Heading over to Little Rock, Arkansas for our next pick in the quartet Pallbearer for the video of ‘Rite Of Passage’, the second single off their upcoming record, ‘Forgotten Days’.

Joseph Rowland (Bass) says:

“‘Rite Of Passage’ is both a reflection and a confessional. The toll that loss has taken on my life often finds ways to remind me that I may never feel whole, and the song’s purpose is to express and embody that emptiness. It felt totally appropriate to wrap it in reimagined trappings of our earliest doom-leaning material.”

Vegas anyone? That’s the destination of the Post-Hardcore Amarionette whom have the video for their title – track off their latest record, ‘Sunset On This Generation’.

How about a Philadelphia band?

The up and coming group Neverkept have a new single out in the world titled as ‘Sundown Somehow’ alongside the accompanying video.

It’s uncertain if the track is a stand along single or if it’ll be part of a larger EP or Record.

The band explain:

“We wanted to write something that would sound like the ups and downs you face in recovery or struggles in any capacity, for that matter, through the sound of pissed off guitars, room rocking drums, and intimate vocals.”

Toning things down slightly, we have the Chicago Singer/Songwriter Into It. Over It with the new track and accompanying video for ‘We Prefer Indoors’.

This is off the upcoming fourth record, ‘Figure’ set to be released via Big Scary Monsters / Triple Crown Records which will be the follow up to the 2016 effort, ‘Standards’.

And lastly we have the ever incredible Normandie, which is one of the EU’s best exports as well as their home country of Sweden.

They have for us ‘Jericho’ which is the bands first new music in two years since the release of their record, ‘White Flag’.

We all have our secrets. Whether we’re ready to face them or not, each and every one of us has something buried deep down inside that we desperately keep hidden away from the prying, judging eyes of the rest of the world. But sometimes those secrets become so powerful that they can no longer stay buried, festering and gnawing at our souls so much that they can stop us from living life to the fullest. He didn’t realise it until recently, but singer Philip Strand was harbouring one such secret for the longest time.

“When we first wrote Jericho I was actually singing about something else,” he begins. “It was originally about a relationship where the other person was very cold hearted and they didn’t really give away any emotions but it became increasingly clear that something else was driving the song.”

“Writing became like a therapy session for me, all of a sudden,” he explains, “I felt like there was something deeper I wanted to touch on. I wanted to touch base and just really go into this emotion. Something was driving me down there, into myself. So I made a conscious decision to write about my personal experiences for the first time. I felt like it was time. I went back and I switched some words around so that the entire meaning of the song shifted. It’s became about breaking down the old to give way and form something completely new…”

And that’s it for another week of the music video countdown. Be sure to check back next-time for another round of great music videos. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!

Deftones Announce Upcoming Ninth Record, ‘Ohms’

Following the teasing campaign with little tidbits of information, the Californian metallers Deftones have announce ‘Ohms’, which will be the bands ninth record.

Produced by Terry Date, the record is set for a September 25th 2020 release date via Reprise Record.

The Cover Artwork, Tracklisting, Streaming of the lead single ‘Ohms’ and Pre-Order options are available to view below.

01.) Genesis
02.) Ceremony
03.) Urantia
04.) Error
05.) The Spell Of Mathematics
06.) Pompeji
07.) This Link Is Dead
08.) Radiant City
09.) Headless
10.) Ohms

Pre-orders for ‘Ohms’ are available via the band official Webstore, Amazon, Google Play and Itunes.

Line Up Announced For Virtual Download Festival

Download Festival 2020 isn’t going to be taking place this year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic but the organisers of the event have announced the line-up for a virtual weekender that’s set to take place!

The Download TV Weekend will take place on the same days as the cancelled dates (Friday 12th – Sunday 14th June 2020) and will feature some artists who were scheduled to play this year.

It’s all taking place on Download Festival’s YouTube channel, where the three days will be divided into a day and evening schedule, with the evening boasting two to three hours featuring performances from your favourite artists.

It will feature special interviews, unseen performances, exclusive footage and loads more!

Keeping with the 2020 lineup, there will be Kiss’s 2015 Download Festival available to watch on the Friday night.

Iron Maiden have the top billing band on Saturday evening where they will have a special set of archive performances as well as snippets from the Legacy Of The Beast tour.

System Of A Down will bring the weekend to a close on the Sunday with footage from three of their previous performances in 2005, 2011 and 2017.

Other acts confirmed are Alter Bridge, Babymetal, Deftones, The Darkness, Steel Panther, Mastodon, Lacuna Coil, The Pretty Reckless, Black Veil Brides and Poppy.

There’s also going going to be cookalongs which will act as the daytime activities where MasterChef’s Simon Wood, Vegan stars BOSH, tutorials, mindfulness sessions and more.

People who will be watching are encouraged to erect tents in their homes, dress as your rock idols and send in photos and videos using the hashtag #DOWNLOADTV.

Below you will find a full list of the lineup.

The full list of bands on the Download TV line-up are:


Iron Maiden (Saturday headliner)

System of a Down (Sunday headliner)


Alter Bridge



Black Futures

Black Veil Brides

Bowling For Soup





Employed To Serve


Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Funeral For A Friend


Holding Absence

Killswitch Engage


Lacuna Coil



Motionless In White






Steel Panther

The Darkness

The Hara

The Offspring

The Pretty Reckless

The Wildhearts


Twin Temple


Wage War

Wayward Sons

Chino Moreno (Deftones) To Score New Horror Film For Hulu

There’s no shortage of horror films these days but there’s just one question? Who’s going to be scoring these films now? There’s been people in music who’ve dabbled with film, most notably Marilyn Manson in the music department but now, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno is dabbling in the scoring business.

According to, the vocalist has created a score for a film titled I’m Just Fucking With You, the latest installment of Hulu’s Into The Dark series, which showcases indie horror films themed after specific holidays.

The film is set to debut at this year’s SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, as one of the fest’s ‘Narrative Spotlight’ features. The episode will then be released on Hulu on April 5th 2019.


Deftones Tease New Music

California legends of metal Deftones have possibly given the sign that they’re preparing for new music and their ninth studio album is going to be released next year.

In a new Instagram post, they’re teasing with the hashtag 2019. I mean, it’s the most modern way to announce something, right?

View this post on Instagram

#2019 #newmusic #deftones #sacramento

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Deftones’ Chino Moreno Breaks Foot On Stage

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno broke his foot during the bands set at Groezrock festival.

The band had only been on for a few songs as Chino slipped of one of the speakers. Somehow he powered through but the band did cancel their show in Koln which was scheduled a few days later.

Here’s a video of the incident.

Although the band were forced to cancel one day of their tour, they will be playing their UK shows scheduled for this week.

Deftones have made a statement since the cancellation, they have said…
Hey Koln. Regretfully, we have to cancel our show tonight due to Chino breaking the top of his foot. He needs to stay off it for the next day or two. No other shows as of now are in jeopardy of being cancelled. We hope to make it back soon to perform for you again. In the meantime, all tickets will be refunded. Thanks for your understanding.”