A Conversation With… Divide

Newcastle Jumpin Jack’s – 17/02/18

Now, this is a new venue for me, seeing a band for the first time. The venue is Jumpin Jack’s, a tiny venue above an awesome bar just a few minutes from the train station in Newcastle, so that’s an ideal situation for me. The band in question is Divide, whom I’ve been following for a few years now but been waiting to see for a very long time! I’ve seen them be on top of the world and after a few lineup changes and last year’s EP, ‘Embers’ they’re back to their best. I had a chance to catch up with them and see how their tour has been.


Jack: Hello everyone. So, you guys released ‘Embers’ back in November. Now you’ve had a chance to play those out and about on the road in the UK, how’s the reception been to them?


Divide: Surprisingly good. There have been some people singing the tracks back to us and we’ve been recording little videos for the tour as well which are available on social media.


Jack: And is there any favourites of yours you always love playing?


Divide: ‘Embers’, the title track which is a  very energetic one. ‘Catalyst’ because some of the crowds have been singing that one back to us. We start off the set quite energetic then let the crowd rest for a track and then we smash it back up again. There’s always a middle ground we have. We have been thinking of a music video for ‘Embers’ as well, a pretty energetic one would be pretty cool to do. Maybe a live video from this tour.


Jack: Oooh, that’d be awesome, would I be able to get in on that?


Divide: You could be in it, we can make that happen, do the worm or a Frankenstein dance.


Jack: Nah I’d just end up doing making a fool of myself. But I could possibly see myself doing that.


Divide: We’re going to hold you to that.


Jack: Oh please don’t hold me to that. (Spoiler alert: I had to leave a few songs into Divide’s set for my train back to my place so I don’t know if they did call me out on that).

And also on the EP, is there anything not many people know about it?


Divide: Any secrets? We don’t have any hidden tracks on it but we’d love to bring a hidden track on it. I think Sink This City is probably the only love song I’ve ever written.


Jack: And working on the EP, you had the chance to work with Romesh Dodangoda, what helped make Embers what it was?


Divide: He knew exactly what to do. It was always a yes, he already knew what was happening because we sent him the demos and he didn’t change us, he just helped enhance us.

We reckon he could drink Dave under the table in Vodka, they both like that stuff.


Jack: And that answers my question on their favourite drinks.


Divide: Scott’s guilty pleasure is rose wine.


Jack: I’m not too fond of that.


Divide: Lambrini though, it’s cheap and cheerful and tastes good whereas rose wine you get more bang for your buck.


Jack: Going back to the being an unsigned band do you think that relieves the pressure if you weer on a label?


Divide: It doesn’t really make a difference at this point because we’ve never been on a label so we have control over what we do, so it makes it less stressful. We don’t want to play music we don’t enjoy. But if someone wanted to change us, we’d be like this isn’t right for us.


Jack: And funding the money was through Pledgemusic, would you say that’s the future for music?


Divide: No, it was an experience, we can say we’ve done it but we wouldn’t do it again. It was more trouble than it was worth because it’s about giving the special experience to fans because one of the things was an Origami jar, Scott gave hiss bass away, Nando’s with the band and handwritten lyrics sheet.


Jack: And when you guys aren’t eating or playing shows what do you do in your downtimes?


Divide: Work, work, work and reherse. If we didn’t have jobs we wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this. Most bands you listen to have two jobs, they pay their own way just like anyone else .


Jack: And after you wrap up the tour whats next?


Divide: We have a show in March with Holding Absence


Jack: And is the next goal an album?


Divide: We’d absoltuley love to do an album, we’d work toward it but realisticly it’s going to be a stream of singles. As long as we can do that and make time for ourselves, that would be really good for us to do.


Jack: And on touring ambitions where would you love to P-


Divide: Japan.


Jack: Two things, One. I know you’d say Japan, I knew you would. And two, I’m sorry for laughing so much there.


Divide: It’s okay. Liam is obsessed with it, he thinks he’s Japanese. But Nicole loves the food, loves fashion, it’s a dream. I love babymetal, to support them would be the dream.

Europe would be fun to play in the future, it would just cost a lot to get out there. Maybe one day.


Jack: And is there anything you want to say before we wrap things up?


Divide: Thanks for coming along, it’s been really fun


Jack: This is my first divide show as well, I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time now and I cant wait for you guys to come on.


Here is Divide’s latest video for ‘Catalyst’.

Live Review Divide @ Jumpin Jacks, Newcastle

Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle, 17-02-18

Support: Junior, Fire Lady Luck, Duchess


Travelling up to Newcastle for one of the most exciting Scottish up and comers Divide, I had to pinch myself because, after everything that’s happened behind the scenes with the band, I wasn’t too sure if I’d ever get to see this group live, if ever! Now with a fantastic new EP, ‘Embers’ which was released last November and a stellar UK tour with the dates nearly wrapped up, let’s see what they’re made of.

I do have to say Duchess’s set I missed because I was busy interviewing Divide (for which a post on is coming soon). I will skip them and jump straight to Fire Lady Luck. I have to say first they didn’t make the greatest of impressions as only one track really stuck with me during their lacklustre set for which it felt as if they were trying too hard for the people to like them. Additionally, their sound felt a little wrong for this crowd who were quite unreactive, to say the least for this show.

Moving to Junior who was more Punk-y than anything instantly gripped the audience’s attention. I do have to say mesmerising because of the fact it was a non-stop party for their set. They combine all the best parts of Punk Rock and turn it into just a superb set! It was influencing and infectious for once and after they’d finished, I was still shaking from what I’d seen. There were times as well for which I felt we were going to through the floor of the venue as well things got that rowdy! I mean, it’s the sign of a good set where you for the second fear for your lives! Moving on, the band had a limbo contest! They still played throughout it which is a good thing but is there more fun to be had? I mean their set was pretty solid on top of everything else. When they come back, I’m expecting them to headline. I’m just hoping that the band will be doing that as from the outset, they should be!

Now Divide. This was my first time seeing them play live and it couldn’t have been better! The tour was in support of their new EP, ‘Embers’ and it was the perfect collection in a set to showcase who this Scottish group was. They shake off the Paramore comparisons easily with Nicole Mason’s vocals as they offer their harder music taste being enticed with the melodies showcased. With this now, they’re beginning to make a name for themselves and when they come back, will take the stage by storm. Sometimes tracks were in the middle of the road but there were just flawless moments as everyone comes into sync. Putting the Deja Vu to one side for the moment, Divide gave a solid set to show why Rock not only needs but deserves Scottish bands in the scene right now. Also, with an EP such as ‘Embers’ in their repertoire now, Divide can show they have some of the most exciting material in music right now but let’s see what their next steps are now before making any harsh decisions on them.

Rating: 6/10



Fire Lady Luck





New Music Video’s 19/12/17

Hello, I know this post is coming a little late (4 Days) but that’s because I was away in Newcastle and otherwise preoccupied at the weekend and away from a computer screen. Although, it’s here now so let’s get on with these next ten music videos.


Up first are up and comers from Scotland, Divide who have had to change their name recently but this video for ‘Last Words’ comes off their recently released EP, Embers.

Speaking on the track, ‘Last Words’, vocalist Nicole Mason said:  ‘Last Words’ was inspired by a book called ‘The Lovely Bones’. The idea was to write a song from from the prospective of someone who has had their life taken from them, that really sparked something in me. To give them a voice, to give people who are lost in life the message that it’s okay to feel that way but you need to keep fighting.

I loved making this music video. We had our good friend Kitsch Me Vintage (Stylist & Make Up) on-board. I wanted to show people that there is beauty even in the darkest parts of this world. It’s okay to be different.”


Next, with their newest record ‘Underworld’ out in less than a month, Tonight Alive have recently dropped a new track off the forthcoming record; Crack My Heart. On the meaning behind this one, Jenna has said: “The concept of cracking the heart is to allow the precious, vulnerable self to come through and be free. The painful, yet liberating experience involves the emotional and energetic decalcification of the hardened heart.


This next band has just recently released their new EP, ‘Sunday Brunch’ and Chapel have served their own spot of brunch in this video for Don’t You Love Me.


Let’s take things a little heavier for this next track. Sheffield rockers Rolo Tomassi have just dropped a video to accompany a track off their soon to be released fifth LP, ‘Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It’. They’re away supporting TheNumber 12 Looks Like You in America for the first time ever. But in the meantime, here’s their newest video for Balancing The Dark.


Next month, the Yorkshire rockers Marmozets will release their second record, ‘Knowing What You Know Now’ which will be the follow up to ‘The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets’, released in 2014. For now though, here’s their latest video for Major System Error.


More from British Rock, this time it’s Black Foxxes who have a very busy 2018 ahead of them. They’ve recently released details of a new record, headline tour and their video for the brilliant, Sæla.


South Coasters Acres just debuted a video for their new track, ‘Unwelcome’, which was shot and directed by Zak Punchin (Modern Error Vocalist). This is their first material since the band’s EP, In Sickness & Health which was released earlier this year.


Next up is Sci-Fi brilliance from Our Last Night. This is taken from their latest release ‘Selective Hearing’ which is out now.


Penultimate track time. This is from Legends of Pop-Punk; New Found Glory. This track celebrates their 20th anniversary of the band with the video compiling of archived footage from across their career.


And the last video of the day is a live video. It’s from the new live album, ‘One More Light Live’  and it’s nothing ut beautiful. Check out Sharp Edges Below.


And that’s it for another round of music videos. I’ll do my very best to have the next post on time this week but as a final message from Almost Anything Music, Happy Holidays!