Foo Fighters Are Glad To “Have Contributed To The Firing Of That Clown” Donald Trump

Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters has said he is glad to see the back of Donald Trump and is pleased that the band “contributed to his firing”.

Foo Fighters performed remotely as part of Celebrating America, the TV special which was organised to mark the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden.

The band performed their 2002 track, ‘Times Like These’.

Check out the performance below.

“Trump is a piece of shit, I’m not afraid to say it. Trump divided the States more than ever,” Hawkins told The Daily Star‘s Wired column. “I’m happy to have contributed to the firing of that clown.”

Bassist Nate Mendel also said that he longer feels humiliated to be American following Trump’s exit from the White House.

“I can see positives now. If nothing else, just to not have the consistent barrage of humiliation as a US citizen will be nice,” he added.

“We’ve had a bunch of goons in the executive branch for four years, a lot of damage has happened – it could’ve been worse. To have competent leadership I can’t help think we’re gonna be in a better place.”

Mendel also praised president Biden, adding that he had “a larger dating pool than Trump had in terms of the arts”.

Foo Fighters are set to release their upcoming record, ‘Medicine At Midnight’ on February 5th 2021.

Brendon Urie Tells Donald Trump To Stop Using Panic! At The Disco’s Music At Election Rallies

Well, this surprises nobody.

Last Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona, Donald Trump came on stage to his presidential campaign rally to the Panic! At The Disco track, ‘High Hopes’.

How’d this go down with Brendon though? Not well. People need to have some hindsight with this sort of thing.

In a tweet, Urie has said:

 “Dear Trump Campaign, Fuck you. You’re not invited. Stop playing my song. No thanks, Brendon Urie, Panic! At The Disco & company.”

He then added:

 “Dear Everyone Else, Donald Trump represents nothing we stand for. The highest hope we have is voting this monster out in November. Please do your part” and added a link to HeadCount. This is an organisation that uses music to speak to young people and encourage them to vote.

All Time Low Donate $12,000 To The ACLU

All Time Low are generous people, if you say this is false, then take a look at this!

The band are donating $12,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union.

They recently release a brand new T-shirt to raise money for the organisation and now they’ve matched the contributions. A massive round of applause goes to them.

The ACLU works to protect the rights and liberties of every person in the USA.

Recently they sued President Trump over the ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the U.S. and his indefinite ban on Syrian refugees.


All Time Low Speak Out About Trump’s Immigration Ban

US Rockers All Time Low have had their say on Donald Trump.

Here’s the interview with Billboard.

All four of us were in different places, texting back and forth going, ‘Man, how unreal is this? This is scary and crazy‘” said vocalist Alex Gaskarth.

A lot of us did a lot of reading and brushing up, which is important to do at times like this. I think it’s really important when these certain situations come up in life and in the world, it’s good to try to educate yourself to know exactly what’s going on.”

All four of us felt like in general it’s wrong. It’s wrong to make sweeping judgments on large groups of people. It’s just wrong, in this case, it’s blatantly racist and xenophobic.”

This is an issue close to the band’s hearts with Jack Barakat’s parents living in the Middle East.

They recently released a new t-shirt with all the proceeds from the sales going to the ACLU.

You can order it here.