Eat Your Heart Out Release ‘Twenty Something’

Aussie Alt Papers Eat Your Heart Out have dropped a new track before the release of their upcoming record, ‘Can’t Stay Forever’.

“‘Twenty Something’ is something a bit different for us as it’s definitely one of the more poppy songs we’ve ever written,” Henry offers. “It was written in mid-2021 with Stevie Knight. It’s about the weird stage of being in your mid-20s and seeing everyone around you in all different stages of life. It can definitely throw some doubt and make me question if I’m on the right path sometimes, even when I usually feel very solid in my choices. It’s definitely one of the more light-hearted tracks on the record.”

About the album, Henry offers, “Everything always moves into a new phase. It might feel bad at the time. When you look back on change, it’s always for the best. The pandemic showed me that in a way. It changed everything we’d been planning for the band. We just had to work our jobs and be at home. We established more adult routines, which gave us a chance to experience normality. Nothing is permanent. Anything can change at any time. You have to see the positives.”

Check out ‘Twenty Something’ below.

Eat Your Heart Out Release Latest Single, ‘Down’

Aussie Alt-Papers Eat Your Heart Out have shared the video of their latest track, ‘Down’.

“The lyrics were inspired by the idea of social media addiction, and specifically, when you’re comparing yourself to others or see a negative comment about yourself or your art from some random person on the Internet and you know you shouldn’t give it any weight, but sometimes, you do it anyway,” the band says, pulling back the curtain to reveal the song’s incredibly topical theme. “You always come out feeling worse, but it’s so easy to become addicted to the quick validation of social media.”

Furthermore, the band states, “We had a lot of fun recording ‘Down’ and experimenting with some different guitar sounds. As one of the heavier and rockier songs on the record, it is already one of our favorites to play live.”

Check out the video for ‘Down’ below.

Music Video Roundup 19/04/19

It’s 4PM on a Friday! This means it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or these music video roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I watch some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. Kicking off things are the Dallas, Texas quartet Polyphia. If you’re into mind-blowing and weird visuals, then you’ll be into it.


We’re going to shift gears next for the quartet Trade Wind who’re giving a look into maintaining relationships when you’re a touring musician.

Vocalist Jesse Barnett has said: “The idea behind the video was to show the perspective of what it can be like to date a musician or specifically someone like me whose music and work overlap and are very time consuming—especially with so much required travel. It’s about the challenges of making a relationship work and being mindful of your partner even when you’re balancing a lot of things at once. We decided to have the video play out in reverse because I often find myself thinking, ‘I wish I could go back the beginning and do it differently.’”


Next, on the countdown are Cheltenham indie-pop Trio Polary who’ve recently debuted their new single, ‘Bad Love’ and they must love the 80’s if this video is anything to go by.


Now, the Texas rockers Postcards From The Moon are back with a new video off their latest EP, ‘Me Without You’ where the lyrics are quite a millennial anthem.

Caleb Rangel (Vocals) has said:  “It’s about me not holding grudges for the way things ended and simply wishing her the best. I only want her to be happy. The lyrics were influenced by a Snapchat story. Another friend of mine was going through something similar and was posting photos with captions that really got to me. I used a lot of her original words as lyrics in this song, after getting the ‘okay’ from her of course.


Moving across to Australia for some Pop-Punk, the band have recently dropped a new video for their single ‘Carousel’ which will be on their forthcoming record, ‘Florescence’ which will be released May 5th via Fearless Records.


Anyone for Vegas? That’s the location of our next band for Falling In Reverse as they’ve got a glitchy video for ‘Drugs’ that also features gore and Corey Taylor of Slipknot. This completes their trilogy of standalone singles which are preceded by ‘Losing My Life’ and ‘Losing My Mind’ which also continues the story which brings them all together.


Seeing as everyone’s been loving Our Last Night recently, how about a new video from them? Well, their new video is taken from their latest record ‘Let Light Overcome’ which has the band performing in the different rooms of a castle as it builds around them in the sky. Kinda trippy if you ask me. Check it out below.


John Floreani’s upcoming record ‘Sin’ is getting closer and closer to its release date but before it actually is released, there’s a teaser for said record in the form of ‘Echoes’.

On the track, Floreani has said: Echoes’ is about the memories, love and emotion one leaves behind in a home after moving on. My partner and I lived in North Sydney for a while, and when she moved back to Texas, I had to go and clear the house of our furniture and belongings. As I walked through the house, I could see her dancing in the kitchen, drinking wine on the couch and inviting me to bed from the hallway.”


Who wants energy for their penultimate video? This next video is a live video from Bury Tomorrow and is taken from their most recent record of the same name, which was released last year. That’s right, it’s ‘Black Flame’.


And we’ve reached our final video for another week of the music video roundup. This last video is from the almighty Halestorm and has anyone wondered about how much of a badass Lzzy Hale really is? Well, check out their video for ‘Vicious’ below because you’ll see just what happens when their members are kidnapped and Lzzy has to come to their rescue and Kung Fu’s her way to their resue.


And that’s it for another week of music video roundup. Don’t forget to check back next week at 4PM sharp for another countdown of ten of the best recent music videos to feast your eyes upon. There’s also new posts every day on the Almost anything Media so be sure to check out anything that might catch your eye.

Eat Your Heart Out Announce More Details On Debut Record

The Aussie Pop-Rockers Eat Your Heart Out have released some new details on their upcoming record and their follow up to their 2017 EP, ‘Mind Games’.

Their album ‘Florescence’ is set to be released on May 17th via Fearless Records and you can take a look at the tracklisting below as well as the cover art.

01.) Carousel
02.) Spinning
03.) Daydream
04.) Heavy With Envy
05.) Constellations
06.) Closer To The Sun
07.) Blinded
08.) Same Stars
09.) Nowhere
10.) Pear Tree
11.) Cold


A stream of Track 2, ‘Spinning’ is available to stream below.

Pre-orders are available via the label’s webstore, Amazon, Itunes and Google Play.

Eat Your Heart Out Announce Debut Record Details

Going across the pond to Australia for the Pop-Punks in Eat Your Heart Out, these up and comers are ready to unleash their debut record ‘Fluorescence’ upon the world in the next few months as it will be released on May 17th via Fearless Records.

You can check out the first single, ‘Carousel’ which is available to view below.

Music Video’s 1/5/18

Hey everyone, apologies this post is coming a bit later than usual. I was at a festival at the weekend and had no internet connection for the duration of it, so I was unable to do any posts! Although, there will be a few posts about that festival, hopefully within the next week or so but without further interruption, here is my next list of music videos! Kicking us off is Within Destruction! They just released their new record, ‘Deathwish’ a few weeks ago and now they debuted a video for the track.


Now Cancer Bats dropped their new record to the surprise of everyone a few weeks ago and now they’ve recently released a video for Brightest Day. There’s something special about this track though as it was Filmed, Directed and Edited by the youth of Ndinawe!


Next it’s new boys on the scene who are tearing things up opening for Lower Than Atlantis. This is The Faim and their new video for ‘Midland Line’.


The man known as Andrew W.K. is often known for some of his music videos being qiite visually spellbinding and this next one for Music Is Worth Living for is no exception to the matter.


Now from the mind of Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, comes his new side project, the Longshot. They have just recently dropped their first record, ‘Love Is For Losers and dropped a music video. It’s not a live video first though. Check out the video for the title track below.


Just off the announcement of their new record, ‘Living Proof’ State Champs have dropped a music video to go with their first single, ‘Dead And Gone’.


The date is getting closer and closer for the release of The Word Alive’s new record, ‘Violent Noise’ on May 4th but they have one track ready for listening right now in the form of ‘Why Am I Like This?’


Up and comers Nervus have shared an absolutely beautiful video for ‘Fall Apart’ taken from their recent record, Everything Dies’ and is aparently based on the flight of Icarus. Hmm… that will make an interesting watch.


Ahead of their support slot on Simple Plan’s Australian tour, Pop-rockers Eat Your Heart Out have shared a video for their brilliant track, ‘Rust’. It’s taken from their recent EP, ‘Mind Games’ which was released via Fearless Records.


Now the last video comes from All Time Low. Their video for ‘Afterglow’, was filmed last month on their UK tour at London’s Alexandra Palace. It’s already a fan favourite but whoa, this video showcases just what an All Time Low show is!


And that’s it for another round of music videos this week, check back next week for another music video countdown.

Music Video’s 1/12/17

It’s Friday, so you know what it’s time for! Another round of music videos!

First up is DALES, the new project from Brian Dales of The Summer Set. He’s had a few tracks released this year but now, here’s his latest video for the track, Girls On Their Phones.


Next up is Eat Your Heart Out, featuring Movement’s Vocalist Patrick Miranda. It’s taken from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Mind Games’ and set to drop December 1st via Fearless Records.


Now, this next video is a bit glitchy but it really works. It’s a beautifully shot video and a great track from Movements. Here’s Daylily.


COming up is one of the best Pop-Punk tracks I’ve heard in a while. The video documents and shows some of the band’s life on the road, supporting the release of their full-length record, ‘The Good Life’. Check out their track Childish below.


Now we come to Lightcliffe, whose new video is a precursor to the band’s EP, For A While which dropped on November 24th via Failure By Design Records.


Now, this huge band recently stormed across the UK in support of their recent record, ‘Villains’. Now, Queens Of The Stone Age have dropped a new video ‘The Way You Used To Do’, which debuted on Apple Music a few months ago.


We’re going to go to an up and coming band next, in the form of Yonaka. They’re dreaming big and if anything shows, this video, Bubblegum has them shooting for the stars!


Now, this is the latest from legends Green Day. It comes off their compilation record, 2000 Light Years Away but this is a track which was written for the record. Here’s 2000 Light Years Away.


Now, Paramore are doing quite well for themselves. They’re still riding a high off their latest record, ‘After .Laughter’ which dropped earlier in the year and are set for a run of dates in the UK in January but if you’re not content with that, then check out this video for Fake Happy.


Finally are UK Pop-Punks kings Neck Deep. This is their latest video off their record, The Peace And The Panic which proves to be another one of their finest tracks to date. Here’s Parachute.

And that’s it for another round of music videos. Don’t forget to check back next Friday for another list of ten!

Check Out The Tracklisting For Punk Goes Pop Vol.7

Fearless Records have finally announced ‘ Punk Goes Pop Vol,7’, and they have a list of amazing bands to cover some tracks.

It features, Boston Manor, New Years Day, Andy Black, Juliet Simms and more!

Here’s the full tracklisting.

01. State Champs – ‘Stitches’ (originally by Shawn Mendes)
02. Dance Gavin Dance – ‘That’s What I Like’ (originally by Bruno Mars)
03. New Years Day – ‘Gangsta’ (originally by Kehlani)
04. The Amity Affliction – ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ (originally by The Weeknd)
05. Andy Black (feat. Juliet Simms) – ‘When We Were Young’ (originally by Adele)
06. Grayscale – ‘Love Yourself’ (originally by Justin Bieber)
07. Capsize – ‘Fake Love’ (originally by Drake)
08. Boston Manor – ‘Heathens’ (originally by Twenty One Pilots)
09. Eat Your Heart Out – ‘Shape Of You’ (originally by Ed Sheeran)
10. The Plot In You – ‘Let It Go’ (originally by James Bay)
11. Ice Nine Kills – ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ (originally by Zayn & Taylor Swift)
12. Seaway – ‘Closer’ (originally by The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey)
13. Too Close To Touch – ‘In The Name Of Love’ (originally by Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha)

It’s set to be released July 14th, but you can hear Dance Gavin Dance’s cover of ‘That’s What I Like below.

Check Out Fearless Records New Signing!

Everyone has to check out Fearless Records new signing!

Everyone prepare your ears for Eat Your Heart Out.

On a label that has artists such as Mayday Parade, Pierce The Veil, Real Friends and The Word Alive, they certainly have a lot to live up to if they’re going to prove themselves worthy of this label.

Have a look at their newest video for their single ‘Patience’.

On signing, the band said, “We are absolutely over the moon to announce we have signed to Fearless Records and are now a part of the Fearless Family.  Thank you to everyone who has ever believed in us, we wouldn’t be here without you!”

Their EP ‘Carried Away’ can be heard below.