New Music Video’s 26/10/17

It’s that time of the week again! Time for another round of new music videos! That’s 10 of the best released in the last week and we’ll start in the form of Knuckle Punk!

Here’s what happened when they played a birthday party in their music video for Gone.








Next is the latest from Rise Records band Eighteen Visions. It’s off their latest record XVIII and it’s an absolute belter. Here’s Underneath My Gun.





Now, we’re hoping straight across to Hopeless Records newcomers Hold Close. They only get one chance for a first impression and they do not disappoint. Here’s Temper.





Now, we’ll go a little bit heavier. This band have just wrapped up a run of dates in Europe in support of their latest record, ‘Will To Power’ This is Sweedish heavy metal outfit Arch Enemy with their latest video in The Race.









Next, let’s move to Watford. This band consists of members of Gallows, Sikth and Nervus/Blackholemade and they’ve come together to form Gold Key. This is their video for their new track; Kerosene.







Another new band has come. We were Sharks just signed to Victory Records and revealed their debut record, ‘Lost Touch’, for February 23rd. This is their first single, Beyond Repair.










Getting further into this weeks list is The Black Hand. They’re from California and they’ve tapped Michael Cudlitz of The Walking Dead fame to their video. This is the video for the track, Where Are You Now.











Now, going a bit heavier is in the form of legends Trivium. This is a track off their new record, The Sing And the Sentence. It’s a video which has been a while coming but it’s released now. Here’s Thrown Into The Fire.



The penultimate track is a cover! They’ve revealed they scrapped an album this week but something else is on the way. For the moment though, this is New Years Day’s cover of Gangsta.





Now the last track of the week. I always want to end on something beautiful or spectacular.

Well, this week has been fortunate. A few days ago, Evanescence dropped a new video for their track ‘Imperfection’. It’s taken from their upcoming record ‘Synthesis’ which is set to drop November 10th. Check it out below.



And that’s it for the ten best music videos in the last week. Check back next week for another ten great music videos.