Alien Chicks Share Single, ‘Cowboy’

London-based post-punk power trio Alien Chicks announce their arrival with eccentric new single‘Cowboy’ via cult indie label Slow Dance Records (Saint Jude, Uma).

Forming the lead single from their upcoming debut EP, the group explore a whole mix of genres including jazz, rap, latin, and math rock in their music, providing a surreal social commentary packed with punchy rhythms and eclectic time signatures. 

Detailing ‘Cowboy’, an amalgamation of a few riffs that were loitering in frontman Joe Lindsay’s mind over a few weeks, Alien Chicks revealed: “The lyrics explore themes of regret, confusion, self blame and how these evils collude in taunting you through your dreams and subconscious”.

Check out the video for ‘Cowboy’ below.

Check Out PLVTINUM’s New EP, ‘An Honest Account Of The More Unsavoury Aspects Of My Being’


A stylistic departure from his previous releases, ‘AN HONEST ACCOUNT OF THE MORE UNSAVORY ASPECTS OF MY BEING’ sees PLVTINUM exploring the darker aspects of his psyche. Exploding with propulsive and cinematic production, the record is not for the faint of heart. Over the course of the seven tracks, PLVTINUM takes listeners on a journey through the toxic and untamed sides of himself as a method of catharsis. “Instead of shying away from my ego problems and somewhat nihilistic tendencies, I highlight them in bold font,” he says.

Check out the EP via the following link and check out the video for ‘Stress Me Out’ below.

BIGFATBIG Annoucne Debut EP, Share New Single, ‘Brink Of My Sanity’

Slacker-pop newcomers bigfatbig announce the forthcoming arrival of debut EP ‘Rockin’ and Rollin’ and Whatnot’, set for release November 4th via Daemon T.V, and share brand new single ‘Brink Of My Sanity’, out today (September 29th). 

Joining forces with Du Blonde’s revered indie label, the bubblegrunge duo (FFO Martha, Charly Bliss, Muncie Girls) have already attracted early press acclaim from the likes of Consequence of Sound and Rough Trade following the release of explosive lead track ‘Shut Up!’, with the band primed to continue their ascent as they embark on an extensive UK tour alongside pop-punk specialists Martha next month, in addition to a newly announced show supporting Peaness.

Detailing their newest release, vocalist Robyn Walker explained: “I wrote ‘Brink Of My Sanity’ after a very overwhelming few weeks when I felt like every little obstacle was the end of the world. For me, it’s a song about going back to basics: remembering to breathe, thinking of the bigger picture, and how in years to come none of these small issues will matter despite how they feel right now. When I inevitably find that lost perspective, losing my head always feels utterly ridiculous, but Brink of My Sanity is a song that recognises how important it is to work through those feelings. When it feels like the universe is against you – even for a minute – regaining that clarity is a very sobering and reassuring feeling. It’s my reminder to myself that nothing is ever as bad as it feels, and I’m never alone in feeling that way. One foot in front of the next, one day at a time, take a deep breath and go again”.

Check out ‘Brink Of My Sanity’ below.

State Of You Release New Single, ‘Bloody Party’

UK rock’n’roll upstarts State Of You have released a final taster of their self-titled debut EP, which is set for release this Friday. “’Blood Party’ came together very quickly and is a straight up party anthem,” says vocalist Steve Sitkowski. “It’s about wanting to get involved in life, to get hurt by it and to just accept the experience. I believe we only live once so now’s the time to listen to yourself and do whatever it is you want to do. Nick and I were working on the lyrics until 3AM on the day we recorded it. We were staying in a house we rented for the band and were both whisper-screaming lyrics to the instrumental demo playing when Max walked in. We both instantly apologised to him thinking we had woken him up but he just wanted some water. I thought we were in trouble at first, like two kids staying up late at a sleepover.” 

This new cut follows the release of State Of You’s massively entertaining music video for ‘The Perfect Storm’ where band members’ old lady alter egos embark upon a tea party with a difference. The song itself does explore a serious issue as Sitkowski explains it’s “about living with undiagnosed ADHD for most of my life and the destructive relationships I’ve been in because of that. I was constantly using drugs to get away from myself and being in a dark place most of the time – That feeling of not belonging, being incapable of functioning in the real world and not being able to figure out why.”

Check out the video for ‘Blood Party’ below.

Goldie Vargas Shares Debut EP, ‘Golden’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Goldie Vargas is releasing her debut EP, GOLDEN.’ The 5-track EP includes past singles like “Moving in Reverse,” “Canyon” and “Strawberry Kisses,” as well as two brand new tracks, “Gravity” and “Mary Jane.”

At just 21 years old, Goldie Vargas exudes a musicality wise beyond her years. Her music is the definition of California cool with breezy soundscapes, intimate lyricism, and dreamy melodies. Working with her producer Adam Gurr in Topanga Canyon, Goldie has spent the last two years crafting her debut EP, ‘GOLDEN.’

Goldie elaborates on her new EP: “‘GOLDEN’ was written during a time in my life where there was so much change happening  a worldwide pandemic had just started, I was at the end of my teen years and I was going through everything from breakups, mental health struggles and finding myself as a woman and not a girl. My first EP feels like a short story on what it’s like being young, sad and still trying to find a hope in this world.”

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Streaming links below.

1. Canyon
2. Mary Jane
3. Strawberry Kisses
4. Moving in Reverse
5. Gravity

Abbie Ozard Releases New EP, ‘Water Based Lullabies’

Manchester’s Abbie Ozard releases new EP ‘Water Based Lullabies’ today via House Anxiety(Genesis Owusu, carpetgarden, Bad Boy Chiller Crew; formerly King Krule, Courtney Barnett, Vagabon). It’s an eclectic, invigorating 7-track collection that establishes Abbie as one of the buzziest rising stars in the UK right now.  

Throughout the EP Abbie experiments with her distinct, characterful indie-pop sound. Downtempo single ‘Grown’ set the foundations for an evolution in approach, born out of Abbie’s own personal and musical development, and anthemic singles ‘Pisces’ and ‘Rose Tinted’ take things to explosive new levels. Moving beyond bedroom origins, listeners can trace elements inspired by the likes Phoebe BridgersWolf Alice or Folklore/Evermore without losing her ear for a life-affirming hook. “I love that no two of my singles are sounding the same in this era,” Abbie explains, “The last thing I want to be is predictable. I feel like genre isn’t really a thing anymore and when I remind myself of that I feel like I can express myself creatively and have the freedom to make whatever music I want.” 

The ‘Water Based Lullabies’ EP is now via House Anxiety, available on all platforms, plus on limited edition 12-inch vinyl with exclusive fanzine bundle available to order now via the following link and check out the EP, ‘Water Based Lullabies’ via your preferred streaming service.

Rolo Tomassi Announce ‘Closer (The Edits)’ EP

ROLO TOMASSI hare announced ‘Closer (The Edits)’EP, set for release on 5th August. The EP contains newly edited versions of the bands single ‘Closer’, which is taken from from their critically acclaimed album ‘Where Myth Becomes Memory’ that was released back in February earlier this year. The band teamed up with Daniel Avery and ATTLAS  and Ki Oni & Luke Elliot for the new edits.

On working this edit and remix project, the band said “It was great to get the opportunity to have an artist like Daniel Avery produce this edit of the track. We’re big fans of his own work so jumped at the chance to have him work on it. Similarly with  ATTLAS, who has taken take ‘Closer’ and opened it up to a whole new audience with his incredible remix. It’s just so exciting to hear these other artists take elements from our songwriting and make something entirely new.”

Check out the Daniel Avery edit of ‘Closer’ below

Sophie Powers Releases Debut EP, ‘Red In Revenge’

Spending the last year cultivating a unique blend of punk and hyper pop, 17 year old artist Sophie Powers has just released her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Red In Revenge,’ now available via Set Records. Brimming with the spellbinding energy of her unique ‘hyper-punk’ hybrid and unique artistic vision, the collection is accompanied by the new release official music video for focus track ‘Breakup On The Weekend,’ co-directed and styled by Sophie herself. 

The seven song collection includes stellar collaborations including ‘1 Thing’ with Kellin Quinn, which continued Sophie’s on-going conversation surrounding youth mental health; rock anthem ‘Greed,’ featuring fast-rising alternative singer/rapper DE’WAYNE; and ‘Clearview’ which features tour mate NOAHFINNCE. Her recent single ‘U Love It’ featuring rapper $atori Zoom laminated her unique hyper-punk genre. In addition to fan favourite ‘Life Goes On!!,’ Sophie has released two brand new tracks, ‘See Me!!’ and focus single ‘Breakup On The Weekend.’

The song’s title summarizes my experience during the ending of a boring relationship,” Sophie shares about her new single. “In the song I explain how they were a good person, but just never wanted to do anything other than the two of us. I’m a very outgoing person and even though they say “opposites attract”, being in a relationship with someone more introverted than I was, was super hard. It’s a very real thing feeling stuck, and gathering the courage to move on from something/ someone that is dragging you down. ‘Breakup On The Weekend’ has a deep story behind its simple title and relatability, and for that reason I’m proud of myself for writing it.” 

Check out the video for ‘Breakup On The Weekend’ below.

Stream the EP via your preferred streaming service.

Gilt Drop ‘Conceit’ EP Via Smartpunk Records

GILT’s unique exploration of the dichotomy between brutally heavy music and ethereal melody is exemplified with their new EP ‘Conceit’. The collection is book-ended by impactful recent single Trophy Hunter’ (ft. Nat Lacuna of The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir) and the affecting Amethyst(ft. Shaolin G of Unity TX), which opens up the release. GILT’s poetic, emotion-drenched, post-hardcore stylings are further elevated by a series of guest vocalists on this release with the new tracks, out today, featuring turns from Syd Dolezal of Doll Skin (‘Small Hollow Bones’ – stemming from a repressed memory Ash had unlocked), Kind Eyes (‘The Shape of Tools’ – a diss track calling out every fake friend and industry insider who uses having stood next to greatness as a personality trait) and Carson Pace of Callous Daoboys (‘209’ – exploring the idea that the devil on your shoulder not even being excited you died).

‘Conceit’ as a whole explores the topic of grief in its entirety. It was recorded & mixed by Lee Dyess at Earthsound Studios and mastered by Matt Goings, with production consultation from Hansel Romero (Nightlife). “We’ve spent a lot of time as an emo band talking about grieving and addressing pain, but Conceit is the first material we’ve made since my father passed, and there’s simply no way for it to not be about that in almost every regard because it affects every part of my life,” explains vocalist Ash Stixx of the EP’s concept. “Each song is a vignette, a ‘conceit’ in the literary sense where one emotional reaction to death is explored, bolstered by guest vocalists who were each chosen for their ability to stretch our ideas beyond what we could physically do. The title is a double entendre, these are all poetic metaphors, but the feeling of righteous rage has never come through more and the marriage between those two in ‘Conceit’ is, to us, perfect.”

Having navigated topics of gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, and mental health in their music, GILT are all about empowering their community. The band put together a livestream event during the pandemic – SnipFest – which raised money for gender-affirming legal name changes for people across the US. Born in 2018, SnipFest’s first incarnation raised money for the top surgery of a friend of the band. Though GILT have been a band since 2017, their 2021 EP ‘In Windows, Through Mirrors’ was an introduction to their new direction with drummer Ash Stixx stepping up to vocal duties with finesse. 

Order the Conceit EP via the following link and stream it via your preferred service.

All Is Allowed Release New EP, ‘Just Keep Walking’

All is Allowed have released a new EP “Just Keep Walking” on all streaming platforms by Electric Funeral Records.

The band moves between the seventies sound of sabbatical stoner and the alternative nineties grunge and in this way transmitting in their music influences from Black Sabbath to Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, Tool and some things from both the 70s and from the 90’s. The band’s name is nothing more than the message of free will where you will reap what you sow, the law of Karma, of vibration

Check out the EP, ‘Just Keep Walking’ via your preferred streaming service.