Mandi Crimmins Releases New Hyper-Confessional Mental Health EP, ‘BORDERLINE’

Mandi Crimmins is the chaotically-relatable rockstar you’ve been searching for. This Los Angeles-based Berklee grad is known for her vulnerable raw lyrics and unhinged pop hooks that draw the listener in. Mandi suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder and does not hide that, but instead uses it to connect and relate to listeners also struggling with mental illness. Her fierce authenticity has garnered her a cult following of 40k on TikTok, with the mental health community rallying behind every release. 

Since moving to Los Angeles from her hometown in Massachusetts, Mandi has developed her sound into a raw gritty realness that’s an addiction to hear. This gained the attention of alt-rock band The Haunt, who has served as a main collaborator of Mandi’s since. 

On the new EP, ‘BORDERLINE’, Mandi shares, “While I was in the process of writing the EP, I actually ended up getting diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Writing to me is therapeutic and usually whatever is weighing on my mind most comes out during the writing session. After I finished the EP, I realized that I had been writing about my diagnosis before I even had it. They all perfectly described what it feels like to be in my head.”

Check out the Ep, ‘Borderline’ below.

Honey Gentry Reelases New EP, ‘Different Water’

Honey Gentry (ˈhʌni ˈʤɛntri) is an independent artist from London, UK.

Creating baroque pop for introverts, Honey’s work explores themes including escapism, dreams, and mythology. Entirely self-produced and recorded from the comfort of her bedroom, the artist manages to capture a free, honest and totally personal experience with her DIY, homemade music. 

Her new three-track EP, Different Water, sonically shimmers with dreamy, echoing synths, layered vocals and delicate piano melodies, delivering an overall celestial quality. Throughout the EP, listeners will find Space as a common theme with Honey confiding, “I think because that’s my preferred method of looking outward rather than inward; forwards instead of backwards.” This is evident in “Nebula” where Honey sings,

“Somewhere in space there’s a star being born / Nothing but dust and a desire to form.” Described as some of her favourite lyrics on the EP, the songwriter explains, “It’s all been said before but when you really think about the enormity and complexity of the universe we live in it puts small problems into perspective but also, lends life its profound meaning.” 

Check out the ‘Different Water’ EP below.

Yellowcard Release Brand New Track, ‘Childhood Eyes’

After recently announcing their forthcoming EP and two massive sets over the weekend at Slam Dunk Festival, Yellowcard have now released the project’s title track.

‘Childhood Eyes’ is set to be released on July 07 via their new label Equal Vision Records, and will be the first project from the Florida band since their self-titled record in 2016. 

Check out the video for ‘Childhood Eyes’ below.

Yellowcard Announce New EP, ‘Childhood Eyes’

Yellowcard are well and truly back!

The band have announced a new 5-track EP which will features guest vocals from Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veiland Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional and is set for release on July 07 via Equal Vision Records.

The artwork looks like this:

And in a message to fans on social media, the band said “We feel like these 5 songs represent the Yellowcard sound that fans know and love in the best possible way. We are so honored to be partnering with Equal Vision for this new chapter of our career.”

The title track will be released on May 31st and can be pre-saved via the following link.

Tokky Horror Release New EP, ‘KAPPACORE’

Punk collective TOKKY HORROR have dropped their huge, addictive and chaotic brand new EP ‘KAPPACORE‘, via Venn Records.

In celebration of the release, the band have their new single ‘MAXINE’. 

Speaking about the new single the band said, “Maxine is a perfect example of collaboration breathing new life into an idea. We’d been sat on the instrumental version for over a year, and wasn’t until we got into the studio with Blazer that it really came into its own. We wanted to capture the atmosphere of rave culture but play it as a band. It’s got all the breaks, bass lines, stabs that a rave track would carry. It’s just done live”

Check out ‘MAXINE’ below.

On the EP, the band say:

Speaking about the EP the band said, “This is the last thing we’ll put out before disappearing to record our album. It’s road tested, high energy material from the first era of Tokky Horror. We’ve wanted to meld breakbeats with visceral guitars as we usually do, but expanded our range of sampling further and pushed our weirdness at times, there’s less out-and-out riffs and more times where our love of Orbital and Aphex Twin shines through. It’s still a record for the punks, just not purists.”

Picturesque Drop New EP, ‘IYKYK’ Via Equal Vision Records

Kentucky based post-hardcore quintet Picturesque have released their hotly anticipated six track EP IYKYK  (‘if you know, you know’) via Equal Vision Records.

This new collection of songs includes fan favorites “Strange Habits” and “Hopeless”, which marked the return of the band after a several year hiatus following their critically acclaimed sophomore LP Do You Feel O.K?. Born out of a post-hardcore scene that’s often characterized more by aggression than accessibility, the five-piece steadfastly refuse to be boxed or pigeonholed, and they’re set on embracing musical tropes not traditionally associated with heavy music.

IYKYK is a reminder to fans old and new that the band is relentless in their exploration of the sonic landscape of alternative music. Angular guitars swirl around elements of pop, post hardcore, hip hop and electronic music, highlighting the bands highly creative approach to songwriting.

The band has this to say about IYKYK: 

“IYKYK is the culmination of a small group of people working to challenge the way this band and rock music can sound. Picturesque is constantly striving to never write the same song twice. We never want to sit still, and we never want to rest on our laurels. This EP is a product of that mindset and there is something for everyone who is a fan of rock music.” 

Stream the EP, ‘IYKYK’ via your preferred streaming service.

Eminzada Unveils Debut EP, ‘Don’t Tell Me Mother’

EMINZADA is a multi-dimensional artist with an exclusive style and powerful mindset. Originally from Baku City, Azerbaijan, EMINZADA has grown up with diversity in abundance, living between Azerbaijan, Turkey and the US, before making his move to London. Paying homage to his classical background in music composition, his music explores notions of camp, lust and escapism, representing freedom of art expression and his homeland’s musical culture and futurism, with his Azerbaijani heritage beaming proudly throughout.

His debut EP, Don’t Tell My Mother, features six songs touching on the artist’s evolution to date. This journey is not only reflected in the lyrics, but also the genre. Starting off with indie pop and transitioning to dark, electronic pop, this metamorphosis represents how EMINZADA has grown to become more confident. With heavy inspiration from his Azerbaijani heritage, the EP perfectly encapsulates every inch of who the artist is. The songwriter shares, “I have experimented with incorporating Middle Eastern musical elements into their music, such as using traditional instruments, incorporating Arabic or Persian vocal styles, or blending Middle Eastern rhythms and melodies with modern electronic production techniques. This can create a new, hybrid sound that reflects both my individual creative vision and the cultural influences that have shaped my musical identity.” Another big catalyst for the EP is the strong bond between the artist and his mother, hence the title of the release. He shares, “I was going through genre and style transitions throughout the preparations of this EP, learning to become comfortable with myself. However, by taking each step towards my comfort zone – I kept saying – ‘Don’t tell my mother!’” 

EMINZADA’s support for the disabled LGBTQIA+ community is at the focal point of his work, casting a brighter light on artist’s who have experienced adversity in their life, and had a hard time finding their place within their community. EMINZADA is not just an advocate and an ally for this community, but a part of it, as he manages a disability himself in the form of Pectus Excavatum; a disability that for singers in particular can be a devastating hindrance. Setting his sights high, EMINZADA is planning to open a non-profit organization called “Emin Eminzada Foundation”, aiming to help musical artists achieve their goals.

EMINZADA’s debut headline show and release party is on the 8th April at The Tabernacle in London. Accompanied by the Berlin Metropolitan Orchestra with special guest Nayana, who is part of The Emin Eminzada Foundation. The show will present two acts from original compositions in acoustic version to 18th century arias by Haendel. Tickets are available via the following link. (Part of the revenue from the show will be donated to earthquake survivors in Turkey.) 

Check out the EP, ‘Don’t Tell My Mother’ below.

Finnish Rockers Judith Alice Release New Resolute EP & Music Video

Finnish rock band Judith Alice have released a new EP Resolute via Finnish record label Secret Entertainment.

Check out the video for ‘Person That I Hate’ below.

Guitarist June Stacy comments: 
“Writing and recording the EP was a little bit troublesome and slow because of the covid. We recorded the demos and then the EP versions of the songs little by little when ever we could. Then over a year ago when it was already mixed and mastered Izzy (our guitar player) decided to pursue other things in life and quit the band. We didn’t wanna release anything or shoot music videos before we found someone to replace him. So it took another half a year to find Vasco. But finally here it is: ’Resolute’. The EP that updates the sound of Judith Alice for 2023! Enjoy”.

Check out the EP via your preferred streaming service.

That Summer Release New EP, ‘A Place Called Home’

LA-based That Summer will release the new EP ‘A Place Called Home’ this Friday, March 17.

Frontman singer-songwriter/producer Charles Rocha says, 
“A Place Called Home is something that I find to be quite elusive. This EP is a sneak peek of the full-length album to come this summer on Ring Records. It is a mix of some of the first studio sessions, engineers, and producers I have worked with in Los Angeles. A wonderful group of very talented and committed gentlemen helped make this album a reality. There are too many to list, so I will just let the music speak for itself and hope you connect to what we have created together. Enjoy.”

Check out the EP below.

Derek Sanders Announces New EP, ‘The Heavy Box’

Derek Sanders, frontman of emo/pop-punk quintet Mayday Parade, has announced his upcoming EP The Heavy Box out 14th April via Rise Records.

The five-track EP is Sanders’ second solo release following My Rock and Roll Heart (2020), which was comprised of five stripped-back covers.

“Slowly over the last few years I have poured as much love and energy as I could into these songs,” shares Sanders. “Thank you to everyone who helped make ‘The Heavy Box’ something real and available for those who find it worth their time. These songs mean so much to me, I hope you enjoy them.”

Alongside the announcement, Sanders shares “Howell Canyon.” A track that he explains is “about dealing with the sadness that comes from an important chapter in my life ending. The song takes a look back but also forward towards a more hopeful future.”

Check out ‘Howell Canyon’ below.

Check Out Sam Casey’s New EP, ‘More Songs About Weed & Toxic Relationships’

Sam Casey has released her new EP, ‘More Songs About Weed & Toxic Relationships’.

The EP was produced by Mike Schlosser. Co-Writers are Chloe Kay on ‘Stupid Bi*ch’, Laurel Clouston on ‘Good Fight’ and ‘I’m Fuc*ing Sam’ and Sarah Boulton on ‘Shallow’, ‘Give It Up’ and ‘Wiser Man’.

On the EP, Casey says: “I sing a lot about certain societal flaws and some positive experiences in university. I stopped trying to sound so pretty all the time because I don’t feel or sound pretty all the time. I was inspired by life from 2020-2022… all of the breakups, the makeups, the drugs, the dancing, the crying, the anxiety and the love.

On the track, ‘Stupid Bi*ch’, she adds:

Stupid Bitch” was initially about a friend who continued to go back to the same lying and possessive guy even though she knew he was toxic for her. We would stay up late and have these deep and honest conversations about our boyfriends… she would cry, scream and laugh at how terrible he was to her, while recognizing that she could do better. I realized that some people stay in toxic relationships not because they are unaware of their situation or too naive to see the effects that these partners have on their well-being, but because they aren’t ready to leave yet.

Check out the EP, ‘More Songs About Weed & Toxic Relationships’ below.

Flogging Molly To Release New EP, ‘Til The Anarchy’s Restored’

Flogging Molly, who recently released their seventh album, Anthem, a raucous affair which found the Celtic punk band reunited with Swagger and Drunken Lullabies engineer Steve Albini, have announced the March 10 arrival of the ‘Til The Anarchy’s Restored EP. 

The EP features the new single “’Til The Anarchy’s Restored,” with a pair of live performances of classic Flogging Molly tracks “Drunken Lullabies” and “What’s Left of the Flag.” Both songs originally appeared on the 2002 album, Drunken Lullabies, and were recorded with Albini in one take during the Anthem sessions. Digital pre-orders are available now.

Check out ‘Til The Anarchy’s Restored’ below.