Anberlin Announce ‘Silverline’ EP Via Equal Vision Records

Celebrating over twenty years as a band, Anberlin are gearing up to start the second half of 2022 on a strong note. Today the band announces their signing to Equal Vision Records and their new EP, Silverline, set for release on July 29th. Silverline marks their first new collection of music in 8 years, following 2014’s Lowborn. Anberlin gave fans an early taste of new music last year with the standalone release of “Two Graves” and follow that up today with “Circles”. “Circles” is an anthemic track about how hard it can be to find ourselves when we feel lost, and how discovering hope can feel impossible. The song starts with a graceful, slow build before soaring into the chorus highlighted by intense drums and Stephen Christian’s signature vocals. 

Writing and recording Silverline was a very collaborative and do-it-yourself experience for the band. Entering Feral Sound Studios in Tampa, FL, the band self-produced the EP alongside help from friends Tim McTague (of Underoath), Chad Carouthers, and JJ Revell. The five songs on the album showcase the band’s penchant for creating incredible alternative rock, filled with engaging tempo changes and thoughtful lyrics. Silverline is available for pre-order now through Equal Vision Records.

Stream ‘Circles’ via your preferred service.

Fairweather Share First New Music In Eight Years With ‘Untethered’

First breaking onto the music scene in 1999, today Fairweather starts their next chapter with the announcement of their new EP, Deluge, set for release June 24th on long-time label home Equal Vision Records. Recorded at guitarist Ben Green’s Washington D.C. studio, Ivakota, and partially at vocalist Jay Littleton’s studio in Houston, Deluge is Fairweather’s first new music since their self-titled album in 2014. Rounding out the band’s lineup is guitarist Peter Tsouras, drummer Shane Johnson, and Ben Murphy moves to third guitar as the band welcomes Nick Barkley (Olympia) on bass. 

The first taste of Deluge comes with “Untethered”, a six-minute and a half long song boasting a powerful mix of post-rock and alternative, a clear shift from the band’s punk-centered past. Littleton’s vocals glitter above the pummeling pace, almost untouched by the tumult below him. The video captures an extraordinary studio-performance from the band that is sure to have fans itching for a live show.

Speaking further on the EP and “Untethered”, guitarist Peter Tsouras commented:

“As a band, we’ve never been constrained by the need to recreate a previous album. Part of our writing process is finding a way to re-envision our parts without worrying about their sum.  In contrast with our last record, which was intended as a collection of straightforward declarations of raw energy, the songs for what would become Deluge were more ornate in their form. As the opening track of the record, Untethered is its standard-bearer. There are discrete lines of melody threading through the dirge-like pace of the song, which we really sought to exploit with the latest iteration of the band. With three guitar players, we wanted to play with the front-to-back depth of these songs – the opening chord structure acts as an introduction for each of us in a way, as three distinct themes enter before the vocals. Lyrically, it is a mourning of something lost, a procession into the unknown. The melodies waver between uplifting and threatening, and the themes of tension and release continue though the nearly 7 minute song. This is the heaviest music we’ve ever written, and yet the most beautiful and harmonically dense. The result is something vast, maybe cinematic, but at times feels intimate, and even fragile.”

Deluge is available now for pre-order through Equal Vision Records.

Greyhaven Channel Their Rage With New Single / Video For ‘Foreign Anchor’

Louisville, KY band Greyhaven shared their first single of the new year “Foreign Anchor” The song will appear on the bands upcoming album This Bright and Beautiful World set for release April 15th on Equal Vision Records.  “Foreign Anchor”  highlights a shift into a new era for the band, channeling in a mix of anguished alt-rock and post-hardcore punctuated by moments of brutal heaviness. Caustic riffs permeate the track, building a sinister tension that helps the bands distinct melodic sensibilities shine. The accompanying video gives viewers a taste of the bands intense stage presence mixed with a palpable amount of visual chaos, hurling performance footage of the group across the screen juxtaposed against swirling narrative shots.

Speaking on the song, Mills elaborated:

This song is for everyone who thought we’d gone soft. I’m still angry. We’re still exploring every avenue we’ve carved out for ourselves. We’re not shying away from anything. Greyhaven is always going to do whatever we want and here we wanted to  push ourselves and see how intense we could get. I think we’ve doubled down in every direction on the record. “All Candy” coupled with “Foreign Anchor” provide a glimpse at the two extremes but there’s still more to hear. You asked for a heavy song and we delivered.

With two records under their belt (Cult America and Empty Black), the band began writing This Bright and Beautiful World utilizing classic Greyhaven chaotic energy. Having written this record in 5 different locations, the band wanted to make sure that all of their ideas were able to present themselves once they entered the studio with producer Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio. Taking pride in simply being “4 guys who like to play music”, Greyhaven left with a diverse 10 songs that dive into themes of frustration, depression, the inability to fully express yourself, and appreciating the darker parts of life even though that may seem impossible at times. This Bright and Beautiful World is available for pre-order now and you can find the full tracklisting below. 

Check out the video for ‘Foreign Anchor’ below.

Equal Vision Records Sign Cherie Amour

Equal Vision Records welcome Baltimore, MD quartet Cherie Amour to their roster with the band’s debut single, “Burn”. Premiering on AFROPUNK, “Burn” showcases the band’s signature sound dubbed “nu-punk”, combining elements of pop-punk, R&B, and metal. Produced by Alan Day (Four Year Strong) the bouncy track focuses on reflection and learning from your past actions. The accompanying video takes a stab at the classic horror movie-trope of sadistic clowns, finding the band in a carnival of terror with some unexpected surprises. You can watch the video for “Burn” below

Speaking on the track, vocalist Trey Miller commented:
“We actually started working on this song in the spring of 2019 and it’s really the first song that got me started on being more vulnerable and examining my flaws in my lyrics. I’ve been in situations where stress caused me to say things out of anger, things I’ve immediately regretted and sometimes was too prideful to admit were wrong. It’s cool to look back at the lyrics and see how this song was really a catalyst to my personal healing/growth process”

Composed of Trey Miller (vocals), Casey Reid (guitar), Brendan Willis (guitar) and Ronnie Sherman (drums), Cherie Amour are out to carve their own path in the alternative music scene. Tossing aside their worries of being pigeon-holed into one particular genre, they have embraced the self-proclaimed title of “nu-punk”. Taking influence from a plethora of artists such as Linkin Park, MGK, Bring Me the Horizon, Don Broco, and Dance Gavin Dance, the band expertly crafts genre-blending sounds into each track they create. “Burn” personifies an amalgamation of what fans can expect from the band in the future and highlights why this versatile act is one to keep an eye on.

Check out the video for ‘Burn’ below.

Hail the Sun Release New track, ‘Parasitic Cleanse’

Chico, CA genre-benders Hail The Sun are back with new single “Parasitic Cleanse” and accompanying music video out today via Equal Vision Records. The song marks the second preview from their upcoming Kris Crummett produced album, New Age Filth, out April 16th. “Parasitic Cleanse” is an expressive blast of energy, winding through rapid guitar lines and bombarding drums. Donovan Melero gives a serious vocal attack right off the bat, perfecting his mix of screaming and singing akin to greats like Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw) and Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die). You can watch the video for “Parasitic Cleanse” 

Frontman Donovan Melero had this to say about the track.

“Humans have been so terrible to each other throughout history. One way this is justified is by one side feeling that the other side aren’t really human. If the attacking party can convince its followers that their enemy is less than human, it becomes easier to do horrific things as a larger group. The first atom bomb came with unthinkable carnage, but it was sold to the public as necessary, and the after effects hidden from the general population for many years.”

Check out ‘Parasitic Cleanse’ below.

‘New Age Filth’, the bands upcoming fifth record is set to be released on April 16th 2021 via Rude Records (UK / EU) / Equal Vision Records.

Pre-orders for the record can be made via the band’s webstore.

Hail The Sun Announce New Record, Share First Single

Equal Vision Records band Hail The Sun have announced their highly-anticipated fifth full-length album New Age Filth, set for release on April 16th. To celebrate the announcement, the band has shared the passionate first single “Domino”, alongside an accompanying video. New Age Filth marks the band’s most ambitious material to date, recorded over five weeks with producer Kris Crummett (A Lot Like Birds, Nova Charisma, Dance Gavin Dance). The energy and thought the band put into the release is apparent on “Domino”, as they shine their technical prowess with instruments dancing over one another as vocalist Donovan Melero belts out his signature vocals. Lyrically, the track centers around reflection of self and how past actions can affect others. You can watch the music video for “Domino” here and stream the track here.

On writing “Domino” Melero stated:

“Reflecting is important. What we might discover in reflection can be a hard pill to swallow. I’m only as big as my weakest character flaw. I’m told that I talk a lot in my sleep, and these are the things I think I say.”

When Hail The Sun entered the studio to record what would become New Age Filth, they knew they were setting out to make their most collaborative and diverse album yet. The band, consisting of Donovan Melero (vocals/drums), Aric Garcia (guitar), John Stirrat (bass) and Shane Gann (guitar), spent a month living in an apartment attached to producer Kris Crummett’s studio which provided a much different experience from the creation of prior albums. The result is ten songs that find the band pushing their creative boundaries in every way. They’re heavier and poppier at the same time, proving their ability to be extremely technical in instrumentation while also unleashing some of the catchiest hooks they’ve ever created. The influence from genre-melding predecessors like Coheed and Cambria, At The Drive-In, and even Yes is apparent, but the sound is still very much a natural evolution from Hail The Sun’s past work.

The shifting musical compositions on New Age Filth perfectly accompany the emotive lyrical outpour found across the album. Continuing along the theme of reflection, Melero weaves through painful and emotional experiences of love, cynicism, and touches on how awful humans can be to one another. Set for release on April 16th, New Age Filth is sure to appease Hail The Sun’s powerful fanbase, who have been clamoring for more from the band since the release of 2018’s Mental Knife, and newcomers alike. The album is available for pre-order now at

The Cover Art, Tracklisting, Stream of the new single ‘Domino’ and Pre- Order options are available to view below.

1. Domino
2. Slander
3. Solipsism
4. Misfire
5. Made Your Mark
6. Slipped My Mind
7. Parasitic Cleanse
8. Hysteriantics
9. Devaluation
10. Punch Drunk

New Age Filth is available to Pre-Order via Hail The Sun’s Myshopify store.