Seb Boyse Leaves Eva Plays Dead, Releases Statement

Sadly, this is another departure.

Eva Plays Dead is currently a man down in their camp as their drummer Seb has stepped down from the band.

Seb posted this message to the fans via the Eva Plays Dead Facebook page.

Hey guys, a message here from Seb:

This is a really hard choice for me to make but unfortunately, my journey with Eva Plays Dead has come to an end. There are absolutely no hard feelings between us. Tiggy, Matt and Zach are family to me forever, but I needed to step back from the craziness and be honest with myself when my heart wasn’t in it anymore.

I’m eternally grateful for what the band has taught me about myself and about my own mental health. Thank you to all the management and booking agents for all the amazing experiences I’ve had the pleasure of being part of. Thank you to all the amazing fans for being there and showing your love and appreciation as I did it. I’ve been performing, writing and discovering myself with these 3 amazing people since I was 18 years old and I’ve got so many good memories to look back on.

Now it’s time for me to look forward and focus on my band MYOKand my own musical projects which will hopefully see the light of day soon.

With love,



I’ve seen Eva Plays Dead before and it’s just not going to be the same without him when I’m at one of their live shows in the future. But I’m looking forward to see what both EPD and Seb do in the future because both the band and himself are people who won’t stay quiet for too long as they have some of the best people with determination I’ve ever seen in music.


Music Video’s 06/04/18

And we’re back, this time on time! That’s right, it’s time for another round of music videos every Friday. This is what happens on this list. I search for some of the latest and greatest videos for your viewing pleasure from all over the place. Kicking us off on this week’s list is Eva Plays Dead. We’ve missed this band on the scene in the UK but have no fear as the female-fronted foursome are well and truly back with their video for ‘Get Back. The band are currently crowdfunding an EP release so have your ears peeled for new music in the near future.


Next, we go the band Atilla.They’ve just left their label, SharpTone to go independent and now have recently released their second single since doing so. Check out the video for ‘Blackout’ below.



Now, going with the release of their new EP, ‘Lifestyle’, their first release since their 2013 record, ‘Nation’ and now London hardcore group TRC have dropped a video for their newest single, ‘London’s Greatest Love Story, Part II’. (Bit of a mouthful that one isn’t it? but be sure to check it out below.


Going to the Easter theme, it’s a time when people buy a ton of chocolate or wait…. that’s just passed. Anyways, this video is from Manchester heavy hitters Heritage with their new track ‘Born Again(st).


Now, Queens Of The Stone Age are getting ready for their biggest UK show to date later this summer in Finsbury Park, but it hasn’t stopped them from releasing their latest video for ‘Head Like A Haunted House’.


Now, I love our British bands. This next video is from rising metalcore group Shields as the band will be releasing their debut full-length record, ‘Life In Exile’ next month and ahead of the release they’ve dedicated the next video as well as the track to George Christie, the band’s guitarist who tragically took his own life earlier this year.


Now we go to Ohio for our next band in the form of Hawthorne Heights. They’re gearing up to release their new record, ‘Bad Frequencies’, their first record in half a decade and now they’ve debuted their single, ‘Just Another Ghost’ which you can watch below.


Underoath’s new record ‘Erase Me’ just dropped today but the track in question is called Rapture. It dropped last week in music video form and it’s just amazing to watch!


Now, this legend in the field is currently touring his tenth record, ‘Say10’ with a co-headlining run with Rob Zombie coming this summer in America but it still hasn’t stopped Marilyn Manson releasing a new video for ‘Tattooed In Reverse’ from his latest record.


Now I’ve saved the best for last. The other week, Panic! At The Disco dropped not one but two tracks. I’m only giving you the one, ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night) because it’s bloody, it pacing is fantastic and is a great spectacle to enjoy! This also acts as the first single for their upcoming record, ‘Pray For The Wicked’ available to buy from June 22nd later this year. Check out the video below.


And that’s it for another round of music video’s this week! We’ve had absolutely fantastic picks this week and I can’t wait to feat my eyes and ears on what’s to come next week.



Eva Plays Dead Announce UK Tour

Yesss! In Addition to their new EP, ‘The Fix’ as well as their two headlining shows celebrating the release of it, Eva Plays Dead have announced a run of shows at the beginning of May. Support will be from All Ear Avow

Here are all the upcoming dates for Eva Plays Dead.


April 2018

26th – London Thousand Island *EP RELEASE SHOW*

30th – Nottingham The Bodega *EP RELEASE SHOW*


May 2018

2nd – Newcastle Little Buildings

3rd – Birmingham The Hammer & The Anvil

4th – Manchester Satan’s Hollow

5th – Lancaster The Bobbin

6th – Leicester The Shed

7th – Ashford The Junction


Tickets are available now.




You can listen to their latest single ‘Get Back’ below.


Following the release of ‘Get Back’, lead singer Tiggy has been extremely open about her experiences with mental health and aims to help improve awareness of mental health conditions. She has produced a Q & A video answering fans questions on loving with Bipolar Disorder.

Music Videos 09-03-18

It’s that time of the week again. Another music video roundup. what more could you want on a Friday afternoon?

First up are up and coming Pop-Punkers Crossing The Limits. It’s off their soo to be released EP, ‘Perseverance’.


Mallory Knox recently came back into the world of music but announced they’d parted ways with frontman Mikey Chapman. Now back into releasing material, the band have dropped a video for their newest single, ‘Black Holes’.


Things are just getting better and better for Scottish Pop Punks Woes in 2018, firstly revealing they’ve signed with UNFD and now they have a video to accompany their latest single, ‘Real World’.


One year on for Decade’s full-length record, ‘Pleasantries’, the band have dropped a video for the opening track and their latest single, ‘Human Being’.


Coming back into the fold are Falling In Reverse which sounds like a little bit of their older material comes the first music since 2017’s ‘Coming Home’. Here’s losing my mind.


Another band who are back with a bang are Aussie fave’s Parkway Drive. This next track is expected to feature on their yet-to-be-announced record but you can view the amazing ‘Wishing Wells’ below.


Coming next is from Stick To Your Guns. This track is taken from the band’s latest record, ‘True View’ which is out now. This is the track for ‘Forgiveness Of Self’.


Time for a throwback to for a retro video from indie rockers Tigers Jaw who’ve released their newest single ‘Window’. It’s off their latest record, ‘Spin’ which came out last year via Black Cement Records’.


Now keeping up with some great tracks in today’s music world, this one comes from Best Ex. This track was part of the 2017 EP Ice Cream Anti-Social and is the last track off said EP, here’s Jellyfish.


Now this is one I’ve been waiting for, for a while. Eva Plays Dead has just debuted their brand new single, ‘Get Back’ which is off their upcoming EP, ‘The Fix’. It’s a song that approaches the subject of mental health and its accompanying video portrays the struggles of those who suffer from bipolar disorder, specifically from vocalist Tiggy Dee.

Bands To Check Out – Eva Play Dead

For fans of: Marmozets, Sumo Cyco, New Years Day.

Pulsating and headbanging vibes with amazing riffs, this can only be the band known as Eva Plays Dead from Nottingham/Derby.

Image result for eva plays dead

They’ve been on the underground circuit for a little while and released a few EP’s, but after gigs with the likes of New Year’s Day, Alien Ant Farm, as well as slots at Macmillan Festival and Teddy Rocks among others, they’re ready to take on the world.

What makes Eva Plays Dead unique though?  Well their consistant work ethic is always intruiging to see, from touring to working day jobs and back to recording, it’s quite clear music is something they breathe for. Also, they’ve just been in Cardiff, hopefully working on new material. What’s more is that their off on tour within the next month, showing that they’re comitted people who want to take their music to as many people as humanly possible. Who knows?, they might be playing this new material on their shows with Sumo Cyco and Devilskin.

Adding to this hard working ethic, this band has shown time and time again they won’t let the world get them down. Last year, they were the unfortunate victims of a robbery where most of their gear was stolen, £3,000 in fact but through a GoFundMe page, their fans as well as a donation from Doc Martens, they were able to help fund the money for new equipment. Now six months later, they are gearing up for another tour.

Their last EP ‘Sounds of The Written Word’ featured some of the best sounding tracks form a lesser known band I’ve heard in a while. In fact, they’re one of the best underated band within England in my opinion. If you don’t beieve me, well check these two music video’s. The first is called 1950’s Woman which includes some live footage from the last year.


And here’s the latest hard hitting single, Bones.



Woah! Powerful tracks there and what’s that you ask? When are they touring?

Well, they’re off on tour, opening for Sumo Cyco and Devilskin within the next month.

Here’s the dates.

Image may contain: 11 people, text

They’re also playing a few festivals near you this summer.

They are:

Wildfire – Wiston, Scotland, 23th-25th June

Fort Fest – Thurleigh, Bedforshire, 4th-6th August







Eva Plays Dead Release New Video

Last month Eva Plays Dead have released a video for their huge new single, Bones.

Here’s the video.


Here are the links to the new track.