Check Out This Wheatus Fan Cover Which Features Over 100 People

There’s been a lot of fan covers been going around since we’ve been indoors in quarantine to occupy our time where Queen and Adam Lambert performed We Are The Champions and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day started his No Fun Mondays Project.

The challenge which was set by Wheatus frontman Brendan B. Drown was quite a simple one: send a video of yourself performing the classic track, ‘Teenage Dirtbag’.

It’s been revealed they received 106 contributors from 16 countries with fans performing the track on all sorts of instruments including Banjos, Flutes and Kitchen Utensils.

Are you ready for something amazing?

Check out the cover below.

Waterparks Release Record Of Demos After Fan Campaign Via Twitter

In a shocking turn of events, Waterparks have even more music for us! This comes in the form of a demo record courtesy of a fan campaign via the account DANNY FANDOM, which is Awsten Knights profile.

Check out his Tweet.

People thought it would never happen but he underestimated the power Waterparks hold because the tweet surpassed the goal!

So true to his very own words, Awsten released a record of demos onto Soundcloud which was titled as: ‘1 (A COLLECTION OF UNRELEASED HOME DEMOS, THIS IS NOT G, OR EVEN AN ALBUM, SHUT UP ENJOY)’.

Check out the record on Soundcloud via the following link.

Twenty One Pilots Post Message To Fans.

Twenty On Pilots seem they’re on top of the world at the moment, but they never forget to thank the people important to them: the fans.

At a recent show, Tyler said this to the crowd.

I feel like it was you who did this. Did you know that you guys, it’s because of you, because you could not go unnoticed, you guys won us a Grammy. Thank you so much.”

It’s cool because we took a day off of tour, we went and did that weird whole thing, and here we are back. Y’know what? You guys make this feel like home for us. Right here is where we belong and it’s where we’ll stay. We’ll keep playing live music as long as you wanna keep on coming and watching us play.”

Have a look at the fan video below: