Femegades Release New Single, ‘Speechless’

Femegades have dropped a new single with a melodic punk twist in the form of ‘Speechless’.

This acts as a taste of their debut EP, ‘Pornsick’ and it’s a hell of a track which introduces them to new fans.

Written in collaboration with Gemma Aitchison of Yes Matters UK, the song is an urgent slice of punk rock that couldn’t feel more vital, or more timely given recent articles in the news. And with previous EP Pornsick tackling such vital themes as women subjected to male violence and narratives surrounding consent head-on, it’s a fitting progression for the four-piece, who are using the EP to push both the boundaries, and their ethos, even further, all the while providing a voice to those who might not otherwise have one.

Check out ‘Speechless’ below.