Live Review Divide @ Jumpin Jacks, Newcastle

Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle, 17-02-18

Support: Junior, Fire Lady Luck, Duchess


Travelling up to Newcastle for one of the most exciting Scottish up and comers Divide, I had to pinch myself because, after everything that’s happened behind the scenes with the band, I wasn’t too sure if I’d ever get to see this group live, if ever! Now with a fantastic new EP, ‘Embers’ which was released last November and a stellar UK tour with the dates nearly wrapped up, let’s see what they’re made of.

I do have to say Duchess’s set I missed because I was busy interviewing Divide (for which a post on is coming soon). I will skip them and jump straight to Fire Lady Luck. I have to say first they didn’t make the greatest of impressions as only one track really stuck with me during their lacklustre set for which it felt as if they were trying too hard for the people to like them. Additionally, their sound felt a little wrong for this crowd who were quite unreactive, to say the least for this show.

Moving to Junior who was more Punk-y than anything instantly gripped the audience’s attention. I do have to say mesmerising because of the fact it was a non-stop party for their set. They combine all the best parts of Punk Rock and turn it into just a superb set! It was influencing and infectious for once and after they’d finished, I was still shaking from what I’d seen. There were times as well for which I felt we were going to through the floor of the venue as well things got that rowdy! I mean, it’s the sign of a good set where you for the second fear for your lives! Moving on, the band had a limbo contest! They still played throughout it which is a good thing but is there more fun to be had? I mean their set was pretty solid on top of everything else. When they come back, I’m expecting them to headline. I’m just hoping that the band will be doing that as from the outset, they should be!

Now Divide. This was my first time seeing them play live and it couldn’t have been better! The tour was in support of their new EP, ‘Embers’ and it was the perfect collection in a set to showcase who this Scottish group was. They shake off the Paramore comparisons easily with Nicole Mason’s vocals as they offer their harder music taste being enticed with the melodies showcased. With this now, they’re beginning to make a name for themselves and when they come back, will take the stage by storm. Sometimes tracks were in the middle of the road but there were just flawless moments as everyone comes into sync. Putting the Deja Vu to one side for the moment, Divide gave a solid set to show why Rock not only needs but deserves Scottish bands in the scene right now. Also, with an EP such as ‘Embers’ in their repertoire now, Divide can show they have some of the most exciting material in music right now but let’s see what their next steps are now before making any harsh decisions on them.

Rating: 6/10



Fire Lady Luck