2000 Trees Festival Announces Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes As Main Stage Headliner

Following on from the recent ‘returning heroes’ Wednesday band announcement, 2000trees Festival 2023, taking place next year between Wednesday the 5th and Saturday the 8th of July has revealed more to their lineup

The mighty Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes can today be announced as Saturday night headliners. One of the most electrifying live bands to come from our shores, crowds will be in for a treat from this very special, homegrown band, who are more vital, fresh and exciting as they ever have been in their career.

From 2000trees festival organiser James Scarlett  “Since their incredible set in 2017 Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes have easily been one of the most requested bands at 2000trees. So we’re absolutely stoked that they’re coming back to close out the festival as Saturday Main Stage headliners. You do not want to miss this!”

Joining them include returning UK rock royalty Hundred Reasons, Pennsylvanian pop punk masters The Wonder Years, Liverpool genre blending and defying 5 piece Loathe and Nottingham industrial rock outfit Pitchshifter.

Here’s the full list of announced bands:
Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes (Saturday main stage headliner) / Hundred Reasons / Rival Schools / The Wonder Years / Bob Vylan / Loathe / Holding Absence / Pitchshifter / Cancer Bats / And So I Watch You From Afar / Joyce Manor / Crows / Dream State / Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties / Sprints / Microwave / Svalbard / The Chisel / Press Club / No Devotion / Chubby & the Gang / Saint Agnes / Ithaca / The St Pierre Snake Invasion / Lambrini Girls / Koyo / Press to MECO / Big Spring / Spielbergs / The Oozes / The Scratch / Dead Pony / July Jones / Heart Attack Man / THICK / Mint / Delilah Bon / Enola Gay / Ways Away / Delaire The Liar / Pet Needs / Gurriers / Chastity / SNAYX / Hypothetics

Gallery: Rise Fest 2022






Death Blooms


Static Dress




Boston Manor

Modern Error


As December Falls

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Detail Fourth Record, ‘Sticky’

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have announced the details of their fourth album, ‘Sticky’, which is set to be released on October 15th 2021 via International Death Cult/AWAL.

Along with news of the upcoming release, the band have also released its title-track and its single, which is available to listen to below.

You can also check out the album cover artwork, full track listing, and pre-order options.

01.) Sticky
02.) Cupid’s Arrow
03.) Bang Bang (feat. Lynks)
04.) Take It To The Brink
05.) My Town (feat. Joe Talbot)
06.) Go Get A Tattoo (feat. Lynks)
07.) Off With His Head (feat. Cassyette)
08.) Cobra Queen
09.) Rat Race
10.) Original Sin

Pre-orders are available via the band’s official Webstore.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Share New Single, ‘My Town’

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have released their first new music in over a year.

‘My Town’ is their latest effort in collaboration with IDLES’ Joe Talbot, born from “our collective mental health falling apart.”

Frank explains: “It’s easy to dissociate when it’s someone else’s problem but we are each responsible for keeping the streets clean, looking out for our fellow neighbours and acting with kindness and respect as we walk through life. We can look into this town and see the seedy underbelly, the dirt, the disdain, the undercurrent of hate and despair. And then we are reminded that My Town looks just like yours, and no one gives a fuck at all and if we don’t start looking after ourselves soon then we are all going to be in big trouble.”

Check out the track below.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes To Perform Livestream Show From O2 Academy Brixton

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have announced they’re set to perform a livestream show from London’s O2 Academy Brixton.

The event, streamed on MelodyVR will take place on November 13th 2020. Tickets are available from Wednesday 14th October 2020.

He’ll also be performing tracks from the forthcoming ‘Blossom’ Deluxe record which is set to be released on 23rd October 2020.

Fans will also get the opportunity to virtually invade the stage as well as pick the setlist and chat to the band.

Carter says:

“There are few places like O2 Academy Brixton, a venue where you feel the history every time you walk out onto the stage. Our sold out Brixton show a few years back was wild and we had to create a live album from it. This time around we’re gonna give even more energy to you at home – and can’t wait to get energy back – with our exclusive interactive live show on MelodyVR. See you there.”

New Tracks Roundup 22/05/20

Hello everyone and welcome back! It’s time for another week of the best new tracks that have recently been released, all in good order of epicness. I’ve tried to make sure that none of these overlap with the Music Videos Roundup post which should have gone live in addition to this post as well so when you’re done be sure to head over to have a read of that!

Let’s get into the new tunes this week starting off with Volumes.

After teasing the release of this track during Fearless Records ‘Fearless At Home’ live stream, they’ve relaxed ‘Pixelate’ which has plenty of headbands for you to do at home in social distancing measures.

Seconds up on this week’s new tracklist is Remo Drive with a new cut off their upcoming record. ‘Ode To joy 2’.

Erik Paulson (vocals) has said the following on the upcoming release:

“The lyrics were inspired by the excess I perceived around me as I transitioned from being a college student into touring full time. Most people who’ve done either can confirm that many social interactions are built around having a drink or smoking weed. Once the honeymoon period of exploration was over for me, I became frustrated with the omnipresence of drugs and alcohol and wanted to write about it… Oh what fun it is laughing at nothing, by this age we all have it down.. When I wrote the final version of the lyrics, I tried to connect with how I think when I’m drunk. I always feel as though I’m loving and hating every second of it. This song captures that same ambivalence.”


Moving onto Northlane now as details have emerged on their deluxe edition to their 2019 record, ‘Alien’.

With the tracks being released in instrumental forms, the release also features a new track from the album sessions, which is titled as ‘Enemy Of The Night’.

Marcus Bridge (vocals) has said:

“Enemy Of The Night was the last song to be completed and is personally my favourite song from the Alien sessions.

It has a similar, storytelling style to Freefall as it recounts memories and experiences from my childhood of my father falling deeper into addiction and the desperate things people will do to satisfy those needs. Despite his best efforts, he was never able to beat his demons.

This song is the missing piece to the Alien puzzle and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” 


Second to last on this weeks list is  From Inside. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started forcing everyone indoors and into social distancing measures, the bands have been giving their output on the track addressing the topic.

Check out ‘Isolation’ below.


And lastly, on this weeks list, we have Britains finest in Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. They’ve shared their first material since the release of their previous full-length release, ‘End Of Suffering’.

The final track of the week is ‘Bleed’.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Announce New Record

Those legends of Punk are back. Their last record, ‘Modern Ruin’ hit the Top 10 in the UK Albums Charts and now they’re back with a new record two years on.

They made the announcement to the world and played the debut single off their new record, ‘End Of Suffering’ on BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record In The World and now there are some more details!

Here’s everything you need to know.

The records called ‘End Of Suffering’ and is set to be released on May 5th 2019 via International Death Cult.

Below you can see the album art.


Now for the tracklisting.

  1. ‘Why a Butterfly Can’t Love a Spider’
  2. ‘Tyrant Lizard King’ feat. Tom Morello
  3.  ‘Heartbreaker’
  4. ‘Crowbar’
  5. ‘Love Games’
  6. ‘Anxiety’
  7. ‘Angel Wings’
  8. ‘Supervillian’
  9. ‘Latex Dreams’
  10. ‘Kitty Sucker’
  11. ‘Little Devil’
  12. ‘End of Suffering’

And the first track you can hear is Track 4; Crowbar which you can listen to below.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Cancel U.S Tour

Oh no! Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes have had to postpone their upcoming US tour. This comes after the band postponed their European dates so their vocalist Frank Carter could concentrate on his mental health.

This is what Frank has said about the postponement.

“When life handed her lemons, Beyoncé made lemonade…

“Unfortunately for me, I’m not quite sure what life has handed me just yet.

“Having cancelled four weeks of touring in Europe to focus on figuring out some problems in my life, I had hoped that it would be sufficient enough time to get myself in a good space to then get back on the road.

“The reality is, some things take time. The situation I am in is progressing towards a positive resolve but as I don’t know when that will be regrettably we are going to have to CANCEL OUR SHOWS IN NORTH AMERICA in October so that I can spend my time here with my family to make sure that progress is made.

You can read his full statement via Facebook below.

‘Modern Ruin’, the band’s latest album is out now via International Death Cult.

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes Pull Out Of Tour

Hopefully, they’ll be back on the road soon. It’s sad news coming from Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes that they have announced that they’re pulling out of the support slot on the upcoming Papa Roach tour so that Frank can concentrate on his mental health.

The statement from both the band and Frank below can be read below:
“Unfortunately we will no longer be appearing on the upcoming European Tour with Papa Roach. They will still be at it every night and we know the tour will be incredible with or without us.

You can read a full statement from Frank below. Thank you for your understanding, and for your support now and forever.

Long live the Rattlesnakes.”

And here’s the statement from Frank Carter:

“The past two years have been a whirlwind of intensity and high emotion for myself and my family. It has been both a wonderfully fulfilling and exciting place to be and at times a brutally bleak landscape that I have found myself walking in, alone and terrified.

While visible wounds are easily sympathised, the insidious nature of internal pain means that talking about it can be not only a difficult situation but also one that is incredibly embarrassing and wrapped in guilt and shame.

When life gets dark inside there is no outside light that is bright enough to show you a safe passage. When you cannot find the light in yourself, that is when the real fight begins. Recently I have found myself fighting harder and much more frequently than I think is either healthy or acceptable.

No person should ever have to constantly fight through demons.

So instead, I am taking some time away from touring to focus on finding the light within myself to be able to always find a safe passage through any situation that the dark labyrinthine confines of my mind can throw at me. I will therefore not be able to perform on our upcoming European tour with Papa Roach.

I am incredibly lucky to have the life that I have, I want to be able to enjoy it for a long time and the only way I can do that is to be brutally honest with myself and stand up and say “I am not ok…”

But I will be.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while I work this out. I have a lot more to offer the world, and I look forward to sharing it with you all when I am a stronger, happier and healthier person.

If you are struggling with the weight of the world around you, please talk to someone. Embarrassment breeds Shame, shame breeds loneliness and loneliness will kill you if you let it.

You are not alone.”

Frank Carter

The dates affected are as follows:


15th – Hamburg Sporthalle
16th – Berlin Velodrom
17th – Prague Mala Sportovni Hala
19th – Warsaw Progresia
20th – Vienna Gasometer
21st – Munchen Zenith
23rd – Winterthur Eluachhalle
25th – LudwigsbergUdwigsbergArena
27th – Furth Stadthalle
28th – Offenbach Stadthalle
29th – Tilburg 013


1st Antwerp Trix
2nd Esch Sur Alzette Rockhal
3rd Oberhausen Turbinenhalle

My Top 10 Albums Of 2017 (So Far)

I needed a Top 10 list but I wanted to do something which celebrates some great bands who have put out amazing records (in my eyes) this year. So, without further ado, here’s my picks for the Top 10 Albums of 2017 (so far).

10.Frank Carter – Modern Ruin


Starting off with a huge record in the world of punk, a band who needs no introduction; Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. What made this stand out for me was its blend of guitars, rhythm and voice that is Frank Carter which if anything is to go by from their last record, is even more distinct than any other projects he’s been involved with in the past. Adding to the fact that this is a quintessential record for the decade, it’s no surprise the band are a highlight for the UK’s Punk scene.

Listen to: Wild Flowers, Vampires


9. Paramore – After Laughter



Well…. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Paramore’s fifth record after hearing the first single, Hard Times because it wasn’t the same sounding Paramore but the record was loveable all the same. There was a bit of backlash to them in comments such as “another band selling out” but the lyrics are always 100% Paramore and that’s what has always drawn me to their music. Nevertheless, the album is different, energetic and an example of what evolving artists do when the band is as ever changing a group that is…. Paramore.

Listen to: Rose-Colored Boy, Grudges


8. Motionless In White – Graveyard Shift.


I honestly wasn’t sure to expect from a Motionless In White album because personally, I’m a new fan of theirs. Nevertheless, I found Graveyard Shift to be a very interesting album. I found parts not as entertaining to my ears as some fans might, but the focus of the album and emotion remained all the same. Especially on tracks such as Necessary Evil, the band are full of tracks to prove to people that they are worth listening to!

Listen to: Necessary Evil, Loud (Fuck It)

7. Linkin Park – One More Light


Firstly, may I say I hope Chester Bennington is resting peacefully and thank him and the other members of Linkin Park for creating this record. At times, this record felt very emotional. I listen to the lyrics of some tracks such as Heavy (feat. Kiiara) and on that first listen I don;’t think much but when a friend mentions this track later, I read the lyrics again and again and then again with the music playing, following the lyrics as it goes and wonder think it puts a lot into perspective of Chester’s state of mind at that time in his life. What’s more though is the record which is a gift to the fans of Linkin Park and one which will always be with us.

Listen to: Heavy. Invisible

6. Vuokvi


Scottish? Check. Rock? Check? Female Fronted Band? They might just be one of the best newcomers to the scene at the moment. Starting from their opening track; La Di Da it shows energy, perseverance and above all, a punchy debut for the Scottish rockers. Having been on the music scene since 2011, they’ve learned and learned to make a stand out album and armed with tracks such as Weirdo, it shows the fans just what they can produce from their experience.

Listen to: La Di Da, Weirdo

5. Counterfeit


So can an actor who has appeared in a Hollywood musical make a great Punk album? The short answer yes! It seems that anything is possible in the world of punk for counterfeit and to be honest, with Frank Carter, they’re up there for another album of the decade. Just take the track For The Thrill Of It as an example. It’s punchy, great vocals and a breakdown the Foo Fighters would kill to have on their music! But as a statement about it being something bigger and better to come from these newcomers? Maybe.

Listen to: For The Thrill Of It, Romeo, As Yet Untitled

4. The Gospel Youth


Rising rockers, The Gospel Youth are quite high on the list? Why is that? Oh because they made one hell of an album. I had it on repeat for a few days because I couldn’t get enough of it. The lyrics combined with the rhythm of the what the band creates blend together splendidly into all tracks to show England what they’re made of. And with a co-headlining tour alongside Milestones, they’ll show the venue’s of England exactly what this album can do!

Listen to: Wildfire, Gin and Black Coffee, Moods Like English Weather

3. Creeper


With the weirdness in an almost Blair Witch like disappearance out of the way, Southampton Horror group Creeper release Eternity, In Your Arms. This is a record unlike any other on the list because it’s from a group unlike any other. There are some different approaches which may seem odd in today’s rock world such as the added keyboard element to the track Black Rain. It makes the band in a way sound mysterious in an effort to surpass the expectations of the listener but if one thing’s for certain, the record is anything but ordinary.

Listen to: Black Rain, Suzanne

2. K.Flay


Possibly the most alternative artist on this list comes from K.Flay who sounds more R’n’B than anything but this is where the heart of the album comes from and it’s because of this, which is what makes it a great album. What makes the record is the blend of lyrics which sound quite confessional and non-restrictive accompanied with the sound on the track of Blood In The Cut to make it an edgy track to match the record which invites us in for more.

Listen to: Blood In The Cut, You Felt Right

Just Missing Out


You Me At Six – Night People


Night people wasn’t the best by some fans standards. Sure it had some great tracks such as Plus One which a few months on is a track I believe will be huge for them looking back on the album as a whole and Give which perfectly played out the album but as a whole it wasn’t a Sinners, it wasn’t Cavelier Youth and some tracks I felt were a bit mismatched in perspective to what the record was as a whole. How it will age though, is an entirely different question but this album just misses out on my top 10.

Listen to: Give, Plus One

1.As It Is – Okay


For me, this has just been the undeniable album of the year. A really strong sounding album where the lyrics are relatable to fans everywhere along with a concept through it’s driven music videos of “Pretty Little Distance’s” American Dance, as well as the apologetic “Hey Rachel” videos shows that As It Is are a force to be reckoned with only two albums into their musical career. I saw the band perform the title track Okay on what was one or their first shows with the track and their set absolutely transformed the sound of the show where it was probably their most honest lyrically sounding track as well as performance to date.

Check out: Hey Rachel, No Way Out, Okay

Familiar Faces Present In the New Charli XCX Video

Hmmm…. There’s certainly a few familiar faces in this video. This is Charli XCX’s new music video for her track Boys and it features faces from the rock genre; namely Oli Skyes of Bring Me The Horizon, Bendon Urie from Panic At The Disco, Frank Carter as he bears all his tattoo’s and Taka from One Ok Rock.

No Spoilers though. You have to watch the video.

Frank Carter Reveal Support Bands

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have announced the supporting bands for their (almost sold-out) UK tour.

Yonaka will be at all shows, whereas Strange Bones will be playing every Irish date, where Fangclub will be supporting.

Here’s the latest tour poster. There are only a few tickets left for the Belfast gig now so get them while you can!