Paramore Are Reissuing Riot! On Silver Vinyl For Fueled By Ramen’s 25th Anniversary

Fueled By Ramen are coming to celebrate their 25th anniverary and with that, Paramore have announced a reissue of their second record, ‘Riot!’.

With the release, it will see the band release the record on Silver Vinyl as well as asking fans to help design some Paramore merchants to go alongside the drop.

“For Fueled By Ramen’s 25th anniversary, Paramore are releasing a special silver vinyl edition of Riot!” the vocalist says in a video on Twitter. ​“And around the re-issue’s release, which will be in May, we wanted to do something really special with you because, you know, it’s been a minute. It’s been a while. 

“So, we’re partnering – again – with our friends at Creative Allies; we did a contest with them back in 2013… that’s almost a decade ago, what?! And, basically, you go to, submit your design, make it Riot! related, it could be lyrics, it could be anything you want, and the winner will have a design reproduced in the web store, and you’re going to win $500.”

The full description on Creative Allies’ website explains: ​“Creative Allies is partnering with Paramore again to host a fan art design contest. We worked with them in 2013 for the debut of their self titled album Paramore. You can check out that contest here! This art will be used for merchandise sold on their web store.

“Riot! is the second studio album by Paramore. It was released in the United States on June 12, 2007 and Paramore wants to do something special for the album’s re-release on vinyl coming this May. Paramore’s Riot! Album gave us some amazing tracks such as Misery Business and CrushCrushCrush and we need some really great art to match all of the fantastic songs on this album.

“The band will pick their favorite design and the grand prize winner will get $500. Please send any questions to”

Watch Hayley’s video update below:

And here’s what that glorious Silver Vinyl looks like:

Nothing, Nowhere Shares New Track, ‘Upside Down’

Nothing, Nowhere has shared a new track, ‘Upside Down’, off his upcoming record, ‘Trauma Factory’.

Check out the track below.

Nothing, Nowhere’s upcoming fourth studio record, ‘Trauma Factory’, is set to be released February 19th 2021 via Fueled By Ramen.

Pre-orders can be made via his webstore.

A Day To Remember Announce Upcoming Seventh Record, ‘You’re Welcome’

The Florida powerhouses known as A Day To Remember have finally announced their upcoming seventh record! The band have confirmed to release ‘You’re Welcome’ on March 5th 2021

This is the bands follow up to their 2016 ‘Bad Vibrations’ record which was originally set to be released on November 15th 2019 but the band were allegedly unhappy with the mixing and cover art.

Check out all the details you need for the record including Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-Order options below.

01.) Brick Wall
02.) Mindreader
03.) Bloodsucker
04.) Last Chance To Dance (Bad Friend)
05.) F.Y.M.
06.) High Diving
07.) Resentment
08.) Looks Like Hell
09.) Viva La Mexico
10.) Only Money
11.) Degenerates
12.) Permanent
13.) Re-Entry
14.) Everything We Need

Check out the band’s latest track ‘Brick Wall’, ‘Mindreader’, ‘Resentment’ and ‘Degenerates’ as well.

And the Pre-Order options? We’ve got you.

Pre-Orders are available via the band’s website, Impericon, Amazon and Itunes.

Fueled By Ramen Sign Grandson

New signing news! Fueled By Ramen have announced their latest signing in the form of alternative artist/rapper Grandson. The social justice warrior attained global attention with the release of his single, ‘Thoughts And Prayer’, written about the political inaction around the recent mass shootings in America.

Check out the track below.

We’re still waiting on the music video but the word is that it will be compiled of live footage of Grandson performing the track at the March For Our Lives in Los Angeles as well as fan-submitted video content from the marches across America.


All Time Low Reveal New Album Details.

All Time Low get serious on their ideas for their new album ‘Last Young Renegade’.

Here’s what they posted on Facebook.
Who is the Last Young Renegade?

After all this time writing music, playing in a band- checking moment after moment off the bucket list- collecting mistakes, making memories, I wondered what it might be like to write about myself if I wasn’t the one standing in my shoes. Who am I from the other side of the mirror?

I tried to change perspective in my approach to writing and center in on all of the different versions of me that other people might have met over the years, through the ups and the downs, in the public eye and behind closed doors. Would I like this person? Do I like this person? Do I even recognize this person anymore?

I realized that there’s a lot more to me than I’m usually ready to acknowledge, both good and bad. In that realization, I noticed a common thread. We are who we are, even when we try our hardest not to be.

It’s a challenge to accept it sometimes. I gave those other sides of me a persona, and a name– then came the stories like a flood. It was a way for me to confront demons without having to sit at the dinner table with them.

That’s the journey on this record: a story of self-realization. Of growing into your own skin through the eyes of someone watching it all unfold on the big screen, wearing a ‘Frankie Says Relax’ t-shirt. Like watching an old familiar movie, but suddenly you’re Marty McFly.

We tried a lot of new things on this album, all within the context of what we love so much about All Time Low– There’s no denying that we were binge watching Stranger Things at the time, while also reflecting on the loss of some of our favorite musicians; Prince, Bowie,George Michael… I think the influence comes through in the best ways. We all felt pulled to exciting and different places as we searched for inspiration, approaching something that’s become so familiar to us from a new direction.

I truly hope everyone listening enjoys this record as much as I do. It’s been an amazing journey.”

Last Young Renegade will be released June 2nd via Fueled By Ramen.


All Time Low Premiere New Song

Well, it’s been a while since All Time Low have released anything new and fresh but this is what we’ve been waiting for!

They’ve been teasing something big all week on their social media accounts  with this image:


Adding to this, they said a new single would be played on BBC Radio 1 this morning (Friday 17th February) and it was well worth the wait!

The new single is something much more grown up  lyrically than any of their previous tracks and is surely going to be a big fit at their upcoming UK tour!

It’s available now via Itunes and Spotify but the video is available now, check it out below.


Alex also posted a status about the track via Facebook.

This is what he wrote.

Here we are. Ten years since our first official full-length debut, (nearly 14 years since we formed this band,) and we’re lucky enough to be sharing another chapter in the tale of All Time Low with the world. We couldn’t be more grateful than we are right now.

I hope you can forgive us, because we’ve been keeping secrets.

Since the beginning of last year, we have officially been signed to Fueled By Ramen records, the very first label we ever showcased for during our senior year of high school. It didn’t work out back then, and that’s ok (we probably blew it), but FBR has always felt like a second musical family to us through everything. From Hopeless Records, to Interscope, and back to Hopeless, we’ve come up listening to the bands on the FBR roster, working together on outside projects, watching with pride and admiration, looking forward to the moment when timing and purpose would align, affording us the chance to come in under their wing. So, here we are; a year spent in secret on a new label, writing songs and brainstorming for what comes next. I’m happy to say that we can finally deliver.

Dirty Laundry is a proud moment for me personally, a song written in the company of friends, torn apart and stitched back together several times over like all the best relationships… It’s about leaving the past where it belongs, and loving the people around you for not only their light, but their darkness too.
We shot the video with that in mind; inspired by a dream about the ups and downs that make us who we are, sometimes worn and tired, but better for it… alive and inspired. You can check out the song and watch the video at . Our good friend Pat Tracy, who directed the ‘Missing You’ video helped us bring it to life, and we couldn’t be happier about where the story will go from here. Pay close attention. 🙂

I hope you all love the song as much as I do. We’re ecstatic about everything we have lined up this year, and can’t wait to add this one to the set list as we get back out on the road. See you soon!



ps. Sending all our love and gratitude to the Hopeless Records family, without whom we wouldn’t be in this position now. Thank you for supporting us and breaking down wall after wall with us as we navigated this wild ride together. You guys have been incredible to work with over the years. Good people go far, which is why you all continue to crush it day in and day out. Thank you.




Basement Sign To Fueled By Ramen.

Basement have signed with Fueled By Ramen records. They’re a major label which boasts artists such as Paramore, Twenty One Pilots and more.

While this will be their international records label, Warner Bros. records will still be in charge of their UK affairs.

This is what the band had to say on Facebook:

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes with Basement as of late and we’re excited to finally share some of that with you all. In December, we took a chance and signed a new record deal with the people at Fueled By Ramen.

We can’t pretend that this was an easy decision to make because up until this point, we owe so much of everything that’s happened to Run For Cover. That being said, time is short and even more so in the world of music and when you’re presented with an incredible opportunity such as this, you have to give it a shot. Thank you to RFC for always supporting us and a MASSIVE thank you to FBR for taking a chance on us. We are very excited for the future.”

Basement will be re-releasing their album Promise Everything 03 March. The title track can be heard below:


Here’s the tour poster for their Feb/March UK tour:

One Ok Rock Release New Video

One Ok Rock have released a new music video from their upcoming album Ambitions which will be available from January 13th.
Here’s the Video:


Pre-order Ambitions on…
Google Play: