Live Review – Fully Showcase 1


Featuring: Please Remain Calm, The Rosettas, The Rosemaries

Heading to a showcase evening with some new and upcoming bands on the scene in Yorkshire, this evening was utterly spectacular with some new faces as well as some massive sounds to come from some acts I hope to see in the future.

First to grace the stage were Please Remain Calm, the heaviest of the three bands on the lineup. Coming over from Leeds, the hard hitting quartet had such a disorderly stage presence but so utterly powerful and one you just can’t take your eyes off. From their sound reminiscent of early Marmozets dashed with them being a little more on the melodic side of things, the band are one of the finest fresh faced acts to grace the stage in 2022 with hopefully more material and performances to follow soon.

Next up were The Rosemaries. This is what I love about finding new bands to listen to, there’s a whole bunch of endless possibilities. Looking possibly the youngest of the three bands tonight, The Rosemaries let their talent speak for themselves as they demand the audiences attention with every note played. But more to that, their blend of Pop Rock is quite like most out there at the moment.The audience feels connected to them because of their creativity and the lust for what they have to offer.

Now I do have to say,I think the York crowds loves their Indie bands. Well they do as far as The Rosettas are concerned. Giving off more of an alt looking vibe but sounding more along the lines of Arctic Monkeys, they are just a delight to watch. Every move they make the audience just responded to and there was more life injected to the crowd with every track, bringing us back from the brink with a bang. For such a younger band, everyone’s stage presences were unparalleled where the energy proving that the connection motivated just what was occurring in the room tonight.

Now do I hope that I see every band I saw tonight again soon? Absolutely! What’s more is that I’ll be front and centre to shoot them again and again.


Photos by JackLiddPhotography.

Live Review: Home Wrecked @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Kiss Kiss Kill, Old Selves, Palmist

Date: 21/02/20

I’m back at the Fulford Arms for a few homeowners as well as a few out of towners tonight. What’s great about these gigs is that it brings so many people together on the night; friends, family, other bands and new faces. It’s fantastic to see more and more people come down and support everyone on the bill and especially for Doncaster’s very own Home Wrecked, York was more than accommodating for our Yorkshire brothers in arms.

First on the bill for the evening was Kiss Kiss Kill. This is one local band I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing but you know what they say, there’s a first time for everything. For me, it was a half-decent performance as there was some half-decent parts of their, i.e. the introduction in the style of a flight attendant for one but apart from this not much else. To hit top gear, they need to be able to take a step outside of their comfort zone to match the other bands on the bill.

I don’t think these guys are capable of putting on a bad set. Ever since their first set a few months ago a the end of 2019, I was anxiously awaiting just what Old Selves would come up with next. Here though, they’ve built on the anticipation of that first show with a few new tracks, including their huge sounding debut ‘Strength In Four’. There was some room for improvement but I have faith that they could be the ones touring themselves soon. What stood out to me was their (I’m assuming he’s a lefty because we certainly are a rare breed) was the energy Kiel Hodgson always seems to emit when he plays live. I just hope he’s able to give off more high energy performances as this band blossoms in the future.


Moving up in the ladder and the energy are Palmist. From the outset, they do have some Don Broco vibes fused with some punk to give off a well-rounded performance at both ends of the spectrum. What is a little more Punky is the vocals from Sam Paterson as he shifts from all ends of the stage, clearly someone you can’t tie to one place to connect with each and every audience member in the room. More than that, it gives a little freedom to the other band members on the stage in order to have a little breathing space from the infectious rhythms that inevitably come during their set.


Now, finally, we’re upon Home Wrecked. With two EP’s, one or two singles, they’re ready to unleash some carnage. ‘What You Want’ is definitely one track which could define that band going forward into 2020 and with this tour as well as an appearance at Pop Punk Pile Up 3, is it a staple track in their set moving forward? One thing that’s for sure, my expectations were smashed because it’s great to see everyone down for this band and join in with everyone as far as vocalist Joe Daniels is concerned as well as getting being quite photogenic as far as you can see in the gallery below the music video I’ve linked in there. Soaring higher and higher into heir set, the Pop Punk feels just become more apparent with some old school touches which just hype the band up even more. Brothers in Arms for Yorkshire Rock indeed.


Rating: 6.5/10

Live Review: Give In @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Chargone Stone, Petrol Hoers, Jeanot Lou Paysan

Date: 18/02/20

This is definitely one of the stranger gigs I’ve ever been two as far as the horses are concerned. That’s right I’m back at the Fulford Arms in York for an evening of madness which is all the words I can think of on the spot to describe one of the acts I’ve just witnessed here. But being here, this is a celebration of the weird and wonderful musicians who are in the scene right now and part of that is celebrating the talents of people who have come afar just to perform for everyone tonight.

First up is the Jeanot Lou Paysan, a French touring drummer who is one very funky person and gets people up and moving. To be fair, there weren’t too many people down early to see this act but they definitely missed out because I’m not one to get up and dance on command but I was tapping. my foot along to what this man was producing. One man on drums being quite electro-y. Does it work? to an extent yes but there’s only so much you can do by yourself so points for trying, absolutely.

Jeanot Lou Paysan
Jeanot Lou Paysan

Jeanot Lou Paysan

Now, this is the weird act I was typing about in the introduction; Petrol Hoers. It felt like a cross of a live-action Bojack Horseman with very Punk overtones splashed with a non-dancing Magic Mike. I was honestly in hysterics for around half of their set and the other half just wondering, ‘What The F***??’. But in that, it’s the beauty of everything there that makes it all the more worthwhile because you just never come across this type of performance, well in my experience at the very least. And in that, you experience something you for one can’t unsee and for a second experience. Nevertheless, it was a half-decent performance by the punk protesters which accumulated in a bit about buying meat from a supermarket and then doing an unspeakable thing on the aforementioned meat when you’re outside to make you realise what has happened to the animal who died. I mean, you only have to assume they’re either vegetarians or vegans at on point.

Petrol Hoers


Chargone Stone is the Frenchmen who is the penultimate act on tonight’s show. The man’s described as a one-man hardcore band and I can vouch for that. With his own PA system, this man wastes no time in getting hot and sweaty on the drums to deliver something concise, fast-paced and 100% captivating where you just want more from this maniac. But two solo drummers in one night? Doesn’t that get a little old? Not in the slightest because what Chargone does is let his personality let rip with his kit where if you see his example, we might have a whole different type of musician in the scene where you have someone who’s fired and charged, ready to roar with every bit of confidence (and sometimes more) than a full band on their best day.

Chargone Stone

Chargone Stone

Lastly, Give In. I’ve been waiting for a while This hard-hitting Metalcore Troupe are one of the best bands I’ve come across and had there been a few more people in on the evening, they would’ve been just this commanding force which couldn’t have been stopped. With makeup and all to make them that much more frightening but all the more interesting as well (I’m joking there, I have the utmost respect for the band), they are one band I’ve missed watching live as they’re a band who engage with the audience which is one reason I have a love for the genre. ‘Aftermath’ and ‘Fall To Dust’ are just two tracks you get your money for tonight as there are a whole host of tracks which this band are making their debuts for and it’s with this devotion to how they craft the tracks, especially with their haunting backing vocals from their key shredders which prove to be key to their arsenal which could become set staples for the band.

What works for them as well is how well they work together as a unit, brothers in arms where they just pounce like they’ve injected a hit of adrenaline into the room, at time’s through Mark’s vocals which do prove empowering to the people who were there to bear witness just what is to come in the near future.

Rating: 6.5/10

Live Review: Kill The Silence @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Refryn, My Wonderful Daze

Date: 30/01/20

Back to the Fulford Arms for Independent Venue Week. I’m halfway through Independent Venue Week and so far, it has certainly been a good year. There’s been some venues I love and I’ve still got a few more shows and plenty of bands to look forward to.

Originally this was meant to be The Virginmary’s headlining show but due to illness, they had to drop out of this show. Kill The Silence, a post-hardcore group from the Yorkshire area were able to step in at the last moment as headliners.

First on were Redfryn, a group whom has performed around York for the last year but their roots do trace into the scene for far longer. They were able to unleash their hard rock tones straight into the audience. This is a group I’ve become acquainted with hearing live over the last few months and I’m glad they’re a part of the scene we have in the city.

The three-piece work together in a steady melody but I do wish a few more people were able to come down because its artists such as Redfryn who are enjoyable to watch. I just hope more people appreciate their melting pot of musical talent because it’s one that can’t be missed in 2020.




My Wonderful Daze was in to help amp up the grunge just when it was needed, minus all of the SFX from their previous headlining show. I say that because I’m positive there was a fake heart or sweet being devoured by their vocalist Chloe and honestly, you just never know what is going to be happening in this camp.

This is another band which is at the heart of the York scene and one you can see regularly if you’re looking in the correct place. What’s more, is that they’re always giving off the best performances and tonight was no exception either, especially when it comes to their lighting. Has Halloween come early? What do you think?

My Wonderful Daze

My Wonderful Daze

My Wonderful Daze

My Wonderful Daze

Finally, Kill The Silence on the headlining act tonight. This does also act as a single release show (unofficially I’d say because they just released a brand new single, ‘The Design’, a few days after this performance’. I’ve heard a few friends hype them up beforehand and I have to say don’t underestimate the Post-hardcore world. Don’t you dare because from what I’ve seen of recent, there have been more enjoyable performances from this genre of bands over another mainly because the energy they give off when performing and when that happens, it just makes it all the more enjoyable for us top off an entertaining night.

I’m just hoping they can keep the momentum of their performances going moving into the new decade because you can’t root this band and with their past experiences opening up for the more mainstream bands, you’ll hear more from Kill The Silence very soon.

Kill The Silence

Kill The Silence

Kill The Silence

Kill The Silence

Rating: 6/10

Live Review: Indoor Pets @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: The Hubbards, Orchards

Date: 27/01/20

It’s the start of independent venue week in York and of course, I’m over at The Fulford Arms. It’s sort of my second home and when you’ve got a stacked lineup such as this, it’s often hard to say no when you can just feel the energy in the air.

Now first off were The Hubbards. All I’ll say is that the audience didn’t react to this band particularly well at all. I don’t know if it was because the came off a little cocky and smug but there was just something that didn’t resonate with the audience on the night. You have to give them points for trying, pulling out some good material which toward the end of the set did show signs of them turning around but not in the time needed.

The Hubbards

The Hubbards

Moving to Orchards, this went down a lot better in fact. More people came a little closer but did move back a touch, only because of vocalist Lucy Evers kick routine which seemed to go down like clockwork from track to track. What’s more, is that this seemed to be one well-oiled machine where everyone just seemed to riff off each other perfectly. This is one band I’ve waited a long time to see and based off of this performance, I’m glad I did because this was just near perfect where you have to have confidence such as theirs to give off what they were doing. The ball was well and truly rolling now.



All I can say is that Indoor Pets. Wow. The roar of the crowd combined with their on-stage energy, I’m surprised how they didn’t make more room for themselves because from my viewpoint, they felt trapped on the stage but that just seemed to bundle up their energy, even more, to witness possibly one of the best sets of the decade so far.

Indoor Pets

Indoor Pets

Indoor Pets

This is where Indie Rock music is at its finest because for one, you just couldn’t keep your eyes off of this band. Time and time again, you just want to hear more off them to where you’re just captivated by everything that you hear. It’s the sort of band which comes along once in a while that translates well over from the record to live performance where the indie part of them just doesn’t hold back to give what is a fantastic performance. ‘Dopamine Girls’ was one of their brand new additions they decided to pull out of the bag whereas finishing on ‘Pro Procrastinator’ just falls into the realm of obvious choice to end on but when they actually finished, I have to say it didn’t seem as if they had fully finished. That’s the trick though, always leave them wanting more.


Rating: 6/10

Live Review: Talk More @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Red Yeti, Pavilion, Kit Trigg

Date: 24/01/20

The Kings & Queen of the Indie scene in York come back to smash a packed out show at the Fulford Arms, York.

With Red Yeti kicking the evening off, this band had possibly the best reception to them that I’ve seen so far which is amazing to see because it gives them the recognition that they finally deserve. What was the main difference though? I think it has to do with the bands that they’re playing alongside this time because the audience was a lot more receptive to ’19’ and ‘Alyssa’ which gave them a huge confidence boost. With them focusing on the more dancy tunes as well, this can only mean great things for the up and comers and I can’t wait to see more from them in 2020.

Red Yeti

Red Yeti

What’s great is the musician differential sounds between the bands in Yorks music scene. It’s one that’s vibrant which everyone can lose themselves in and Pavilion are one of those. ‘Tales From The South’, which was released in December 2019 just shows what the band is capable of and cements them as to what band they want to be. The obvious connection is possibly Oasis and all the same sounding Indie Genre bands but what’s making Pavilion any different? It has to be down to their spirituality and attitude which speaks on behalf of their music and their performances which you’ll see time and time again. Take ‘Nevada Queen’, it’s a vast difference to anything they’ve done before in my eyes and you can most definitely make that out from their performances on stage.


Now Kitt Trigg. This is usually performed with about two or three other people but it was a solo set from Kit this evening. All I have to say about this voice, in particular, is that he has the voice of an angel. Possibly, the best I have heard in a long time. Topped off with a guitar, you think you’ve seen this before, just not in this way. I think it was partly to do with Kitt’s Charisma because there was just something about him where you just wanted him to perform more and more. You’re hearing a true artist here because every track you heard if you haven’t heard it before makes you feel as if you’re hearing it for the first time and I hope this is the first of many performances I’ll be hearing of this act.

Kitt Trigg

Kitt Trigg

Talk More are one of York’s finest emerging talent. They’ve played the Fulford Arms once or twice before I believe but with everyone coming in so early, I was left wondering if this was actually going to be a sold-out performance but if it wasn’t this time, it certainly was going to be the next on their bucket list, (apart from their opening slot for King No-One on 23rd April at Headrow House, Leeds). This was a chance to see what’s actually changed since their last performing slots and quite a bit has changed. Their stage gear houses a few more lights now, a lot cooler and calming blues (if my memory is correct) but their sound and performances are just a lot better, with the added light show from the audience at the end of their set.

Talk More

Talk More

Talk More

Talk More

Their music though, it’s got a lot more exciting to see, especially with ‘From Rosaline’ as this sounds a lot more punchier than ‘Planned Fights’ which is one of their original releases in 2019. If anything’s to be taken away as well, the unit of the band seems to be a lot stronger this time around to 2019 as they were getting comfortable being together on stage, now they’ve cemented just what will happen as they continue to work together and continue to make some standout performances in 2020.



Live Review: Strange Bones @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Calva Louise, What’s Wrong With Homer

Date: 09/02/20

It’s post-Independent Venue Week. I do miss it and really wished this was a part of it. This was Strange Bones final UK tour date and I’ve been meaning to see this band, their supports, the amazing Calva Louise and local lads What’s Wrong With Homer for a while. This just blends together everything you need for a show in one; Energy, Pace and Gasmasks (For the dramatic effect of course!)

Straight off the bat for What’s Wrong With Homer. Punk rock riffs with a twist in this one and I have to say, you don’t get too many bands these days with a deliberate Simpson’s reference in the title, just check it out. But this band definitely showcase just what potential York has when the scene is as alive as this threesome is. What I loved about this band is that the energy they brought to the table is quite above the standard of what’s known and I hope they stay this way.

What’s Wrong With Homer

What’s Wrong With Homer

What’s Wrong With Homer

And…. Calva Louise. The last time I saw this three-piece multi, national British band was roughly two years ago when they supported Spring King in Newcastle…. and this was completely worth the wait. Everything about them was so much better but performance-wise, they haven’t lost their flair which at their core, makes them so enjoyable to watch. On the other hand, everything else since then about them has become a lot more interesting from their live sound to their actual set choices where they’re becoming defined by their latest music and the blend of Punk and Effects only continues to make them more superior than your usual support act.

It’s their devotion on stage to the quality of performance with their on-stage interactions what separates themselves where it almost becomes second nature to themselves and acting as one. They’ve clearly hit their stride and I hope they only continue to make even better performances such as the one I witnessed on the night. There was even more energy towards the end of the set where they were starting to be engulfed in some pits. Clearly, they are are just one band where they make effort look effortless.

Calva Louise

Calva Louise

Calva Louise

Right, this has to be the rowdiest set in an intimate venue I’ve been to in a long time. This at the Fulford Arms, for me is a little strange. Usually, when this happens, the vocalist just jumps into the crowd a little and does a lap of the audience. Not Strange Bones though, they captivate the energy and get everyone moving. It’s a punk rock gig, live a little right? This comes to a standstill just as Bobby (Vocals) climbs to the highest point and launches himself during one of their final tracks in their set. Here, I’m just a bit gobsmacked really because this just never happens at gigs I’m at. Now though, I can finally say it happened adn it was amazing.

Their conviction to their music is one thing which cannot be questioned where they consistently continue to release a steady stream of EP’s and Singles all which are produced to the highest standard and that’s what I’d say these shows are. They get everyone around and shouting back every lyric to a testament of just what Post-Punk really is.

Strange Bones

Strange Bones

Strange Bones

From the start of the set, however, the dial for the energy in the room just turned itself straight to eleven and when you have tracks such as ‘Napalm Uber Alles’, ‘Vicious’ and ‘God Save The Teen’ it just hurtles everyone into an immediate moshpit, bringing down a few people in the process where you see the raw sweat as well as their last breaths of energy come alive into pure adrenaline. Strange Bones are an absolutely enigmatic, weird and charismatic group which the scene definitely needs and as long as they give these types of performances, don’t expect things to slow down anytime soon.