Gerrard Way To Take Part In Virtual Panel Of Comic – Com @ Home

Comic – Con might not be going ahead this year, but that hasn’t stopped them from putting on a show which is going ahead in just a few days.

Amongst the panels, there’s going to be one titled as Dark Horse All-Stars, which will feature the one and the only, Gerrard Way.

On the panel includes Nnedi Okorafor (co-creator of LaGuardia), and Matt Kindt (co-creator of BANG!) about characters, the writing process, and the joys of creating.

It’s set to go ahead on 25th July 2020 at 8PM BST.

Gerrard Way Posts Two More Previously Unreleased Tracks To Soundcloud

After one release in the last few weeks, Gerrard Way has posted two new tracks which were previously unreleased to his personal Soundcloud account

These two track were made alongside Doug Mckean over the last few years.

The tracks can be heard below.

Here’s ‘PS Earth’.

“This one was recorded at the tail end of the Hesitant Alien demo sessions, just Doug and I. I liked it well enough at the time, felt kind of 90’s, didn’t end up putting any vocals on it though. I like the bridge a lot. Looking back at the whole thing, I like it, but not sure if I’m going to finish it. Guitar, bass by me. Programmed drums by Doug.”


And this one is titled as Crate Amp_01

“This is the start of the Crate amp jam. Like I mentioned in the other post about the Crate amp jams, I wasn’t sure when Doug was in record-mode, because I was in the live room with the amp, so I just started playing. I feel like doing more of these Crate amp jams. I think we can get it to sound even more messed up. At one point, I think in a later track, Doug tried to do this thing where he put a glass bottle over one of the mics, to make it sound more messed up and kind of underwater.

“Oh and when I bought this amp, I also bought an old Peavy, which is another kind of amp that is cheap and you saw a lot of metal bands using in the 80’s. That one sounds pretty messed up too, and I think it also has built in distortion. The amps sound pretty different from each other though. I can’t remember which guitar I was playing for certain, but I am pretty sure it was the BC Rich Mockingbird Lindsey got me for Christmas, which I love. BC Rich is another one of these companies gear heads get snobby about, and the 80’s saw a lot of metal bands, all kinds of metal bands, use them. Thrash, hair metal, just all kinds of metal. The Warlock was everywhere.

“Years ago I heard about this successful musician buying up a ton of a certain kind of guitar, to corner the market on them, so I thought I would do what he was doing, but in the complete opposite direction, and buy up a ton of guitars no one really wanted and that wouldn’t really increase in value. Just to be a clown. I ended up not doing that, as that would have been a gross misuse of funds simply to make a joke, but I did eventually get one. I like the shape a lot. It sounds metal af.”

The four other tracks, ‘Phoning It In’, ‘Crate Amp_02’, ‘Success!’ and ‘”Welcome to the Hotel’, can be  found below.

“I Don’t Think So”, Gerrard Way On My Chemical Romance Reunion

Following the release of the cover of “Happy Together”, and the upcoming release of “The Umbrella Academy” on Netflix, The Guardian uploaded an interview with Gerrard Way, with the musician shutting down talks of a reunion.

Discussing the band’s 2010 record Danger Days, Gerard opened up about the pressure of My Chem: “When things start to succeed and go really well, that’s when a lot of people start to have an opinion and that’s when you run into the struggle. Everybody had a fucking opinion about what MCR should be. So it made it difficult to figure out what direction to take next. You get caught up in this trap of, ‘Is it ever gonna be good enough?’”

“It wasn’t fun to make stuff any more,” he added. “I think breaking up the band broke us out of that machine.”

On receiving offers to reunite: “It’s flattering, it’s really nice of people…” he said, before adding: “I miss playing with the guys, but I don’t think so…”



Gerrard Way Drops Another Track With Ray Toro

What a treat! Gerard Way has dropped another cover with former My Chemical Romance bandmate Ray Toro.

Remember that Hazy Shade Of Winter Cover Gerrard Way dropped with Ray Toro?

Well, they have another track from us, from Gerrard’s series, The Umbrella Academy.

Check out ‘Happy Together’ below.


First Trailer For Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy Drops

This is the Netflix series I’ve been waiting to see in 2019!

The Umbrella Academy to those who know it mostly is a creation of Gerrard Way. In July 2017, when it was picked up by Netflix as a series, Way shared this statement.  “I am thrilled that The Umbrella Academy has found a home at Netflix. I couldn’t think of a better place for the vision Gabriel Ba and myself had when creating the comic, and cannot wait for people to experience that world as a live action show”. 

Season One of The Umbrella Academy will be premiering February 15 on Netflix.

Check out the trailer below.

Music Videos 04/10/18

Hey everyone, apologies this post is coming late, there’s been a few things going on behind the scenes I’ve had to deal with and for that, I’ve had to be home.

But enough of that, let’s get on with the music videos. For those that are new to this weekly post, I find the ten best music videos out there and put them into a list for your viewing pleasure. Up first is Florida deathcore group Bodysnatcher, whom have recently signed with Stay Sick Recordings and have a brutal track in the form of ‘Isolation’.


We’ll take things in a different direction with the next choice in the form of British Singer/ Songwriter Lizzy Farrall whom has returned with her first piece of new music since she released her ‘All I Said Was Never Heard’ EP back in January. The new track explains the topic of controlling and abusive relationships.


Keeping on the Pure Noise Records label is Can’t Swim. This track, ‘Sometimes You Meet The Right People At The Wrong Times’ is off their soon-to-be-released sophomore LP, ‘This Too Won’t Pass’.


Back in Britain, let’s go for a bit of Deaf Havana. This is a neon filled video for ‘Worship’. On the track, frontman James Veck-Gioldi has said: “I wrote it with my brother in a flat in Sheffield and we came up with phonetic sounds before we came up with lyrics, which is probably why the chorus melody is so rhythmic and not typical of how I usually write. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the record and it was the song we wrote the quickest, I think all in all it took us 15 minutes.'”


Now I know Halloween has just passed. Some people are looking forward to Bonfire Night, some are looking forward to Christmas (already) but I had to include this Real Friends video. Warning it’s gory af. Check out ‘Me First’ below.


Stand Atlantic are the band on everyone’s lips at the moment. They’re Aussie favourites who’ve just released their debut record. Part of that record was the title track, the ever brilliant ‘Skinny Dipping’. Which has an even better music video.


‘Flood’ is the brand new track from the band known as ‘Selfish Things’. But the message behind it might be the most important on this weeks list, or possibly one of the most important tracks I’ve posted.

Frontman Alex Biro said: “I wrote ‘Flood’ with WZRD BLD the day after the Las Vegas shooting. My wife was taking a climate change course in university simultaneously and I felt like I needed to find a way to talk about human complacency in the face of destruction beyond gun violence. Our species has this off-putting, innate ability to let things go to shit so long as it doesn’t directly impact us as individuals. The song was finished in under five hours – I’m extremely proud of it and the message contained within.”


Moving onto the UK Rockers As It Is, their concept record The Great Depression’, is continuing its narrative with the video for ‘The Reaper’ feat. Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie. The video sees the narrative of the main character, The Poet moving forward in his narrative.

Speaking on the track and video, guitarist Ben Langford-Biss has said: “‘The Reaper’ is the moment in the record’s narrative where The Poet becomes so desensitised to the concept of death, that death appears and manifests before him, offering an ‘escape’- not in a malicious way, but as a means of release from the pain The Poet is feeling. It was one of the most crucial and challenging moments in the narrative, and it was the last one that came together – lyrically and musically. 


Let’s go for a European band for the penultimate video. German Alternative group, Breathe Atlantic and got a brand new single out at the moment, ‘ My Supernova’ and if the video is anything to go by, they’re pyromaniacs. ‘My Supernova’ comes from the band’s upcoming record, ‘Soulmade’ which is the follow up to their 2016 record, “futurestories’.


Now for this last video, we have to go to Halloween. Gerrard Way has been away making comic books, adapting The Umbrella Academy for Netflix and has now just released a new solo single, ‘Baby You’re A Haunted House’.

His last release as a solo artist was wayyy back in 2014 for ‘Hesitant Alien’, unless you count the two unreleased tracks for Record Store Day in 2016. Even if this is just a single release or signs of a full-length release, you’ll love the video for the final entry to this weeks list, ‘Baby You’re A Haunted House’.

Gerrard Way Releasing New Single This Week

Gerrard Way has taken to Instagram to announce a new Halloween single, ‘Baby, You’re A Haunted House’.

The single’s set to be released Friday, October 26th. Here’s a teaser for it.

Umbrella Academy Release Date Announced

It’s finally been announced and now we can mark our calendars!

The date has been set for the release of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy!

Gerrard Way Teases New Music

Yes! It’s only recently that news broke of Gerrard Way closing his Young Animal Comic Line but it looks like there’s more than a reason to this than The Umbrella Academy.

The former My Chemical Romance frontman has taken to Istagram to post a photo of a fuzz pedal with a caption of the image saying “soon”.

Check it out below.