London’s Clapham Grand To Continue With Socially Distance Shows

The management of London Venue The Clapham Grand have announced that they’re going to continue to host socially distanced gigs.

Last month, Frank Turner performed at the venue which saw a strict social distancing conditions to the venue as a trial run of how they could continue as the Covid-19 pandemic halted touring.

“No one is going to be able to tour on any level for at least six months,” said Ally, speaking to industry magazine Music Week. “Even after that I don’t know if it’s going to be back to where it was, so I feel like people need to get their heads around doing stuff that’s a bit different.

“And if it means that you can bring people back to work, people can come out and enjoy shows, and acts can play, then surely that’s better than everyone being sat at home? I would be a fool not to try and actually make this work, otherwise I might as well just be burning 50 grand a month without having a venue. The Clapham Grand is an incredibly versatile space. I can sell 200 table tickets for a show and make it work for live music, comedy, drag, movies… Multiple event formats fit in the venue because of the nature of its design.

“It’s really important for the venue to be able to bring the industry onside because I want to bring concerts back. Otherwise I might just burn half a million pounds and come back in Easter, by which point there will be no venue to come back to and everything will have dropped off a cliff.”

With multiple venues shutting and staff looking for new jobs in the current job climate, Ally has said it’s important to try and find a way around the current situation for fans and the music industry.

“There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution here, but I’ve certainly got the capability to deliver an incredibly safe experience for customers, who have been starved of something they’re dying to watch again, and give acts the platform to play live again in a really good venue that actually feels like a show,” he said. “So let’s get something going, let’s get some acts in, try and bring some agents on board. Let’s try and work with some promoters and bring people’s heads around to an ‘in between’ stage of live music that doesn’t have to be shrouded in the financial doom and gloom of the bigger picture because, ultimately, all the customers want is a night out.”

Taking a positive view, Ally points to necessity being the mother of invention. In this case, that means trying out new gig formats that deliver quality and fun while also balancing the books. Make that work, and venues have a much better chance.

“The people that are going to get ahead in this game now are either the people that are incredibly rich and can ride it out, or the people who are going to innovate and try and build back from the ground up.

“And that, I feel, is what the next step is for the Grand — and I’m sure it’s probably the next step for a lot of people.”

Biffy Clyro Announce New Shows For 2020

They recently had to cancel their upcoming tour plans in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic but now the time has come because there are some new touring dates on the horizon in 2021 for Scottish rocks Biffy Clyro.

The band explain:

“We’ve decided to announce a short run of dates at intimate venues for April 2021. These dates are not intended to replace the arena tour, but given the current uncertainty of large scale indoor arena shows in the UK, we feel they will give us the best chance to play live to our fans as soon as possible, ahead of the Download Festival next June.

‘The Fingers Crossed Tour’ will take place next April and will see the band return to venues that they haven’t played in ten years or more.

Given the scale of the shows, demand for tickets is sure to be extremely high. Fans who order ‘A Celebration of Endings’ or register via the official store before midnight on Monday 17th August will receive access to the pre-sale. Fans who have already pre-ordered the album or have registered will automatically be granted access.

The pre-sale will open from Wednesday 19th August ahead of the general sale, which commences on Friday, 21st August.

There will also be a big announcement for Scotland and Europe in the coming days.”

Here are the upcoming dates.

April 2021

11th – Unversity (Mountford Hall), Liverpool

12th – Kentish Town Forum, London

13th – Corn Exchange, Cambridge

15th – Academy, Sheffield

16th – Guildhall, Southampton

17th – Academy, Bristol

Biffy Clyro’s upcoming record, ‘A Celebration Of Endings’ is set to be released this friday (August 14th).

The band recently released a taste of what’s to come in the form of the following track, ‘Weird Leisure’.

Rescheduled Hella Mega UK Tour Dates Announced

After postponing the tour dates this year, there was some uncertainty as to whether the UK dates for the Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer joint tour would be going ahead.

After some waiting, it has been announced the new UK dates will take place next year in June 2021!

Here are the dates.

June 2021

26th – John Smith’s Stadium, Huddersfield

28th – Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

30th – VENUE TBA, Dublin

So, yeah! It’s all going ahead after all! I hope everyone kept ahold of their tickets for this event!

And so that everyone is kept in the loop, here’s one of each band’s latest tracks.

Here’s Green Day with ‘Oh Yeah!’

Fall Out Boy’s ‘Dear Future Self’

And Weezer’s ‘Hero’.

Live Review: Home Wrecked @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Kiss Kiss Kill, Old Selves, Palmist

Date: 21/02/20

I’m back at the Fulford Arms for a few homeowners as well as a few out of towners tonight. What’s great about these gigs is that it brings so many people together on the night; friends, family, other bands and new faces. It’s fantastic to see more and more people come down and support everyone on the bill and especially for Doncaster’s very own Home Wrecked, York was more than accommodating for our Yorkshire brothers in arms.

First on the bill for the evening was Kiss Kiss Kill. This is one local band I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing but you know what they say, there’s a first time for everything. For me, it was a half-decent performance as there was some half-decent parts of their, i.e. the introduction in the style of a flight attendant for one but apart from this not much else. To hit top gear, they need to be able to take a step outside of their comfort zone to match the other bands on the bill.

I don’t think these guys are capable of putting on a bad set. Ever since their first set a few months ago a the end of 2019, I was anxiously awaiting just what Old Selves would come up with next. Here though, they’ve built on the anticipation of that first show with a few new tracks, including their huge sounding debut ‘Strength In Four’. There was some room for improvement but I have faith that they could be the ones touring themselves soon. What stood out to me was their (I’m assuming he’s a lefty because we certainly are a rare breed) was the energy Kiel Hodgson always seems to emit when he plays live. I just hope he’s able to give off more high energy performances as this band blossoms in the future.


Moving up in the ladder and the energy are Palmist. From the outset, they do have some Don Broco vibes fused with some punk to give off a well-rounded performance at both ends of the spectrum. What is a little more Punky is the vocals from Sam Paterson as he shifts from all ends of the stage, clearly someone you can’t tie to one place to connect with each and every audience member in the room. More than that, it gives a little freedom to the other band members on the stage in order to have a little breathing space from the infectious rhythms that inevitably come during their set.


Now, finally, we’re upon Home Wrecked. With two EP’s, one or two singles, they’re ready to unleash some carnage. ‘What You Want’ is definitely one track which could define that band going forward into 2020 and with this tour as well as an appearance at Pop Punk Pile Up 3, is it a staple track in their set moving forward? One thing that’s for sure, my expectations were smashed because it’s great to see everyone down for this band and join in with everyone as far as vocalist Joe Daniels is concerned as well as getting being quite photogenic as far as you can see in the gallery below the music video I’ve linked in there. Soaring higher and higher into heir set, the Pop Punk feels just become more apparent with some old school touches which just hype the band up even more. Brothers in Arms for Yorkshire Rock indeed.


Rating: 6.5/10

Live Review: New Years Day @ Key Club, Leeds

Support: Call Me Amour, Lowlives

Date: 18/02/20

New Years Day, February 18th 2020. The date of the first international band I saw this year and my first (of what I’m hoping will be quite a few appearances of mine) the Key Club in Leeds. I was so happy this was my first Leeds show of the year because it was honestly; near perfect! I’d been waiting a few years to see New Years Day, the first being Slam Dunk Festival a few years ago, the other a few months ago but other commitments held myself back from being in attendance on the dates closest to myself. I’ll say this, they didn’t disappoint!

First up on the bill are the dark electronica with distorted guitars and iconic melodies, this can only be Call Me Amour. Cards on the table, I was roughly five minutes late for their set because it took a while to get everyone in but straight in and straight to the point with the bands for gigs, that’s what you want right? Well, that’s exactly what Call Me Amour did, get everyone up and moving slightly, venturing out to communicate with the audience but they only possibly hit about half their capabilities with everything. Their energy though, there’s no doubt that they were infused with it.

Heading into the faster grooves on the night, Lowlives describe themselves as in your face and you can certainly see why. From the point of the inception of their set and they go a little crazy, enough to see that they do mean business here yet give a fresh perspective into the scene. Looking from my perspective, the audience did take to Lowlives a little better than Call Me Amour but I think its because part of their whole look is genre-defining and bending to rekindle the flame and get you truly warmed up for what’s coming next. Nevertheless, what you can see is this band just gaining a legion of followers, even though they’re not the headlining band… yet.

Now, New Years Day. They were formed in 2005, and hail from Anaheim, California. The band consists of Ash Costello on vocals, Nikki Misery on rhythm guitar, Frankie Sil on bass, Max Georgiev on lead guitar, and Zac Morris on drums. They started on Myspace and released their self-titled EP in 2006, then their first full length My Dear in 2007. Since then, they’ve released three EP’s and two full-length albums. Straight away, the audience roars and you can tell this set is going to be a success unless it just blew up in their face via Instagram (where they were streaming the performance on the evening). Also, this is the very first UK headlining tour the band have ever done, so you can expect things to get a little crazy, such as the band moving into the audience to gain a better perspective of everyone.

What’s more, is that tit’s hard to believe that this is the bands first ever UK headlining tour. I mean sure they’ve supported but they play as if they’ve been made for headlining shows. ‘Kill Or Be Killed’, ‘Fucking Hostile’ and ‘Shut Up’ all play key roles in their setlist whether it’s to get everyone moving, their horns in the air (for which everyone kept them all in the air for at least one track). The band have been around for now what will be fifteen years by the end of 2020 and now they’ve headlined the UK, we’ll be begging them to come back for more and just like with every other Post-Hardcore band, we won’t let them go that easily.

Above all else, Ash Costello and co made everyone feel welcome. This wasn’t your usual crazy output of things but this is where you have a sense of belonging within the scene and that’s just a beautiful thing to be feeling and massive well done to New Years Day for making everyone feel loved and included on the night because it felt more personal when Ash Costello shouted it but it’s more than that as if a family was coming together out of all of this.

Rating: 8/10

Watch Pvris Play SXSW

Pvris are in for a great year. They’ve been recording material for album two! They’re opening for Muse and 30 Seconds To Mars. They have announced two shows for London, one of which is sold out and the other is close to. And they made their live comeback at SXSW the other day!

They played the show in support of Planned Parenthood and by the looks of things, they absolutely killed it on stage!



Chills right there! I can’t wait to see them live again but I can wait a little longer. I’m a patient person deep down.

Their London gigs are:


4th – London Shepherd’s Bush Empire – SOLD OUT

5th – London Shepherd’s Bush Empire


With Confidence Respond To Violence At Their Show

With Confidence have had to respond at one of their shows.

Here’s what Jayden tweeted.

Well said. Something everyone should be at shows is safe.

It’s a right to feel safe here but because of individuals, it’s meaning that people are beginning to feel unsafe and that should not be the case!

Take a stand and help security find these individuals to make everyone be safe at gigs!


Pvris Add Second London Date

PVRIS have announced another huge UK headline show!

They’ve already sold out their first date on the 4th May so they’ve spoiled everyone and added a second night in the British Capital.

They’ll be playing the venue on May 05, as well as May 04.

Here’s‘s the link.


Evanescence Add Second London Date

Remember that London show Evanescence are playing in June? Well, they’ve only gone and added another date to it!

They’ll now be playing a second night at London’s Hammersmith Apollo on June 13 & 14. It’s the band’s first time in the UK in five years and if you’re going, I can tell you’re in for something special.

Amy Lee has said to Rocksound, “Coming back to Europe has been a high priority for us and we are very excited for the shows this summer”.

Here’s the link to the shows.