Give In Release New Single, ‘Flinch’

Give In have dropped their latest single, ‘Flinch’.

Earlier this year the band reemerged with their first song of 2021, titled “Finsta”. Big, bold, and filled to the brim with style, Give In is a band that listeners will latch onto.

Check out ‘Flinch’ below.

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Live Review: Give In @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Chargone Stone, Petrol Hoers, Jeanot Lou Paysan

Date: 18/02/20

This is definitely one of the stranger gigs I’ve ever been two as far as the horses are concerned. That’s right I’m back at the Fulford Arms in York for an evening of madness which is all the words I can think of on the spot to describe one of the acts I’ve just witnessed here. But being here, this is a celebration of the weird and wonderful musicians who are in the scene right now and part of that is celebrating the talents of people who have come afar just to perform for everyone tonight.

First up is the Jeanot Lou Paysan, a French touring drummer who is one very funky person and gets people up and moving. To be fair, there weren’t too many people down early to see this act but they definitely missed out because I’m not one to get up and dance on command but I was tapping. my foot along to what this man was producing. One man on drums being quite electro-y. Does it work? to an extent yes but there’s only so much you can do by yourself so points for trying, absolutely.

Jeanot Lou Paysan
Jeanot Lou Paysan

Jeanot Lou Paysan

Now, this is the weird act I was typing about in the introduction; Petrol Hoers. It felt like a cross of a live-action Bojack Horseman with very Punk overtones splashed with a non-dancing Magic Mike. I was honestly in hysterics for around half of their set and the other half just wondering, ‘What The F***??’. But in that, it’s the beauty of everything there that makes it all the more worthwhile because you just never come across this type of performance, well in my experience at the very least. And in that, you experience something you for one can’t unsee and for a second experience. Nevertheless, it was a half-decent performance by the punk protesters which accumulated in a bit about buying meat from a supermarket and then doing an unspeakable thing on the aforementioned meat when you’re outside to make you realise what has happened to the animal who died. I mean, you only have to assume they’re either vegetarians or vegans at on point.

Petrol Hoers


Chargone Stone is the Frenchmen who is the penultimate act on tonight’s show. The man’s described as a one-man hardcore band and I can vouch for that. With his own PA system, this man wastes no time in getting hot and sweaty on the drums to deliver something concise, fast-paced and 100% captivating where you just want more from this maniac. But two solo drummers in one night? Doesn’t that get a little old? Not in the slightest because what Chargone does is let his personality let rip with his kit where if you see his example, we might have a whole different type of musician in the scene where you have someone who’s fired and charged, ready to roar with every bit of confidence (and sometimes more) than a full band on their best day.

Chargone Stone

Chargone Stone

Lastly, Give In. I’ve been waiting for a while This hard-hitting Metalcore Troupe are one of the best bands I’ve come across and had there been a few more people in on the evening, they would’ve been just this commanding force which couldn’t have been stopped. With makeup and all to make them that much more frightening but all the more interesting as well (I’m joking there, I have the utmost respect for the band), they are one band I’ve missed watching live as they’re a band who engage with the audience which is one reason I have a love for the genre. ‘Aftermath’ and ‘Fall To Dust’ are just two tracks you get your money for tonight as there are a whole host of tracks which this band are making their debuts for and it’s with this devotion to how they craft the tracks, especially with their haunting backing vocals from their key shredders which prove to be key to their arsenal which could become set staples for the band.

What works for them as well is how well they work together as a unit, brothers in arms where they just pounce like they’ve injected a hit of adrenaline into the room, at time’s through Mark’s vocals which do prove empowering to the people who were there to bear witness just what is to come in the near future.

Rating: 6.5/10