Max Weeks Of Gnarwolves Responds To Sexual Harassment Claims

In recent weeks, members of different rock groups have been under scrutiny for sexual misconduct claims. Earlier this week, one member of the public spoke out against Gnarwolves member Max Weeks.

Now Weeks has posted a statement addressing these claims via the Gnarwolves Facebook page which you can view below.


“Hello everyone.

I want to respond to recent comments made against myself. Whilst many of you may not have seen this and the temptation therefore is to bury our heads and hope it goes away, this is not who we are or what we believe in.

Last night it came to my attention that a person named Kat has made a statement that they were groped and verbally abused by me at a nightclub in Glasgow in 2013. Obviously there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behaviour and I want to take the opportunity to publicly apologise. I have also reached out to Kat to apologise personally.

I always hoped Gnarwolves was the kind of band that could be approached by people if they felt that they had been treated inappropriately. The fact that it has taken so long for Kat to feel comfortable to speak out means that this isn’t the case and is indicative of the seriousness of the situation. I apologise whole-heartedly for this and for any pain the way I acted has caused.

Over the past couple of years as men we have learned some serious lessons about the terrible things women experience at the hands of men on a regular basis. Lad culture in rock music is toxic and absolutely unacceptable and we have spent a lot of time examining and attempting to improve on our past behaviour. Being an entitled dick is not punk rock. We still have a lot to learn and wish to actively support and listen to people that are helping to make a positive change in our society. We really don’t want to be a part of the problem.

I would like to take the opportunity to say that it is important not to blame victims in these circumstances. Clearly, there is a problem with the way men treat women and we need to be able to have an open dialogue about it. People that have been wronged should be able to speak out without negative consequences to themselves. I clearly fucked up here and I applaud Kat for having the courage to speak out. I hope this apology will go some way to repairing the damage that my past behaviour has caused.

I am truly sorry. This is inexcusable behaviour that we absolutely don’t condone and hope doesn’t completely tarnish our intentions to treat all people with the respect and dignity that they deserve. I know more was expected of us and I’m sorry to let you down. Moving forward, we will be more considerate as individuals and collectively.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Gnarwolves Announce Triple Header London Tour

Now, this is one you don’t hear every day. A triple date London show by a band!

Gnarwovles have announced they’ll play a series of three shows in London in December.

They’re calling it Gnarnival and will see the band play of their released tracks and records to date with different set lists every night.

Here is where and when it’ll take place.


14th – London – Montague Arms (Performing ‘Fun Club, ‘Cru’ and ‘Funemployed’)

15th – London – The Old Blue Last (Playing ‘Gnarwolves’ and Adolescence’)

16th – London – Sebright Arms (Playing ‘Outsiders’)


2000 Trees Festival Adds More Bands

Thirteen bands have been added to the 2000 Trees Festival.

In no particular order, the bands are:

The Wonder Years

Beach Slang

Black Peaks


The Front Bottoms


De Staat

The Hyena Kill

Get Inuit






The festival will be taking place at Upcote Farm which is near Cheltenham, 6th – 8th July.

Here’s the current lineup.

Lineup announcement #3 -  MK1