Goldpark Release New Single, ‘Covered In Sunshine’

Indie-rock trio Goldpark are back with their new single, “Covered in Sunshine.”

Goldpark hone in on their arena-ready rock sound with “Covered in Sunshine.” Swelling with bright guitar riffs, groove-infused bass and anthemic percussion, the song builds towards an irrepressible chorus destined to be sung by future crowds: “Covered in sunshine / Part of life / Covered in sunshine / Today don’t feel so heavy.”

Lead vocalist Wes Hunter expands on the simple yet powerful meaning of the song: “’Covered in Sunshine’ is about the power of stepping outside. All of these problems, anxieties, and fears that have come from a reliance on technology feel a little less heavy when we step into the sunlight. That’s where we realize where ‘real life’ actually lives. Being a ‘part of life’ isn’t being fully connected at all times with the world around us through a viewfinder. It’s being a part of the outside world we forget about so often.

“Covered in Sunshine” is the second single from Goldpark’s forthcoming sophomore EP and follows the lead single, “Lady Lightyear.”

Check out ‘Covered In Sunshine’ below.