Grasslands Share New Record, ‘The Deep’

Ambitious post-hardcore outfit Glasslands have shared their crushing new video for “Secret” along with releasing their new full length album The Deep on Velocity Records

This concept album follows fictional protagonist Mr. Creeps, who resides in the titular location The Deep. Dealing with concepts of failure, insecurity, grief and depression, The Deep chronicles the main character’s journey of self examination and gives the listener the opportunity to draw parallels to their own life. The band consists of Josh Kincheloe (vocals), Jordan DiSorbo (guitar), and Brandon Mullins (drums) and specializes in meshing heavy riffs with atmospheric post-rock to create a sound that is uniquely their own. 

On the themes of their new record, vocalist Josh Kincheloe has this to say: 

“There’s a lot of anger, sadness and resentment on this record. It’s not something that was intentional, but I’m a believer in allowing myself to feel what I’m feeling. The life we’re expected to portray always comes with a positive twist or needs to end up with a “happy” or encouraging outcome, but sometimes things are just dark. So rather than suppressing those feelings, I just let it all out and tried to be as real as I could. The Deep is essentially a storyboard of my struggles and my journey through them.

Glasslands made a triumphant return to the road earlier this year as part of The Velocity Records tour supporting D.R.U.G.S, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Secrets and Dead American, sharing their caustic live show with scores of new fans. Expect more tour announcements from the band soon.

01. Beggar
02. Mr. Creeps
03. Mad •
04. Secret
05. Ghosts •
06. Silent Prey
07. Bury My Flame
08. Liar
09. I Can’t Bend
10. Let Go

Orders for ‘The Deep’ are available via the following link.