New Music Video Roundup 18/09/20

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the new music video roundup. We’re here for a roundup of ten of the best recently released music videos. They’re not all within the same genre and they’re all different in some way or another but that means that there’s a little something for everyone here but come on, let’s get down to the music!

And first up this week are the up and coming Superlove. The bands latest offering has been around where ‘THINK ABT U’ where the track originally aired on Alex Baker’s Fresh Blood on Kerrang! Radio and the video premiering on Rock Sound.

Seconds up this week are Lonely The Brave.

They’ve recently put out their new single ‘Open Door’ which comes off their upcoming record, ‘The Hope List’, which will be the first to feature Jack Bennett of Grumble Bee.

The record is set to be released January 22nd 2021.

Moving to a little Pop-Punk for the next choice in this weeks roundup we have the band Young Culture.

Signed to Rude Records, the band have their debut record being released on 16th October 2020 where this will be one of or the final track we’ll hear before the record drops.

Vocalist Alexander Magnan shares: “We’re so stoked to share something fun and new with all of you as well as announce our first album. We hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it.”

“This album represents closing the chapter of youth and opening up to new discoveries,” he adds. “It is a recap of the past years for us as a group and individuals, and we want people to know that with this release, Young Culture is here and ready to go.”

Now it’s time for a cover.

Dinosaur Pile-Up have introduced us to a Sci-Fi world filled world for their rendition of Run DMC’s ‘It’s Tricky’.

“We basically wanted a chance to make our own Beastie Boys/Busta Rhymes esque video, but for a Run DMC song. So when Amazon Music kindly agreed to put a video into production we were like OK LET’S GOOOO!!

‘It’s Tricky’ is such a fun song, so we wanted to make sure the video wasn’t taking itself too seriously and that the end result would be a party. We also wanted to include us getting abducted by aliens (because why not?), us dressed up AS THE ACTUAL ALIENS ABDUCTING OURSELVES because I’m into that ‘same person playing both roles’ thing, a scene that kind of reminded us of Foo Fighter’s ‘Monkey Wrench’ video (because it’s cool as hell) and as much 90s sci-fi special effects as we were allowed to include because we were brought up on that shit.

I put this to director Ralph Fuller (GrainFreeze) and basically said “hey do you wanna have a shit load of fun making a video about aliens?” and he was instantly sold. However, when we turned up to shoot on the day, we found ourselves stood in a legit movie studio with seemingly countless people running around with 40 foot green screens and back drops of the Grand Canyon and shit.

I realised that it had all gotten horrendously out of hand, and that our little idea of “let’s make a fun/stupid Beastie Boys music video about us getting abducted by aliens” had turned into a legit Busta Rhymes music video that was actually gonna look really really sick. I then instinctively ate a chimichanga that was way too hot for me, donned a news anchor suit with the actual universe printed on it, and went on to deliver a performance many critics are describing as ‘kind of ok in a Ted Danson kind of way’. All in all, it was a huge success.”

Shifting into the fearsome duo Nova Twins, we have ‘Play Fair’.

This is a cut from the recent debut record, ‘Who Are The Girls’ which was released through Jason Butler’s (Letlive, Fever 333) Wreckords Crew, they explain:

“It’s the ultimate revenge tune, about powering through any hurdles that stand in our way. It’s a call to arms; rise against those who try to hold you back! If life hands you an unfair game, don’t play fair.”

Now we have someone new whom you might now now yet but you will, here we have the indie Singer/Songwriter Beabadoobee with the latest release before her debut full length record, ‘Fake It Flowers’ is released via Dirty Hit on October 16th 2020.

Check out ‘Worth It’ below.

Now, time for some Irish Post-Punk. You’re reading that correctly.

Coming off their recently released record, ‘A Hero’s Death’, ‘A Lucid Dream’ was the fourth track off the record and receives a video directed by Jordan Martin. 

Now, we’re taking a massive left turn here and go more hardcore. at least ten times by the looks of this next track from Nasty.

This is their track for Menace which is their title track for their upcoming record which is going to be released next week (25th September) via Century Media Records.

For our penultimate video this week, we’re heading off to Sweeden.

The video for their song ‘The Future Of Warfare’, was completely created using building blocks and pays tribute to The Battle of Flers-Courcelette, which took place on September 15th 1916, and you can watch it below.

The band’s ninth studio album, ‘The Great War’, is out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

And for the finale this week, we’ve selected the Grammy award winning heavy hitting foursome Mastodon.

‘Fallen Torches’, a track from their rarities compilation, ‘Medium Rarities’, which is also out today.

‘Medium Rarities’ celebrates the band’s 20th anniversary, containing a number of covers, instrumentals, b-sides, live recordings, and more.

‘Fallen Torches’ was recorded in Atlanta last year, and features guest vocals from Scott Kelly of Neurosis.

And that’s it for another week of a countdown of the best singles out in the world in the last week. Be sure to check back next-time for another round of great music videos. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!

Lonely The Brave Unveil Jack Bennett As New Vocalist

Cambridge’s very own Lonely The Brave have been a little quiet as of late. The main reason being that they’ve been spending time searching for a replacement vocalist as David Jakes left the band in March.

Now they have turned to Jack Bennett as their frontman, who has performed under the name Grumble Bee for several years.

In terms of their choice, they couldn’t have gotten a better person aboard if they tried! I’ve met Jack a few times and seen him play. He is one of the most genuine and down to earth man I’ve had the fortune of interviewing in the last nine months and I couldn’t be happier to see him join Lonely the Brave.


Here is the band’s full statement on him joining the band.

A Conversation With… Grumble Bee

I’ve seen Jack Bennett (Grumble Bee) twice now. One when it was just him and an acoustic guitar and another when it was him and the live band tearing up the stage at Pop Punk Pile Up on the Saturday date. There were a few things I wanted to ask him but can you guess the number one thing? The answer to the question being on Game Of Thrones.


Jack: Hey Jack. Two jacks here, jack-jack, squeezing in an Incredibles reference right there. How does it feel to be here.

Jack.B: It’s great. We’ve not played together properly for a while so I’m looking forward to playing the full band, I just got back from Europe so I’m looking forward to it.

Jack: I know, I got the chance to see you open for Normandie at the end of last year, I love it.

Jack.B; Now it’s a completely different vibe so it’s going to be a lot heavier so we’ll see what you think.

Jack: A lot heavier?

Jack.B: Yeah so we’ll see what you think.


Jack: The end of last year, you revealed you’d been working with HBO and Game Of Thrones, how did that come about?

Jack.B: Well, my manager, Ben one of his friends works for a distribution company and he sent this thing over and it was a basically a different company for Tv and Film and they sent over a brief saying… I can’t remember it exactly but it was something along the lines of something something ominous for sound for the track, it needed to sound dark and ominous and that was literally it. You know, they wanted that really large sounding epic thing so they sent Blood On Me and I had the stems for that for the remix and that but it was cool, I sent them 12 different versions and they ended up using my least favourite version of it.

Jack: Well, at the end of the day, it gets used.

Jack.B: Absolutely. It’s exposure as well and it’s game of thrones so that was just an amazing opportunity.

Jack: On exposure as well, new EP in June. What’s going to be different about that to past releases?

Jack.B: Well, other than it’s the first release I’ve mixed and mastered myself. Since I’ve built the studio, this is the first one I’ve done on my own since then. Obviously, I record everything in the studio by myself anyway so it’s a big process of doing that whole thing.

Jack: Is that the one you made yourself?

Jack.B: Well, with my parents, my dad and everyone but yeah, it’s ours.

Jack: And you’ve been learning everything about the process so it’s a full DIY aesthetic right there.

Jack.B: I mean I don’t wanna be too understating the fact I’ve been helped loads by my parents. They’ve given me the chance to do it. When I was like ten years old everyone wasn’t like get a real job, music was that for me. So I was always in music, I was always able to do that so rather than going to university and spending X amount on course fees, it was spending that on music stuff.

Jack: Money well invested.

Jack.B: Well, the thing is it is a massive investment and it goes a lot into the analogue gear which you can sell on for the same amount but it is pretty DIY but I built it for me, I didn’t build it for other bands and make a business for myself. But I made it so I could record my demo’s and that became a bit better and now I can do my own stuff and when it comes to the album I can do it to a high standard which I’m pretty proud of.  But it’s still learning so it’s hard to figure out the end goal at this time, it’s all about the time and the experience you put into it.  It’s the way forward


Jack: And with the festival season you’ve got Teddy Rocks to name one coming up and on top of that this year, you’ve had arcane roots but what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Jack.B: On playing? I guess it’s just working out how to manage to play to a lot more people. It’s a little weird because we’ve played to smaller audienes because we’ve been in bands for ages and the Grumble Bee stuff is ten years old now but it’s about putting all that and putting the same amount of effort and passion that you would put into say Academy 1 of all things where there are a million more people and you’re putting the same amount of effort into things, you know people will still wanna watch you at a £6 show than they would at a £40 festival or wherever it would be but we still have to manage on the tour with them because the rooms were huge and the same is in Europe because a lot of people there were arcane roots fans so we were just this band people would think whos this. You just have to manage your expectations of what you think it’s going to be like, just enjoy it with what you’ve done and if you see people enjoying it, you know you’re doing something right, it comes across so well but it’s just being happy about it.

Jack: I think you just have to fear the audience not coming closer to the stage sometimes.

Jack.B: Up to the barrier?

Jack: Yeah.

Jack.B: Well, I don’t mind because obviously you get that with different people and I’m always thinking I can suit playing to my dad and then I can to the most hardcore fan of everything. What I’ve noticed is that there’s this guy at one show in Manchester where I was thinking he’s not into the show and my amp blew up, the first time in ten years and I’m thinking why’s he being so grumpy. And then he came up and said it was a great show. So you’ve gotta take that into consideration playing, you have to think it’s not their job to enjoy it, it’s your job to make them enjoy it you know? It’s your job to have a good show, to make them get into it. I’ve never been like everyone sit down but for me, it’s never been a thing, if the music’s good enough, the music will stand on its own.

Jack.B: Have you seen the full band before?

Jack: No yet but tonight. And after the summer what’s the plan?

Jack.B: I’m trying to record two albums, one is the debut album and then the second album all at once and I’m demoing for that at the moment so I’ll hopefully be ready to go around March April next year with the full album with a single at the end of this year. Also, I want to do an acoustic tour at the end of this year which was something I really enjoyed doing because I was like I’m really into it and there are proper acoustic artists who do this as their job and I didn’t wanna be the singer songwriter who is an acoustic guitarist who just does that but I feel it gives me a chance to do that where I can’t complain about not being able to hear the mix and now the full badn we can have everything fine. But touring I’d love to do some shows here like Selby, not the major cities, off the track like Manchester and London so enjoying it like that would be cool but the album has been long coming but being the producer for it as well it is much more difficult to bring it out. I demo the tracks and then go into the studio which is my own studio and then record it as you would in an actual studio but when I’m demoing I’m thinking I’ll change this because you’re not paying for the time, so you can do that until you’re happy with it and go crazy.


Jack: And if you could sum up grumble bee in three words, what would they be?

Jack.B: I guess caramel soy latte or maybe oat latte because I don’t know what I sound like, it’s heavier stuff live and acoustic so different from what I do. I still have the grit, I’ll still be screaming and that so it’s kind of a weird thing to say what my sound is. It’s alt rock but what exactly is alt rock? Alternative rock? It’s not really a thing anymore.

Jack: There’s a lot of different things on that spectrum because it can range from hard to soft rock.

Jack.B: And there can be a lot of different layering like prog rock. It’s hard to summarise so I like to put out poppy songs but in a heavier format but still have a pop chorus. But I say soya latte because I want to go have a coffee but I can’t find any Costas that are open here.






You can view Grumble Bee’s latest video for ‘Heron’ below.

Arcane Roots Announce Tour Support

Tour announcements have been rife in the last few weeks for the first few months of 2018 and now, it’s time for some tour support news.

Grumble Bee is going on the road for the UK leg of Arcane Roots March tour annnd Brutus will be coming along for the ride to!

Here is where they’re playing.


7th – Sage, Gateshead


1st – Heaven, London

2nd – Gorilla, Manchester

3rd – Lead Mill, Sheffield

4th – Oran Mill, Glasgow

6th – O2 Institute, Birmingham

8th – Trinity, Bristol

Yellowcard’s William Ryan Key Announces Solo Shows With Normandie

Yellowcard’s vocalist Ryan Key has been hard at work over the last few months with different project including his solo material and now he has dropped a bunch of tour dates for Europe and the UK

Joining him for the tour are co-headliners Normandie and support will be from Grumble Bee.

Here are the dates.



Slam Dunk Festival Announce Lineup For Another Stage

Slam Dunk Festival is incoming soon!

But that hasn’t stopped the festival announcing another full stage for the festival.

Slam Dunk has announced The Uprawr Stage with Acoustic Performances coming from:

I Am The Avalanche

Nightmare Of You

Grumble Bee

Louise Distras

The Lion And The Wolf

Lizzy Farrall.


They join the likes of Enter Shikari,Don Broco ,Against Me, Tonight Alive and more for the festival at the end of May.

Here’s the full breakdown.