Creeper’s Hannah Greenwood Joining Stand Atlantic Tour


In case you missed the news that Stand Atlantic’s new record is coming out in October, it’s called Skinny Dipping. But what you might not know, is that Creeper’s Hannah Greenwood is featuring on tracks nine.

But you might wonder, we’ll never hear it live. You’re wrong. She’s joining Stand Atlantic on their North American tour with Neck Deep.

Everyone going, please someone take a video!

Hannah Greenwood Of Creeper Responds To Harassment At Manchester Show

Gigs should be a place of safety. Somewhere to have fun and play music if you’re a musician. Not a place where harassment should be apparent.

The other night at one of her headlining gigs, Hannah Greenwood of Creeper was the unfortunate recipient of a derogatory comment during her set.

She wrote, “Manchester, let me start off and say the show last night was wild. Thank you to everyone that came and made it what it was.”

“Unfortunately my night was slightly tainted when I came off stage to find out some guy yelled a derogatory comment at me before ‘Darling’.”

“This type of behaviour is not tolerated at Creeper shows – it shouldn’t happen at any show.”

“Out shows are safe places where nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable, on or off stage. I’m just disappointed I didn’t hear the comment at the time otherwise I would have called it out there and then.”

“Moving on from shitty comments, thank you to everyone that has come to this tour and made it so special.”

A fan responded to her that “people around me called him out and apparently he had water poured over his head for good measure”.

Hannah replied with the following tweet.

The fans will always have her back. Hopefully, this will never happen again, but if it should, the same outcome will occur.