The Used Share Behind The Scenes Look At New Record, ‘Heartwork’

The Used have shared a video series taking a look at the behind the scenes of the making of their latest record, ‘Heartwork’.

In the first video, Bert McCracken (Vocals) tells us how ‘Blow Me’, came about.

He says:

“It feels like when The Used is making a record, we kind of write so much in the moment that often at times it’s a reflection of just simply how everyone is feeling in that moment

“If people are really tired, you notice that the song sounds more heavy and has more of a minor key lean to it.

“So ‘Blow Me’ must have been a day where half the people were well rested and fed and half the people were extremely tired and hungry.”

Check out the video below.

And you can listen to ‘Below Me’, below.