Hermosa Pier – Words To Myself EP Review

Release Date: 27th April 2020

Label: Independent

Website: https://www.hermosapierband.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HermosaPierBand/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HermosaPierBand


Hermosa Pier are an Indie/Pop band from the West Midlands, UK. Their sound is based around a solid rhythmic foundation, catchy and engaging guitar parts, and a strong female lead vocal. The band’s rock, blues, jazz, funk, and 80s pop influences lend themselves to the band’s original sound.

Building on from their 2019 single release in the form of ‘Doing Fine (which does feature on this EP) the Midlands Indie Pop band come forth with their debut EP, ‘Word’s To Myself’.

The band opens up with ‘Out Of Sight, Still On My Mind‘ which lands on a smooth verse which holds up with Holly’s vocals as the track continues to compliment the 80’s influence. Here it becomes apparent in a way that just instantly works for the band. Moving straight into ‘Passing Tide‘, it’s quite an enjoyable slow burner on the EP which leads you into a calm notion where the streamlining of the tracklisting shows how the band are thinking and builds on your expectations.

Going into the third track, (the already pre-released in 2019) ‘Doing Fine‘, is masterfully enjoyable and demands to be repeated. In addition you hear Kate’s bass come into full fruition to leading into the fourth track in ‘Words To Myself‘. This time, it’s Dom’s time to shine where his guitar solo (at 2 minutes and 35 seconds in) is quite amazing and haunting to elevate the track to be the strongest out of the five.

For the last track, ‘Dreaming Without You‘, they try to come away from anything that remotely seems similar to this EP as if they were throwing the rule book out on their own genre which does seem to work slightly but what I’m surprised the most by is how fluid the combination is for a band on their first EP where they provide a maelstrom of sounds to smooth things out.

Though Less than a year has passed between the single and this debut EP, Hermosa Pier have emerged to drive fans to want more and whilst it remains to be seen as to how this will hold up, there’s a strong promise on what’s on show here.

The Full tracklisting, EP Artwork and preview of the EP can be found below.

  1. Out Of Sight, Still On My Mind
  2. Passing Tide
  3. Doing Fine
  4. Words To Myself
  5. Dreaming Without You


Rating: 6/10