HMV SAVED! 100 Stores To Remain Open

HMV have confirmed to be saved from administration!

The high street music chain was bought by Doug Putman, owner of Canada’s Sunrise Records.

As part of the deal to save the store, 100 shops will remain open, saving 1,487 jobs although 455 employees will remain redundant, closing 27 stores which will be the following:

Bristol Cribbs
Exeter Princesshay
Fopp Bristol
Fopp Glasgow Byres
Fopp Manchester
Fopp Oxford
Glasgow Braehead
Manchester Trafford
Merry Hill
Oxford Street
Peterborough Queensgate
Plymouth Drake Circus
Sheffield Meadowhall
Tunbridge Wells
Westfield London

In a statement, Doug has said:

By catering to music and entertainment lovers, we are incredibly excited about the opportunity to engage customers with a diverse range of physical format content, and replicate our success in Canada.

We know the physical media business is here to stay and we greatly appreciate all the support from the suppliers, landlords, employees and most importantly our customers.”

And on the discussion on the future of the chain: “We think it will be a long time. We took over 80 stores in Canada two-and-a-half years ago and they’re doing strong, doing well, profitable. We see hmv continuing on in the UK for a long time. We believe it’s a chain that’s going to be around, the customers love it, we get amazing support, which is great. I think this is a very long road ahead.”

Neck Deep

It’s about time for some British band news, right? Well Neck Deep are the latest Pop-Punk powerhouse to release a new album which drops in just ten days. They’ve had some great reaction to a few of their songs from this record while on Warped Tour.
Life’s Not out to Get You can be picked up from Itunes, HMV or Hopeless Records website