Live Review: The Bottom Line @ Newcastle Think Tank

Newcastle Think Tank – 22 – 01 – 18

Plus: Holding Out, Better Days, Lacey.

Rating 7/10

Whenever I go see a new band for the first time, I’m always a little worried. Quite frankly because of disappointment where the memory of that band now becomes a little tainted. However, it sometimes can become a little enlightening to see that I am wrong because not only can I see a few new bands and discover new artists to listen to.

The Bottom Line are on the agenda at Newcastle Think Tank where their blend of Pop-Punk and Rock has made them become the comparison of bands such as Bowling For Soup but given time, they’re establishing themselves as something else. With this as their first headlining tour in a year, it looks to be a fun ride on their first date of the year with a new record set to be released sometime in 2018.

I was a little late to Hold Out’s set as I was returning from interviewing the headlining act, The Bottom Line although I managed to see a good few songs of their set. Formed only in 2016, they’re a good surge of energy on the scene in Newcastle and a welcomed addition to the bands that are from there. Full of energy and ambition, they make you want to stop and watch them. They prove that in time they won’t just be opening bands at The Think Tank, they’ll possibly headline it one day. Yes, they have a lot of promise but give them time and they’ll show the UK just what they can do.

Another first for me was that of Better Days. I’ve heard quite a bit about them over the last year or so, seeing pictures and was quite excited to see what they can do. They opened all of the shows on the Bottom Line’s run of the UK and I can see why. Being from Newcastle they have the home advantage of this being their hometown so they know what to do. They had fun during their set and it was all the more plausible that they will flourish this year, given the correct opportunities in front of them. But, we’ll see where this leads to after their blend of Pop-Punk and heavier tones did get the crowd moving here.

The last support of the night came in the form of Lacey. They’re a four-piece group from Nottingham where not only they delivered huge choruses with songs full of heartfelt intent, were incredibly fun to watch where you can see why they were chosen as the warm-up act for The Bottom Line. Of all the support acts on the night though, Lacey are the band I’d recommend listening to because they’re exactly what I look for when listening to music. They’re vigorous, kinetic and overall great to watch. Hopefully, I’ll see them again in the coming months with the entire band this time on the run of shows but if that doesn’t happen, I’m sure they’ll be crossing my path again at a show soon.

Now The Bottom Line. It’s been a year since they released any new material but the number of people that came out to see them was incredible. They’ve certainly got a great future ahead of themselves if they continue with their formula of music. Ho, ever it doesn’t take too long for things to heat up as their set choices make themselves one of the most enjoyable bands to watch in a while. Tracks such as Happy are met with great reception as the army of fans giddy with excitement are all over the place. Having spoken to them before, they show great promise in the direction they wish to take the band and by the looks of things on stage tonight, it’s no doubt that they’ll be able to shape their future however they wish. It nearly comes to chaos at times where more people only wish they could watch what some saw again tonight as the band are all over the stage in the intense, bright and sweaty chaos of The Bottom Line comes into frustration to think, their time is now. If their next record goes according to plan, which should help them reach new heights, they’ll come back to Newcastle triumphant in their goals to bring music to the fans.