Homeschool Festival Adds The Xcerts, Bloxx, The Sherlocks And More

Jamie Lenman, Blox, The Xcerts and more have been added to the online festival, Homeschool.

The event will now take place over the May Bank Holiday weekend (8th – 10th May 2020) at with acts including Orchards, Wallflower, Huney Lung and more.

The festival is also raising awareness of the amazing work of frontline medical staff and volunteers in the UK, encouraging donations to the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal throughout the weekend.

Here’s the full festival poster so you can see who’ll be playing the festival.


Basement Announce UK Tour

Summer UK tours are looking amazing! Adding to the ever-growing tour news is that Basement are heading out for a short run of dates with Honey Lung and Hockey Dad.

Here is where they’re playing.

August 2019

21 – BRIGHTON The Haunt
22 – LIVERPOOL Hanger34
24 – MILTON KEYNES Craufurd Arms
27 – EDINBURGH Mash House
28 – NEWCASTLE Riverside
30 – CARDIFF Clwb Ifor Bach

A Conversation With… Honey Lung

With big tours come the support bands. But some of them can be really exciting up and coming bands. I’d never seen Honey Lung live before but I’d heard they were rising through the ranks and after seeing first hand what they were capable of when they supported Moose Blood in Newcastle, I’m behind them 100% now. I had a chance to chat with the band beforehand to see who they were and why people should be listening to them.

I apologise in advance if I get any of the names’s on here wrong, the quality when I heard it back wasn’t the best because a piece of it broke, so I did my best here!


Jack: So hello everyone, so first thing’s first, who exactly are Honey Lung?

Jamie: We’re four sad boys writing sad music. It’s not that sad. We’re a four piece band who play music together and things just went from there. We’re mainly here because of John and Katherine because they usher us around.

Danny: They originally told us that they weren’t coming with us on the tour and we were like what are we going to do? They’re basically like our parents. We love them though.

Dave: I don’t think I’ve been anywhere on this tour without them telling me to be there.


Jack: It must feel weird though being on a constant schedule.

Jamie: It’s pretty non stop but we’re usually pretty good.

Dave: Today’s been pretty good though, we had some recreation time at Hadrians Wall.

Danny: It was pretty fun.We got pretty close to some sheep but Not too close though.


Jack: So how did exactly did you get eh chance to open on this tour?

Jamie: John’s old friends with Dan, (Moose Blood’s manager) so there was a bit of back and forth with emails and we’re on the same booking agency which helps as well.

Dave: We were originally off on tour with Indoor Pets but then this one came up about a month before the first date and we couldn’t afford to do both.

Jamie: It’s cool though that everyone knows each other, they’re both from Canterbury so they’re sort of scene buddies in reality.


Jack: And how have the last few dates been? Hows the fan reception been?

Dave: It’s been amazing. A lot of people responding on social media and there have been some people singing along on occasion. It’s the first time I’ve been a support band where we don’t have the horseshoe phenomenon. Have you ever heard of that? It’s where every support band has a weird semi-circle at the gig so there’s this no man’s land in front of the stage, nobody goes that.

Jack: Now that I think about it, I remember that’s been the case for a few gigs I’ve been at distinctly. Although there have been some cases where it’s bee a reverse horseshoe phenomenon.

Dave: Nobody ever wants to stand in the middle or at the front. As soon as they come in they just go to one side.


Jack: And on the music as well, sharing minds has to be my favourite. On the artwork as well, how did you decide on that?.

Jamie: Our friend Jack from Berlin does all of our artwork and he does some really solid photography. I was looking through his old photography books and he had some really amazing and interesting pieces and we just asked if we could have that.

Jack: It always helps to have someone make you look more beautiful than you already are. Also, I saw the other you guys were hanging out with Bloxx and Pale Waves.

Danny: That was really lucky actually. We’re from the same area as Bloxx, in Harrow which is the northwest of London, they’re from Uxbridge which is the next place along and it just so happened they’re playing with Pale Waves in Glasgow on our night off and we were like that’s great. And tomorrow in Birmingham, another band from Harrow, Mellogang so we’re off to see them play as well.


Jack: It helps to have that tight-knit network.

Jamie: And they’re really good talented musicans.

Jack: I did actually get to see Pale Waves DIY House tour as well. They were captivating

Danny: That’s the thing about them, their music is one thing but hteir live shows are just on another level.


Jack: If you could work with anyone in music who would it be?

Work with anyone? Production or giging?

Dave: Shall we do one each?

Jack: Giging wise first.

Jamie: Dinosaur Pile Up, they really changed music for me. They felt showed you can bring heavy and sweet music together. When I discovered them all my friends at the time were listening to either Avenged Sevenfold or Two Door Cinema Club and I was sold on either at the time.

Danny: It always changes for me because I listen to a bunch of different stuff. I’d really love to work with Steve Fisk who worked on Nirvana and Mudhoney so it’d be really cool for us to work with him.

Dave: I’d love to tour Weezer because  Rivers Cuomo on twitter just reminds me of me. When I saw him play at Brixton, he was just stood still the entire time but he was just amazing

Jack: He stood completely still?

Dave: Pretty much, he just stand in the same place in nerdy awardness but everything he brings musically to a show from pinkerton and everything is just amazing. It’d be really fun.


Jack: And if you could use three words to describe honey lung what would they be?

Jamie: Depressing but happy.

Danny:: Intuitive.

Jamie: Bittersweet.

Dave: Riffy.


Jack: And what’s next for the band?

Jamie: Theres a few festivals coming up, Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City and basically we’re working toward the album, maybe a single coming out this year but it all depends on the power that be. I have to finish university. My music degree.


And is there anything you’d like to say before we wrap things up?

Jamie: Thank you for coming down to talk to us and if anyone gets a chance to talk to the drummer from the dangerous sumer, do it. He’s absolutely hilarious.


You can check out Honey Lung’s video for their track, ‘Sophomore’ below.

Live Review: Moose Blood @ O2 Academy, Newcastle

O2 Academy, Newcastle. 06-03-18

Support: Honey Lung, The Dangerous Summer


First up was Honey Lung, a loud and buzzing groups of lads from London. they seemed a little of a wildcard support choice to me at first because of their DIY aesthetic. But if anything, music has taught me not to judge a book by its cover. You always have to give a band a chance in this day and age because a band such as this might just surprise you can convince you to listen more. And they did exactly that. It wasn’t just the smart hooks and riffs that turned me over when I first heard them. It was their stage presence because I believe they’ll be ones to watch this year and with that will come more time to finalise and capture that signature sound that they played here tonight.

Now, The Dangerous Summer. I’ve been absolutely hyped to see this band for a long time now! When they first came on they absolutely ripped through ‘Fire’ and ‘Where I Want To Be’, much to the applause of the growing number of fans inside of the venue. Possibly the funniest moment at the show is when their vocalist/bassist ‘AJ Perdomo’ asks about the reality series Geordie Shore. “Am I allowed to say that’s good? I like it”. Television preferences aside, the crowd does get a kick out of it. The set might be a little lacklustre, maybe down due to the fan reception who were more concerned with Moose Blood but I still think they woke everyone up to get them hyped.

When it actually came to Moose Blood, however, the fans didn’t need any help. They tuned in when the lights came down to a false start but when the backing music kicked in, there were claps from everyone, left, right and centre. ‘Have I Told You Enough’ kicked in and everyone was just singing along to that as well as ‘Honey’ where you could just tell this was going to be phenomenal and nothing less than inspirational as they took songs from all over their catalogue to the point where there were a lot of fans jumping on their friends shoulders. What they showcase is their dedication to the previous records but acknowledging their future in the form of the new record, ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore’  which is going to drop this week.

Also, the lack of on-stage chatter just intensifies the performance with the tracks such as ‘Cherry’ and ‘Bukowski’ where the audience is just wrapped up in the emotion of the performance of the band. Moose Blood is nothing if not captivating to watch where we all share in the spoils of their musical creativity to enjoy this deep connection to the tracks themselves. You can see they’ve matured into their sound now and what signifies next, is that only the best is still to come from this band.

Rating: 7/10


Honey Lung


The Dangerous Summer


Moose Blood