Hot Water Release New Track, ‘Lock Up’

Hot Water have dropped a new track off their upcoming ‘Feel The Void’ record.

‘Lock Up’ is is a haunting mix up of heartfelt lyrics and massive sing-along moments. Anthem is the word and will just tug at the heartstrings.

Vocalist/guitarist Chris Wolland had this to say about it:

“The pressure is immense to keep moving forward no matter what, so you have to develop a sort of tunnel vision and just try not to think about it. But there will be a point, no doubt about it, where you feel yourself slipping. Total exhaustion and delirium set in. I think we have all hit that wall in our band at different points. And like I said, it’s a very difficult place to be.”

‘Feel The Void’ is set to drop on March 18th 2022 via End Hit Records.

Hot Water Music Announce London Show

Hot Water Music have announced that they’ll be playing a one-off headlining show in London next Year!

It will be the band’s first UK show in five years and is also a part of their EU tour for their eighth studio album, ‘Light It Up’ which is available now via Rise Records.

The band will play London’s Electric Ballroom in London on 25th April 2018.

Ticket are available from the following link.

Light It Up is available via Itunes, Spotify and Amazon

Hot Water Music Announce New Album

It’s their first album in five years, but Hot Water Music have announced their first album in five years. The album is called ‘Light It Up’, and will be released September 15th via Rise.

You can check out a track from it already, titled ‘Never Going Back’.

Check it out below.

Check out the tracklisting.

01. Complicated
02. Light It Up
03. Show Your Face
04. Never Going Back
05. Rabbit Key
06. Sympathizer
07. Vultures
08. Bury Your Idols
09. Overload
10. High Class Catastrophe
11. Hold Out
12. Take You Away

And here’s the album artwork.


Wondering where that pre-order link is? Click here.