Music Video’s 17/11/17

You know what it’s time for? That’s right another music video roundup! Ten of the best videos of the last week and we’ll kick things off of Watford based Group Funeral Shakes with Over You! Some Punk – Rock goodness will follow as the group will release their self titled record on February 16th via silent Cult Records.


Now this band have taken a little break but are now back within fighting force as London hardcore group Feed The Rhino have shared a new track titled ‘Heedless’. This is their first single which will feature on their upcoming record, ‘The Silence’.


Now this band are about to embark of a UK headlining tour, but they were about at the beggining of the month for Radio 1 Rocks (and yes, there’s one of these coming every week). This is Pvris and their cover of Everlong by Foo Fighters.


Next is the electronic hardcore group I See Stars. This track is titled ‘Everyone’s Safe In The Treehouse’. This video follows them on their tour of Asia and their time visiting towns and cities as well as their performances.


Now this is trippy. A warning of awesomeness must come with this intense new video for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes video for Spray Paint Love.


Let’s go a little more indie accompanied by an amazing video. This is Bully with Feel The Same.


Now, after the release of their latest record, The Canyon, the Used have dropped a new video for ‘Rise Up Lights’. A warning of intensity is in effect now.


Next this pop punk band shared a track a few weeks ago which was perfection. Now here’s the video for Waterparks amazing track Blonde.


And for the pentulimate video we’re turning to Sheffield’s own, Rolo Tomassi. This track got it’s world premiere on Caniel P. Carter’s Rock Show on BBC Radio 1 the other week and now, here is Rituals in its glory.


And now for the final video of the week. This band dropped their latest record last week and now Evanescence have unveiled a video to accompany their track, Imperfection off their new record Synthesis.


And that’s it for this week’s ten of the best music videos of the last week. Don’t forget to check back next week for another round of ten of the best!