All Time Low Speak Out About Trump’s Immigration Ban

US Rockers All Time Low have had their say on Donald Trump.

Here’s the interview with Billboard.

All four of us were in different places, texting back and forth going, ‘Man, how unreal is this? This is scary and crazy‘” said vocalist Alex Gaskarth.

A lot of us did a lot of reading and brushing up, which is important to do at times like this. I think it’s really important when these certain situations come up in life and in the world, it’s good to try to educate yourself to know exactly what’s going on.”

All four of us felt like in general it’s wrong. It’s wrong to make sweeping judgments on large groups of people. It’s just wrong, in this case, it’s blatantly racist and xenophobic.”

This is an issue close to the band’s hearts with Jack Barakat’s parents living in the Middle East.

They recently released a new t-shirt with all the proceeds from the sales going to the ACLU.

You can order it here.