Band Of The Day Interview – Tarah Who?

Hello and good evening everyone. This is an amazing post for AAM right now because it’s come with a huge announcement! Interviews are going ahead! In conjunction with Rogue PR, Almost Anything Music is bringing you brand spanking new band interviews which I am so excited about!

Sadly these aren’t in person or Skype / Zoom interviews but these are to introduce you to the artists themselves as a little get to know you post. I can’t wait for everyone to see just who is taking the questions so without further ado, we have a band that has been with us in the past, we reviewed the latest amazing single ‘Swallow That Pill’ a few days ago and I am so happy to intorduce you to Tarah Who? !!

Before we get started on the questions quickly, I just wanted to give a shoutout and massive massive thanks to the legend that is Andrew over at Rogue PR for putting this together!

If could introduce yourselves for us, who are you?
CH : My name is Coralie Herve aka Coco and I’m the drummer of Tarah Who?TGC: I am Tarah, singer, guitar player and founder of Tarah Who? .

How did you meet?
CH : Tarah and I were friends on Facebook. We had some friends in common, I messaged her when I was coming to Los Angeles to study at the Musicians Institute. She later contacted me when she was looking for a drummer for her band Tarah Who?

TGC: Yup! 

How long have you been playing?
CH : I started playing drums when I was 10 years old, I never stopped since hahaha. It’s been 15 years now.

TGC: I started playing the drums at the age of 14 and later taught myself the bass and guitar. I only started learning how to play the guitar because I was writing songs on the side. My main instruments were the drums and bass. I was playing in different bands. I never really thought of my side writing as a career, but it sort of took over.

What three words would you use to describe the music you play?
CH : Loud, Heavy and Energetic.

TGC: Rock, Raw, 90s.

What are your musical influences?
CH : I started listening classic rock around 10 like ACDC, Bon Jovi, Guns’N’Roses … One day my uncle showed my this band called Nightwish and I fell in love with this style, symphonic metal.

TGC: What I like listening to are more bands like The Distillers, Pantera, Motorhead, The Smashing Pumpkins, TOOL , RATM etc… I am pretty sure that you can hear a little bit of everything in Tarah Who?. Like the choice of sounds or guitar effects etc…

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen during a show?
TGC: A couple things.. like someone breaking her arm during a moshpit and who did not want to leave the pit, at least until the end of the song. Also, that one time I booked us at a strip club, without knowing it… That was fun.. 🙂 

Being away from the stages since last year, where is the one place you’d visit when the restrictions are lifted?
TGC: Probably home (Paris). I want to see my friends and family back home and play a few shows in Europe while at it. 🙂 

What’s the one record you own but wouldn’t ever admit to owning?
TGC: So admit owning it now? 🙂 Hummm.. I don’t really have albums anymore, but I’d say anything that’s pop or country music. 🙂 

What have you been listening in the last few weeks?
CH: I’ve discovered this awesome band called Ad Infinitum and it’s really good!!

TGC: Everything! From Rap to Rock, Punk, pop, country..! I have listened to a lot of different stuff! 

10. Are there any releases you have planned in the near future?
CH : Yes !!! We actually have been pretty busy in 2020, we are releasing a new Album in April 2021 and some new videos too !!!

TGC: Yeah, we used the lockdown to write and record new music so that we would be prepared to release single and music videos in 2021. So… stay tuned! follow us on Instagram @ tarahwho   or for all of the updates 🙂 

Now, I can’t wait to get myself to one of Tarah Who?’s shows (hopefully in the near future) because I would so love to do an in person interview with them and there’s a few bits here I would love to get more information on. But for now this and the music will have to do.

Check out Tarah Who’s latest track ‘Swallow That Pill’ below.

Check out Tarah Who’s via their Social Media links below.






A Coversation With… The Bottom Line

Newcastle Think Tank – 22/01/18

So, the first bands I’m seeing in Newcastle in 2018. I’ve waited patiently to come up here for around a month now, and the first band on the agenda? The Pop-Punks known as The Bottom Line! They’re playing one of my favourite venue’s; The Think Tank.

I haven’t been listening to these guys for very long but they have some absolutely great songs with a new record expected to drop later in 2018. After a quick recording for a Jingle, we chatted about that, the tour and the state of Pop-Punk in Britain today!


Hey everyone, could you tell me your names and what you do in the band?

Tom: “Hey I’m Tom, I play guitar.”

Max: “I’m Max, I do a little bit of singing and bass.”

Callum: “I’m Callum, I play guitar and sing.”

Matt: “I’m Matt, I play drums and eat chocolate.”


I think that has to be the calmest voices I’ve ever heard, probably because of the chocolate.

Matt: “Probably. It’s a priority.”

Max: “He’s the Bridget Jones of the band.”


Every band need a Bridget Jones though.

Matt: “We’ve got four.”


So guys, going to the origins of the band, where does the name; The Bottom Line come from?

Callum: “It’s not as a glamorous story as you’d think. We used to be in a band called Thursday’s Bad Luck, it was just me, Max and Matt. We were a terrible Punk band that played in pubs every day. We played 4-5 gigs every week and we just played terrible covers of 500 Miles by The Proclaimers, stuff like that. And then we thought, maybe we actually want to start taking this seriously if we don’t want to lose money every day so we had these shirts that said I heart TBL and we couldn’t’ get rid of them unless we changed our name to something that had TBL in it. Then the Bottom Line came in 2011. I wish there was a more exciting story about it.”

Matt: “What’s cool and has TBL as the title?”

Callum: “That’s pretty much it, maybe we should change our name every five years to something new”.

Matt: “With TBL as the initials.”

Matt: “But we have to stick with TBL because we can’t change our name again.”


And going into the present/future now, you guys have just been teasing your second record. Can you say anything about it?

Callum: “It sounds insane.”

Matt: “We’re very happy with it. We spent a very long time doing this, writing this album so…”

Callum: “We kind of wrote this album around five times. We’d write a few of these songs, tour them obscurely and then be like no it sucks, start again and then we did that about four or five times until they sounded awesome. We did it with Romesh Dodangoda over at Long Wave studios in Cardiff. One of the best producers in the UK for our scene I’d say, and it came out ten times better than we ever thought it would. “

Matt: “It was like having an extra pair of ears but some of the songs changed a fair bit .”

Callum: “I wish when we know when we were going to release it, but we haven’t even had the album back from the studio yet.”


So, it’s still quite a long way to go?

Callum: “Yes, but as soon as we get it back, it’s full steam ahead for us. We’ve got a lot of cool people working with us behind the scenes so it’ll be very exciting.”

Matt “We’re in a kind of limbo for stuff happened because we have some really exciting plans but can’t say anything about it so that’s it.”

Callum: “It also sucks because we can’t play these songs live as they’re not released yet. “


That was going to be my next question, but because it’s not been released yet, you can’t really play the new material yet.

Callum: “We’re going to play a few tonight, on this tour as a teaser.”

Matt: “I mean, we’ve been playing the same set for such a long time but it’s good to have some new ones in the mix.”

Max: “It’s nice to show the people that always come out to these shows what we’ve been doing and what they can expect but, if they boo us they boo us. We’ll scrap the album and start again for the fifth time.”


And looking to the set you’re going to play tonight; do you have any personal favourites?

Tom: “The new songs for me, we’re going to open with a new one tonight and it’s one of my favourites personally so I’m excited to give that a proper run out.“

Matt: “My least favourite is record player, I can tell you that. We’ve been playing that for about eight years. Every time it comes to practise its hell. I mean we have to play it, for some reason people enjoy it so we have to put it in our set. I mean, I’m sure it’s the same thing for Dammit with Blink. I’m sure when they come to that song they’re like oh no, not this one.”

Max: “I really like playing it at gigs, I just hate practising it.”

Callum: “Yeah, I love it on stage but when we play it at practise matt changes the beat and makes it some sort of Reggae song at the next thing, Matt is screaming like a death metal vocalist over the Reggae and it’s just a long two and a half minutes. It’s the hardest part of being in a band for sure.”

Max: “And you loved it the very first time you heard it.”

Callum: “The problem is it’s generally really funny and I don’t’ want to show them I’m laughing, inside I’m crying but no, I’m going to keep laughing if they keep doing this.”


You just got to get some sort of makeup on, some clown makeup.

Matt: “Absolutely.”


And tonight, you’re in Newcastle, the very first tour date of 2018 for you.

Max: “The first headline tour in a year as well.”


That was when you released the EP.  wasn’t it?

Matt: “It was. We didn’t know if we were going to do this tour. But we did that huge tour with Waterparks and our agent was like you can’t not capitalise on this and we were like let’s do this in January. We thought the album would be out by then but nope, not even close.”

Callum: “And to be fair, the way the tour’s been done with no new music is really blown us away, we’re so thankful for people coming out to see us but it’s all about this next one for us.”


And on this tour, you’ve got Lacey with you opening your shows, how’d you decide to bring them with you?

Matt: “Tinder.”

Callum: “We’ve played a few shows with them, but we’ve known them since 2012. We did a split tour with them with Patent Pending so they did four dates, but we did 2 on the side of the tour and they did the four in the middle. We were due to play a tour with them, which didn’t happen then we went over to Dublin with bowling for soup, that was the first time we played with them and then it a no brainer, they’re really good, such funny guys and they have the exact same humour as us, so it’ll be really fun on the bus.“


I’m just imagining that as a non-stop party right now.

Callum: “We’ll find out tonight. It hasn’t even started yet but also with Better Days, they’re from Newcastle so it’s like being thrown to the lions, it’ll be good. There’ll be a bit of wine. Well when we say Wine, we’ve bought some Lambrini.”


Wine? Really? You don’t strike me as wine lads.

Matt: “Actually, we got into wine when it was free on a flight to either America or China. It was quite stressed, so we decided to drink it and now we’re these wine connoisseurs, so we sniff, and we swirl the wine before we drink. There’s a nice 2016 chardonnay I think is it from costa Rica?”


I just thought of a good podcast for you guys on the spot, wines reviewed.

Callum: “Actually, me and Max have a podcast. It’s called And That’s The Bottom Line and throughout the podcast we drink a different wine each week and then we review the wine which progressively gets funnier as we go along. We just talk nonsense all the way through.”


Being part of the Pop-Punk scene in the UK, what do you make of the state of it at the moment?

Max: “It’s tough. It’s a very hard wall to break through but once you’ve broken through it, you’re concreated into it.”

Callum: “The standard’s so great for bands but because of the amount of bands breaking through that’s what makes it difficult and beautiful. We love playing but we love listening to it as well.”


Do you have any you’re listening to at the moment?

Matt: “Woes, WSTR, The Gospel Youth.”


And after the tour what’s the plan?

Callum: “It’s literally all about the album. We’re still working out a few things whilst on the tour but literally after the tour it’s the album. The next announcements you hear from us will be the album. We can’t do or say anything about it because there’s a lot of work to do but we promise we’re working one million times harder than we ever have done before”.


And is there anything you guys want to say before we wrap up?

Callum: “Just keep supporting local bands, keep going to shows, don’t leave halfway through a show and if you come to a show bring some money.”

Tom: “You want to buy a shirt, a cd because it helps go a long way. One CD sale could go so far.”

Callum: “We did a seventy-date world tour and the only way we survived was from merch sales.”

Max: “If we didn’t sell enough merch we’d have stopped wherever we were. We would’ve been stuck.”

Callum: “Merch sales go a long way. And don’t leave halfway through a show because you could discover your new favourite band if you stay. Some bands travel a long way to play and it sucks if people leave early. You’ve bought a ticket, you might as well stay the whole show.”


Max: “And that’s the bottom Line!”


You can watch the video for The Bottom Line’s track, ‘I Still Hate You’ below.


You can find The Bottom Line’s music on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

You can also follow them through their social media accounts via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The Bottom Line will be performing at the upcoming Pop-Punk Pile Up festival in Selby and Download Festival at Donnington Park later this year.

Here are the dates.

Pop Punk Pile-Up! Festival – 28th April 2018 – The Venue, Selby.



Download Festival – 8th – 10th June 2018 – Donnington Park, Derby.


A Conversation With… Woes

Leeds Key Club 12/01/18

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen these lads on tour. Woes have been getting bigger and better over the last few months and supporting some pretty big names on the scene while doing so, including Four Year Strong and Neck Deep. Recently signing with UNFD, it seems that the Scottish Pop-Punkers are set to be the next big thing, not just for the genre but for Scotland as well! I sat down with Sean and Ryan to chat about their new music, recent tours and plans for the not too distant future.




Hey guys, so you’re a few days into the tour with Seaway, how’s it been?

Sean: “Wonderful. Nothing much more to say. They’re a sick band. Lizzy Farrall is killing it as well. The shows have been packed out. Everyone’s been getting on really well. Seaway are without a doubt, the most chill, laid-back guys. They play incredibly well. It’s been great.”

Ryan: “It’s been nice and comfortable on the tour.”

Sean: “There’s been more of what we know on this tour than it was with the bigger ones.”


I actually did see one of the bigger shows you did with Neck Deep in Newcastle.

Sean: “We were just talking about those as well. Those went great but being a smaller band, to begin with, we’re used to doing smaller shows. When it came to the big ones we thought oh, I hope we don’t get in anyone’s way you know? Doing these shows, we’ve felt more comfortable. And Seaway made us feel really welcome, lovely bunch of guys. “


Are they the godparents in a way on the tour?

Sean: “Totally. They’re really easy to get along with, they’re really chatty and fun people.”


It always helps when other people are a bit chattier otherwise you’re in a corner and say hello awkwardly

Sean: “Yeah, you’re just chatting rubbish and they don’t understand at all. “


And you guys are on a bit of a high at the moment. You’ve just signed on with UNFD which boasts some amazing bands. How long have you been waiting on announcing that?

Sean: “A few months now. It’s kind of been like negotiating and talking it over and going over plans but we only signed last month so it’s been a pretty quick turnaround. And we have this EP pretty much good to go so it’s just been finishing mixing and they’re keen to get it out, we’re keen to get it out. We really want to push ahead and get it out. “




And is the new track, Real World going to be on it?

Sean: “It will be.”


And speaking of that track, how’s the reception been to that on the tour?

Sean: “It’s been good, people have been singing along and we only released it two days ago. I mean it’s not going to go fully off because not everyone will know it, but it’s been great to play and we’re into it and we’re still getting into it, figuring out where the jumps are and things like that.”


And looking back at 2017, you’ve had incredible chances to open for bands like Neck Deep, Four Year Strong. What was the best moment for you, excluding those moments?

Sean: “Excluding those moments? Well, I’m a total studio guy. I love making music, writing songs and some of those best moments when me and the boys would get together, jamming some tunes and playing them back and when the chorus hits you just really feel it.”

Ryan: “Whenever we were writing songs at the start of the year and planning it out we were like ooh just have that one a loop, it makes it fun again. It takes away the more stressful parts of being in a band. It’s like when you’re younger and you put on a jam and you think yeah! You get lost in the sound. And when you’re chilling with your homies in your bedroom it’s like how it used to be, how it was and will be.”




That’s a good thing to have as well because you guys are quite a tight family, aren’t you?

Sean: “Absolutely, best friends. “


And via your social media, you’ve said you’re planning to write a record this year.

Sean: “We are. This month. As soon as we get back.”


And from those jam sessions that were for the EP, are there any saved for the record itself or are you going into it as a completely new experience?

Sean: “We’ve maybe got two. We had these grand visions of having a seven-track mini album for our next release but for whatever reason, time mainly we had to cut it down so we have two tracks sitting there but you know we’re planning to write twenty to twenty five basic song ideas and we might go these two are great but these ten are even better and they might end up as B-sides, they may never come out but who knows what’ll happen? They might end up in our pool that we get to jam to every now and again, well see what happens.


If you could sum up your expectations for the rest of 2018, what would they be?

Sean: Big, big and big

Ryan: Reem, reem and reem



And apart from eating on your downtime, what else do you like to get up to?

Sean: “Erm. We’re all into a few different things. Some of the guys like to smoke up and get blazed. I used to but I’ve had a whole re-evaluation and re-periodisation of my life recently and this tour I’ve just been chilling, drinking plenty of water, getting exercise in, going for a run, eat healthy, stay positive and work hard.”

Ryan: “I just like to sleep and look at memes’. There are so many good ones.”

Sean: “2018 has been strong for memes so far, 2017 was trash in my opinion but they keep popping up all the time and I’m thinking how do they think of this stuff?”

“Ryan works as a heavy goods vehicle driver, so he has to get up at half-past four every morning, but he always tags us in one in one so whenever we wake up, we wake up to memes, which is perfect, tagging each other look over and see what’s going around today.”

Ryan: “And so that they know I’m alive.”

Sean: “Yeah we never know where you got to. “

“You don’t know him as well as I do, he’s a crazy one.”


So, there is a crazy one in the band?

Sean: “We were actually talking about this the other day. Ryan used to be, he’s reformed now.”

Ryan: “I’m a lot better”

Sean: “A lot better. He used to be a bit of a liability but we’re trying to be professional and take Woes very seriously but he’s a good lad. He’s done well.”


And what were the first gigs you ever went to?

Sean: “I can’t remember when, but it was a band called Millencolin which were a skate punk band back in a day at the Glasgow garage, but I don’t think my ears ever recovered after that.

Ryan: “It was Motorhead when I was eleven, but it was good times.”

Sean: “Actually, the first gig I properly went to be our singer’s old band in high school. That was like my first ever show and I remember thinking to myself: wow DJ is so cool and then I actually got to know him and realise he’s a loser, but he can sing well so he’s cool.”


You can watch Woes video for their track, ‘Losing Time’ below.

You can find Woes’s music on Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

You can also follow them through their social media accounts via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A Conversation With… Lizzy Farrall

Leeds Key Club. 26/01/18

Right, this is my first gig of the year at Leeds Key Club. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with members of Seaway and Woes before this, but now my attention turns to the Acoustic Rock of Seaway’s label mate, the melodic acoustic perfection that is Lizzy Farrall. Having already listened to her new EP; All I Said Was Never Heard, there is plenty already being said about this up and coming Singer/Songwriter.


Hey Lizzy, how’s it going?

“It’ going really good, yeah, you?”


It’s not too bad, it could be a bit warmer in here. And we’re here at the Key Club in Leeds tonight as you are opening for Seaway on their UK tour, how’s the last few dates been for you?

“Last night was probably one of the best so far, the crowd was amazing, and they were actually singing my songs which is quite surreal for me.”


On that, the new EP, All I Said Was Never Heard, which dropped last week, how does it feel to have that out in the world now?

“It’s such a relief, I’ve been sat on the songs for about two years now, so it’s been quite a while and the response has been absolutely amazing. All the press has been lovely and I’ve not seen a bad word so far, which is really nice. ”


I’ve been listening to it for the last few days and Broken Toy has to be my favourite track off it/ Is that going to be on the setlist tonight?

“Yes, I’ll be playing the entirety of the EP.”


 It must be nice to have a set list you can go X to Y and have no problems with.

“Yeah, I have enough songs out now so that’s great to have that problem out of the way. ”


And I’ve seen a few posts online saying that the EP is a diary of your life growing up, is that true?

“Basically, I suffer from Anxiety and similar sort of mental health issues while I was growing up and I wrote songs to cope, that was just my mechanism. I would sing and write songs until I was blue in the face and felt okay, it’s just what I did to cope. ”


And was it difficult sharing your life through your music?

“Because, it was so natural for me to use my songs as coping mechanisms, realistically it’s not been hard. I’ve always felt like I can’t sing songs which I can’t connect with, so for this, I found it easy because I connect with them and I don’t think everyone slightly understands what I’m singing about so I don’t feel that everyone knows what I’ve been through. It feels good though, whenever I’m on stage, it’s another big relief and getting everything out.”


As long as they can read between some of the lines. And on the tour, you’re opening for Seaway, how did that come about?

“Well, me and Seaway are both on the same record label, Pure Noise Records, so basically it was my label and my booking agent put it all together and they said we want you to go tour with Seaway and they seem to take everyone on the label, the newcomers out. They’re like the big brothers of the label, we’ll show you the ropes sort of thing.”


As long as they’re being the good role models we know they are.

“From what I’ve seen, they are”.


I mean there’s obviously going to be some joking around, I mean they’re a Pop-Punk band

“yeah, there’s got to be some differences in there.”


Considering you’re from the UK and they come from Canada, they’d notice you say a few things differently to them sometimes. Like Tea, Coffee.

“Absolutely, I just love the accent but it’s strange when you actually see how we pronounce different words from each other, it’s mad.”


And last year you opened up the Uprawr stage for Slam Dunk Festival, what do you recall about that?

“To be fair, Leeds was the best date on that. Honestly that show, was one of the best I’ve ever played and hopefully, tonight will up it a little bit.”


Considering you’re just around the corner from where you played as well.

“Well, I played in Popworld so yeah, I actually went round to get a picture outside for the nostalgia.”

It’s something you just have to do, for the nostalgia.


Now you’re with Pure Noise Records, what’s your experience been like with them?

“They’re a lovely bunch, absolutely lovely. I’ve been a big fan of them since I signed and I’ve always listened to all the artists on their label, I’ve got respect for them. They’re really understanding of what I want to do which is to help me with my ideas and get me out to the world really.”


Fantastic, and after the tour what are your plans for the rest of 2018?

“Well, it’s all a bit hush hush at the moment sadly, just keep your eyes on social media for a bit and watch out for me.“


Moving on from the tour and label talk, what is one of the first gigs you recall going to?

“ Oh, it’s not really bad but a little embarrassing, my first gig was Girls Aloud.”


Oh, don’t worry, everyone is going to have their embarrassing moments.

“ It was my first gig at Liverpool Echo Arena. I went through a really funny stage at that time where I didn’t want to listen to anything my family listened to. My mum and dad, brother and sister were all into good music and I was there, you know what? I’m going to listen to chart music because that’s not what they listen to so I traded Keane tickets to see Girls Aloud. To be fair they put on one hell of a show and I loved it at the time. I can’t really regret it that much.”


It’s your music taste, you shouldn’t apologise for it.

“To be fair I was jamming to Sound of the Underground the other day.”


Just Because

“of course.”


You never know, you could open with it one night.

“ or if I ever get onto Live Lounge maybe.”


I’ll hold you to that.


You can find Lizzy Farrall’s music on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

You can also follow her through social media accounts via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



A Conversation With… Normandie

Newcastle Think Tank. 15/12/17

Now, we don’t get a lot of Swedish bands in today’s Rock world, but it was a real privilege to be invited down to chat with the three-piece group; Normandie. It’s their second tour of the UK in a year as they were supporting Yellowcard’s headlining farewell tour this time last year as well. I sat down for a chat with them to talk about everything they’ve been up to recently.




So guys, tell me who exactly are Normandie?

“As a band or as persons? We’re a Swedish band from different parts of Sweden and put together in 2013 by management because the scene was losing a bunch of great bands and they thought it was a good idea to put us together.”


I was going to say, you don’t normally hear about rock bands from Sweden too much in today’s world.

“Exactly. There were a bunch of bands that were put to rest and we were supposed to fill that space.”

“But, as persons who are we? Relaxed, easy going, positive dudes.”


And how’s it been playing UK shows again? I saw you guys last year supporting Yellowcard but it’s fantastic to be able to see you on the headline slot this time around.

“That was a great tour. It’s been super nice to be back in the UK and this tour has been amazing. We did a headline tour one and a half year ago and we can see a big difference now. “

“The best part from that tour was that we did a show in a place called Boston Music Room so that was the first ever UK show we did one and a half year ago and now we played it again and it sold out so it’s great to see the progression of the UK fanbase.”


And you’re also touring with Ryan from Yellowcard again, how does it feel to be out with one of the same artists again? 

“Amazing. He’s a great guy and it’s really fun to have him with us.”


On the tour have you ever come out and done a quick-fire collaboration with him? I know some bands like to do that with their supporting acts on occasion.

“No. I don’t think we’d like to put him in that spot. I don’t know if he’d enjoy it or if he wouldn’t and if we would, it’d be a surprise, but I don’t think I could ask him. I’d rather just be Normandie and have fun with him backstage.”


The new single; Pay For This has been out for around a month now, how’s the reaction been to that new material on the run of shows?

“It’s been good. We did a campaign and live stream which worked out quite well for that, so it was really good to try something new.”


And being an unsigned now, does that give you more freedom?

“Plenty. We’ve had so much time to work on the new album and we were proud of what we’ve done but we don’t want the pressure of doing that same process again, we want to find what the real Normandie sound is, not that it’s going to be really different but find ourselves in the sound. We’ve done that now.”


So, would you say it’s a more personal record than the last?

“Personal and way broader. Not that it’s way more poppy or more like that. Every song isn’t the same but they’re in the same area and there’s some that’ll stick out and are close to the old sound so It’s more diverse. “


So, will it be released next year?

“Hopefully. If it wouldn’t be I’d be a little surprised and ashamed because I don’t like it when bands take four years to write an album, especially if it’s the second album”.


And what else can we expect from you in 2018?

“Probably a lot of touring hopefully. But we can’t say anything really because it hinges on the first few months.”


You can view Normandie’s video for ‘Pay For This’ below.


You can find Normandie’s music on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

You can also follow them through their social media accounts via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A Conversation With… Alex Adam (Roam)

Newcastle Think Tank. 09/12/17

Now this band are on a high. Roam have just recently released their newest record, Great Heights & Nosedives, supported New Found Glory’s headlining UK tour and are currently in the middle of their EU/UK headlining tour. It’s safe to say they’re going into 2018 on the back of their best year as a band. Tonight they play the Newcastle Think Tank as part of their headlining shows. I sat down with Alex Adam to chat about the bands last few months.

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Hey Alex, you and the lads have had a mammoth few months, supporting New Found Glory. How does it feel to be headlining your own UK tour?

“It’s amazing. Like you said, we came off the back of touring with New Found Glory in America and the UK as well and we haven’t headlined in a while, so it’s really nice to come back and headline and see the progression we’ve made and the fans we’ve picked up on those tours. And definitely, see how the new album goes down live because the reception to it has been amazing.”


Speaking of the show in London, I’ve seen a few pics of the night and it looked absolutely mental.  

“It was amazing. It was a sold out show which is awesome for London and a huge milestone for us but it was constant stagediving and the room was packed.”




On the new record, I’ve seen a few comments online saying you’ve changed you’ve changed your sound drastically from backbone to great heights, what do you make of that?

“I think it has, not in terms of the band because I think we’re the same band. I think we were able to get the songs in how they were able to sound. The songs on Backbone are great but we went into the studio and recorded them as we wrote them whereas on Great Heights we demoed them ourselves, changed the demos and we had ten different versions of every demo and fifteen different songs but we only put out eleven then when we went into the studio with Kyle Black we completely changed that all again so we refined the songs completely and there’s a great progression between the albums but I don’t know that it’s necessary ridiculously far away from the first album.”


But with the freedom you had from the writing of Backbone to Great Heights, would you say you had a better experience writing?

“Definitely. We had more time, more resources and it was like we needed to absolutely smash it or it’ll flop kind of thing. And I think once we had got the demos together, redone them and gone through them with Kyle and sat through pre-production again we were in a really strong place with it.”


And off the new record, what’s been your favourites to play live?

“Flatline, just because the crowd reactions have been really cool every night and it’s just a sing-along kind of song and I think a lot of people really relate to it, so I really love playing that song live. I enjoy all of them, but I can’t say a favourite personally because all of them are great to play.”


I have to say two of my favourites are Open Water and Playing Fiction.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had very little time at home, we haven’t been back in about eight weeks and even then we were back for one week or two so we didn’t have time to practise all of them off the album, including Open Water properly yet properly as a band, so we’re not playing that on this tour but Playing Fiction’s definitely in there. “


I’m hoping for a good reaction for that one, but I do admire that the fans have their personal favourites.

“It’s awesome to tweet what do people want to hear and every song’s completely different and then we see someone wants one song in particular and we’re like really? You want to hear that one because not a lot of people want to hear certain ones. It’s this and that but as you see every single song gets chosen at some point so we’re going to have to learn them all very well and get used to playing them, so we can change up the sets.”


And apart from the album dropping, what’s been your personal highlight from 2017?

 I mean last night was a very big night for me. I mean we played Underworld in London on the last tour and the last headliner we did which was a bit smaller, a bit more intimate and it wasn’t sold out. Then to go from that and bring the record out and for it to sell out this time around, the first song we played was Alive and everyone was just singing it back which was great so that in itself was a highlight for me.”




And being on the road what’s the best things for you?

“You get to see a lot of things you’d never normally see and eat a lot of things you’d normally never eat.”


I did hear a mention of Burritos earlier.

“That’s the thing, you’re in a different city every night and you don’t have access to a kitchen or anything you have to eat out, so we go for dinner every night which is amazing because you get to try so many different foods and all this stuff. It gets hard, because we’ve been away for eight weeks and we’ve all got family, girlfriends you know and it’s very much you miss home a lot but that’s the worst part because you’re constantly moving, with the same people and you want a bit of space.”

Oh don’t worry, I’m not going to argue on that.


And do you have any secret talents?

 “Well, I’m getting into drawing at the moment, I don’t know if it’s a secret talent, but I’ve started doing that and you can see there are some people asleep and that’s pretty much your only option when you get to the venue it’s like; should I sleep? Should I scroll through my phone which I’ve been doing all day? Should I go out but it’s like almost -5 degrees outside and I don’t wanna do that but most of the time it’s like we should stay here, wait for food or just draw.”


And after the tour what’s the plan?

“We finish in about five days in Cardiff, then we drive home for Christmas which is nice and the next thing is the Knuckle Puck and Stand Atlantic tour in Australia in January. That’ll be nice because it’s freezing here and it’ll be very hot over there but we love it over there in general. We’ve only been to Australia once but the shows were really good over there as well so I’m looking forward to going back.”




And out of all the crowds you’ve played for, who’d you say is your favourite?

 “Well, they’re all a little different because you get a little bit from each different area and you learn new stuff like in America they’re really big on putting one arm up in the air and slapping it down again which you don’t see much of over here, but we try and bring it back over here which is really cool.”


I think British people would feel too awkward to do that if you ask me.

“Oh yeah, and they do it without even asking which is cool but at the end of the day I’d say our favourite is the UK because it’s the place where we’re the biggest and get the best reaction and the best size of crowd.”


And are there any last words you want to say?

“If you don’t know who we are, check out Great Heights & Nosedives. It’s on Spotify, Apple Music. It’s everywhere so check it out. “



You can find Roam’s music on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

You can also follow them through their social media accounts via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can view Roam’s most recent music video for ‘Alive’ below.


Roam will be the main support for Tonight Alive’s upcoming 2018 UK tour.


Here are the dates.

March 2018

6th – Manchester O2 Ritz

8th – London Koko

10th – Glasgow QMU

11th – Nottingham Rock City

12th – Leeds Stylus

13th – Bristol Motion


A Conversation With… Can’t Swim

Newcastle Think Tank. 02/12/17

Punk Rock bands sometimes don’t get the opportunities as they once did, touring the entire world and sometimes can’t make it past America but New Jersey Rockers Can’t Swim have had plenty of chances to succeed overseas this year and they certainly haven’t disappointed. With a few headlining shows in the UK before their opening slot for Creeper’s UK tour, they’re ready to show Newcastle just what they can do. Before that though, I sat down with them to chat about Showers, the upcoming shows and plans for 2018.


Hey guys. Firstly, welcome back to the UK! How does it feel to be here playing shows?

“It’s great. We’re on our second day. We flew in yesterday and it’s been awesome. We just love the UK! Already had some Weatherspoon’s and Nandos!”


You certainly cannot go wrong with a Weatherspoon’s. The secret is the menu’s always the same. Did you have any dessert though?

“No, we never have any desserts, but I’d love to try it out though. What do you recommend?”


I’d probably go for the ice cream. I like the classics.

Now you guys have had your record out for half a year now, how’s that settled in?

“It’s been great. People seem to be into it and the last time we were here it had been out a month and the reactions have been good, we’re so we’re happy to play these live. We were touring on five songs for a long time so it’s nice to have more than that to play now.”


Which off the record are your favourites to play live?

“We’re all into Stranger, What’s Your Big Idea? But we try and switch it up. “


I was going to say, I listened in on the sound check and was giddy with excitement. Was that Willy Wonka you were playing during it?

“Perhaps, aha. It’s a great song. “




“It’s one of those you can’t help but love. “



And once you guys finish up here tonight, you’re joining up with Creeper for their headline run.

“Yeah, we travel up to Glasgow after the show and Microwave who are here tonight will also be on that as well.”

“We’re doing six shows with Creeper then three shows with just Microwave. We’re very much looking forward to that. “


And I’m excited to see you guys live tonight. It’s my first Can’t Swim gig. I tried getting out to you last year when you were on tour with Boston Manor but couldn’t.

“Well, you’re in for a treat. We actually played this room as well and it’s almost a year ago today that we did.”


Is that just a happy accident it’s fallen on almost the exact same day?

 “Yeah, we didn’t plan it that way at all.”




And when you finish up here you’re off straight home to play some more shows aren’t you?

“Yeah, we’ve got some holiday shows on the coast with a band called Rare Futures and Envy On The Coast so we’ll be playing our hometown and not travelling too much which will be nice because we won’t have to drive across the country or anything.


As long as you get a decent shower out of it.

“Yeah, we’ll be using our own showers every night, so we’ve got our own settings. “


It’s one of the loves back in your life.

“Absolutely. “


I mean if there’s one thing you don’t mess with it’s a person and their shower temperature.

“Absolutely not.”




And what can we expect from you guys in 2018?

“More touring. We’re going to try and write a record in that time and record it probably. Hopefully be back here later next year.”

“Try and go to more countries, places where we haven’t been before.”


Where would you like to play?

“Oh, Japan so bad. Australia as well as Australia which is a close second but those two countries we would absolutely love to play. “


Is there any particular reason for Japan? I always hear about bands really wanting to play over there?

“Well, it seems that bands in our genre do generally go over there sometimes but it’s not like we want to play in Guam but it’s sometimes obtainable and just generally different to America. But it looks like you’re living inside a video game and I really wanna do that.”


What game would you want to live in?

“Grand Theft Auto 5 over 4. Any violent game. But Mario kart would be kinda cool.”




And lastly, do any of you have secret skills?

“Greg can sleep with his eyes open. Standing up as well.”

“Danny makes an absolutely amazing three bean casserole.”

“Sleeping, chilling”

“What’s Andrea’s secret?”

“Mario Kart. I’m also really oddly good at Mini Golf. Every time I play, I get at least one hole in one. Every time.”

“Ping-Pong. Secret thrashers at that game.”

“So yeah. Those are our secret skills. Thank god we’re in a band instead.”


You can find Can’t Swim’s music on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

You can also follow them through their social media accounts via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


You can view Can’t Swim’s most recent music video for ‘Stranger’ below.


Can’t Swim have also been recently announced to play all the dates of this year’s Slam Dunk Festival. Tickets are available from the festivals official website via the following link.

Here are the dates.

May 2018

26th – Leeds City Centre

27th – Hatfield Park

28th – Birmingham NEC