Jordyn Stoddard Releases New Single, ‘Self Sabotage’

Indie Pop Singer Jordyn Stoddard had dropped her latest single, ‘Self Sabotage’.

Jordyn says about the track, “Don’t mind me, just risking my sanity for a quick fix to satisfy my addiction of you. Drowning in a pool of wanting, reaching out for your hand and all I found was loose string. Giving you parts of me that I’ll never get back. This is my self sabotage.” She describes the video as it, “opens a new chapter of my artistry that I’ve been cultivating the last few years. This entire music video and song was inspired by some of my favorite early 2K artist. Nostalgia meets futuristic pop.”

Check out the video for ‘Self Sabotage’ below.

Stream ‘Self Sabotage’ via your preferred streaming service or check out the Spotify link below.