K.Flay Releases New Track, ‘Nothing Can Kill Us’

K.Flay has followed up the release of her Inside Voices’ EP which dropped earlier this year with a fantastic new track.

‘Nothing Can Kill Us’ flourishes with an incredible indie sound but evolves into a more distorted and bass filled glory.

K.Flay says on the track:

“‘Nothing Can Kill Us’ is about losing someone. It’s about reflecting back on a relationship and the feeling of invincibility you have while you’re in it — this will last forever!!!. But also embracing the immortality of your memories, and of someone’s impact on you. A relationship might end or change, and it might hurt a lot, but nothing can destroy what it meant. Nothing can ever kill that.”

Check out the track below.

K.Flay Announces New EP

K.Flay is back with the announcement of a brand new EP!

Set to be released on June 11th 2021 via BMG, the five track EP will have guest features on two track with Tom Morello and Travis Barker.

She says:

“So often we keep everything bottled up. Inside Voices was a way for me to exorcise some demons and safely express these uncomfortable but very human emotions I was feeling.”

Below are the details for the upcoming release including the Cover Art, Tracklisting and more.

01. Four Letter Words
02. Dating My Dad (feat. Travis Barker)
03. TGIF (feat. Tom Morello)
04. Good Girl
05. My Name Isn’t Katherine

On the opener of the EP, K.Flay says:

“So many of us go through life trying to be polite, and then we reach a breaking point. When we were recording ‘Four Letter Words’ it felt kind of scary to allow myself to go there – but there was liberation in it too.”

Check out the video below.

My Top 10 Albums Of 2017 (So Far)

I needed a Top 10 list but I wanted to do something which celebrates some great bands who have put out amazing records (in my eyes) this year. So, without further ado, here’s my picks for the Top 10 Albums of 2017 (so far).

10.Frank Carter – Modern Ruin


Starting off with a huge record in the world of punk, a band who needs no introduction; Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. What made this stand out for me was its blend of guitars, rhythm and voice that is Frank Carter which if anything is to go by from their last record, is even more distinct than any other projects he’s been involved with in the past. Adding to the fact that this is a quintessential record for the decade, it’s no surprise the band are a highlight for the UK’s Punk scene.

Listen to: Wild Flowers, Vampires


9. Paramore – After Laughter



Well…. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Paramore’s fifth record after hearing the first single, Hard Times because it wasn’t the same sounding Paramore but the record was loveable all the same. There was a bit of backlash to them in comments such as “another band selling out” but the lyrics are always 100% Paramore and that’s what has always drawn me to their music. Nevertheless, the album is different, energetic and an example of what evolving artists do when the band is as ever changing a group that is…. Paramore.

Listen to: Rose-Colored Boy, Grudges


8. Motionless In White – Graveyard Shift.


I honestly wasn’t sure to expect from a Motionless In White album because personally, I’m a new fan of theirs. Nevertheless, I found Graveyard Shift to be a very interesting album. I found parts not as entertaining to my ears as some fans might, but the focus of the album and emotion remained all the same. Especially on tracks such as Necessary Evil, the band are full of tracks to prove to people that they are worth listening to!

Listen to: Necessary Evil, Loud (Fuck It)

7. Linkin Park – One More Light


Firstly, may I say I hope Chester Bennington is resting peacefully and thank him and the other members of Linkin Park for creating this record. At times, this record felt very emotional. I listen to the lyrics of some tracks such as Heavy (feat. Kiiara) and on that first listen I don;’t think much but when a friend mentions this track later, I read the lyrics again and again and then again with the music playing, following the lyrics as it goes and wonder think it puts a lot into perspective of Chester’s state of mind at that time in his life. What’s more though is the record which is a gift to the fans of Linkin Park and one which will always be with us.

Listen to: Heavy. Invisible

6. Vuokvi


Scottish? Check. Rock? Check? Female Fronted Band? They might just be one of the best newcomers to the scene at the moment. Starting from their opening track; La Di Da it shows energy, perseverance and above all, a punchy debut for the Scottish rockers. Having been on the music scene since 2011, they’ve learned and learned to make a stand out album and armed with tracks such as Weirdo, it shows the fans just what they can produce from their experience.

Listen to: La Di Da, Weirdo

5. Counterfeit


So can an actor who has appeared in a Hollywood musical make a great Punk album? The short answer yes! It seems that anything is possible in the world of punk for counterfeit and to be honest, with Frank Carter, they’re up there for another album of the decade. Just take the track For The Thrill Of It as an example. It’s punchy, great vocals and a breakdown the Foo Fighters would kill to have on their music! But as a statement about it being something bigger and better to come from these newcomers? Maybe.

Listen to: For The Thrill Of It, Romeo, As Yet Untitled

4. The Gospel Youth


Rising rockers, The Gospel Youth are quite high on the list? Why is that? Oh because they made one hell of an album. I had it on repeat for a few days because I couldn’t get enough of it. The lyrics combined with the rhythm of the what the band creates blend together splendidly into all tracks to show England what they’re made of. And with a co-headlining tour alongside Milestones, they’ll show the venue’s of England exactly what this album can do!

Listen to: Wildfire, Gin and Black Coffee, Moods Like English Weather

3. Creeper


With the weirdness in an almost Blair Witch like disappearance out of the way, Southampton Horror group Creeper release Eternity, In Your Arms. This is a record unlike any other on the list because it’s from a group unlike any other. There are some different approaches which may seem odd in today’s rock world such as the added keyboard element to the track Black Rain. It makes the band in a way sound mysterious in an effort to surpass the expectations of the listener but if one thing’s for certain, the record is anything but ordinary.

Listen to: Black Rain, Suzanne

2. K.Flay


Possibly the most alternative artist on this list comes from K.Flay who sounds more R’n’B than anything but this is where the heart of the album comes from and it’s because of this, which is what makes it a great album. What makes the record is the blend of lyrics which sound quite confessional and non-restrictive accompanied with the sound on the track of Blood In The Cut to make it an edgy track to match the record which invites us in for more.

Listen to: Blood In The Cut, You Felt Right

Just Missing Out


You Me At Six – Night People


Night people wasn’t the best by some fans standards. Sure it had some great tracks such as Plus One which a few months on is a track I believe will be huge for them looking back on the album as a whole and Give which perfectly played out the album but as a whole it wasn’t a Sinners, it wasn’t Cavelier Youth and some tracks I felt were a bit mismatched in perspective to what the record was as a whole. How it will age though, is an entirely different question but this album just misses out on my top 10.

Listen to: Give, Plus One

1.As It Is – Okay


For me, this has just been the undeniable album of the year. A really strong sounding album where the lyrics are relatable to fans everywhere along with a concept through it’s driven music videos of “Pretty Little Distance’s” American Dance, as well as the apologetic “Hey Rachel” videos shows that As It Is are a force to be reckoned with only two albums into their musical career. I saw the band perform the title track Okay on what was one or their first shows with the track and their set absolutely transformed the sound of the show where it was probably their most honest lyrically sounding track as well as performance to date.

Check out: Hey Rachel, No Way Out, Okay

K.Flay Announces Headline Show

She’s just dropped her new album, ‘Every Where Is Some Where’ and now K.Flay has announced she is to play London’s Camden Assembly on June 28th.

So this means you’ll hear this:

and this.


So if you’re about for that gig, then you’re all be a lucky audience!

Here’s the link to her new album.

All the info for the gig can be seen below.


K.Flay Announces New Album

K.Flay has announced she is to release a brand new album.

The album, which will be released April 7th via  Night Street/ Interscope Records will be entitled ‘Every Where Is Some Where’.

The track ‘Black Wave’ can be listened to below.


Abou the album, she said:

I thought a lot about the places that shape us, and how, in turn, we shape those places in our minds as human beings living on earth right now.

“A president who intends to limit our freedoms, foment hatred & silence dissent and yet every place, everywhere, is just some place, somewhere. It’s all arbitrary and fucked up and sometimes lucky.

10 Acts to see at Leeds and Reading.

Well, the annual Leeds and Reading festivals are around two months away and people are still making their lists of who to see on each day. I’ve composed a list of my top ten acts to see, even though I probably won’t be there. But here are my top ten acts to see at Leeds and Reading that aren’t on the main stage day by day including the stages they’ll play! So here we go:

But without further interruption here are my top ten acts to see at Leeds and Reading that aren’t on the main stage day by day including the stages they’ll play! So here we go:


1. Tonight Alive (NME / BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)

2. Good Charlotte (LOCK UP STAGE)


4. Modern Baseball (LOCK UP STAGE)

5. The King Blues (LOCK UP STAGE)

6. Greywind (LOCK UP STAGE)

7. Waterparks (LOCK UP STAGE)

8. Beach slang (LOCK UP STAGE)

9. The 1975 (NME/BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)

10. Arcane Roots (LOCK UP STAGE)


1.Twenty-One Pilots (NME / BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)


3. Crossfaith (LOCK UP STAGE)

4.Asking Alexandria (LOCK UP STAGE)

5.Citizen (LOCK UP STAGE)

6.Creeper (LOCK UP STAGE)


8. Nothing More (LOCK UP STAGE)

9. Alunageorge (BBC RADIO 1 DANCE STAGE)

10.Fickle Friends (NME / BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)




3.Brian Fallon and the Crowes (FESTIVAL REPUBLIC STAGE)

4.Milk Teeth (LOCK UP STAGE)

5.Ghost Town (LOCK UP STAGE)


7.The Dillinger Escape Plan (LOCK UP STAGE)

8.Mastodon (LOCK UP STAGE)

9. Two Door Cinema Club (NME / BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)

10. Sunset Suns (NME / BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)