Check Out Kite Thief’s Latest Track ‘Allegedly’

Kite Thief are stepping into 2022 in a big way with their latest track release in the form of ‘Allededly’.

Allegedly was written in a dark & angry place. From the experience of
having false empathy, and friends sitting on the fence with conflicting
convictions. From dealing with trauma all the while being shunned, called a liar and ignored. More than 1 in 5 women have experienced sexual assault and 86% of survivors knew their attackers.

Yet, society still asks the victim for the proof, for unequivocal evidence that they had to go through a traumatic ordeal. If the evidence isn’t strong enough or, let’s say, the perpetrator was ‘popular, ‘ a ‘nice guyTM’ or ‘didn’t seem like a rapist’ then often the community around the victim shies away, avoids the uncomfortable conversations or even worse – sides with the offender.

Throughout this, violators are granted safe space, camaraderie and
sympathy. So this song is one big FUCK YOU to not just all rapists and
abusers out there – but also those who blindly follow them.

Allegedly starts with the large hooks and powerful guitar sections which are mesmerising from start to finish. From there, the band storms into some material which hits harder than most artists in a way that most aren’t able to where Kite Thief tap into the conscious of a collective to give one of the best releases so far this year.


Check out the video for ‘Allegedly’ below or stream the track via the following link.

For those who are facing or are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment or misconduct, help and support can be found via the following links.

A Voice For The Innocent:
The Survivors Trust:
Citizens Advice:

Single Review – Kite Thief – Sweepstake

Here’s something brand spanking new for your earlobes. I give you Kite Thief. A quintet of Alt Rock / Prog Metal from Bristol, UK. Their sound is like dropping your candy in a gutter, sweet and topped with grit. Joyously brimming with angular riffs, catchy choruses and a ballsy rhythm section. It’s a filthy buy you still want to pop it back in your mouth. That’s how good it is.

On their track, ‘Sweepstake’ they say:

We gamble & bet our humanity in the digital world.

Sweepstake narrates how we share everything on our social media pages in the hope of accumulating ‘digital wealth’, but this amounts to nothing in the real world.

Humans are so eager to give up so much, both physically and mentally, for fake,
unsustainable virtual wealth. These social platforms, our phones, online advertising; they are all here to manipulate us.

They have changed our behaviour as a society, as humanity. We have two personas now, the real world us and the online us.

And the sad thing is; we fully recognise it and accept it. Clout has the value of gold, and we’re chasing rainbows. Join us and dance to the tune of our algorithmic masters.

With a track that gets straight to the point, ‘Sweepstake’ hits every single one of your nerves to make a point that this is such a powerful piece and noisetastic. The frenzy which comes from this track alone is unlike anything I’ve heard in the past twelve months and the breakdown in the final third takes no in a no holds barred way to make you want to hear more from this band and I think I can speak for everyone listening when I say I can’t wait to hear any future release that they have in the grand scheme of things.

Rating: 5/5

Check out ‘Sweepstake’ below.