Krooked Tongue Release Single, ‘Freaky Love’

Krooked Tongue have recently released their latest track, ‘Freaky Love’. The track comes off their upcoming debut EP, ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ which will release early in 2022.

Speaking about the EP, vocalist and lyricist Oli Rainsford states: “I think this EP signifies a new era for us, even despite us being a new band. The newer songs somehow seem to reflect our identity as we’ve become more accustomed to finding our sound. It’s the spark in the long awaited ignition of us as we are now, a more hard hitting version of ourselves.

“It’s a collection of stories and experiences that are there to be absorbed by the listener and to provide some escapism from this crazy world for a few minutes. The songs have been tested so many times live now that we’ve been dying to capture their essence and give the people something to take home with them and keep forever. This is just the start of the archive.”

Prior to the release of ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ comes its third single ‘Freaky Love’, out now.

Lyrically, the track sees the band exploring the conversation of individualism and “celebrating the weird”. Freaky Love is “a haven for outcasts, acting as a hub to confide in the ‘freakiness’ of each other’s deep desires”, explains Rainsford.
Freaky Love sounds like sex personified. Combining threatening bass notes, hypnotic hooks,  addictively heavy riffs and lust-filled lyrics “Ooo all your freaky love, yeah it turns me on, all that weird love, you’re a freak and more” which Rainsford chants in a throaty, soulful murmur.

Check out ‘Freaky Love’ below.

Single Review – Krooked Tongue – Freaky Love

Krooked Tongue have recently dropped their latest track, ‘Freaky Love’ off their long awaited upcoming debut EP, ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ which is set to drop on February 2022.

Each track is a standalone single in it’s own right, resulting in an all killer, no filler affair But when talking about Moody Love, the track with a rousing Bass and moody vocals to match, ‘Freaky Love’ is just a blip on what the band can achieve because this track is one of the most technically rousing and infectious releases I’ve heard all year. In addition, it’s a very sexy song as well and I don’t say that too often. Through the lyrics the personification comes alive via soulful voice of Oli Rainsford and makes it even more enticing to listen to.

Rating: 4/5.

Check out ‘Freaky Love’ below.

Krooked Tongue Release Latest Grunge-Fuelled Single, ‘Swarm’

Following up on the 2020 release of their latest single ‘Different Breed’, Bristol’s alternative-rock three-piece Krooked Tongue are back with ‘Swarm’, their upcoming single due for release September 24th.

After their formation in 2019, the band released their debut single ‘I Wanna Steal Your Car’ to critical acclaim, which soon saw them embarking on their debut UK tour.  Label interest in the band quickly grew and they soon established working relationships with the likes of ENTS 24 and Laney Amps.  

2020 saw the cancellation of their second UK tour and the postponement of shows alongside the likes of Dinosaur Pile-Up and Turbowolf, as well as festival slots at Boardmasters and 2000 Trees. The band have instead spent the last year honing in on a more refined studio sound with Josh Gallop of Phoxjaw, working to help replicate their formidable and much-acclaimed live act.  Krooked Tongue are aiming to launch themselves back into the groove of gigging, with a tour later this year alongside Moriaty and Mother Vulture, combined with a sponsored gig with Laney Amps.

Their upcoming single Swarm is bursting with walls of distorted grunge-fuelled riffs, tight, punchy drums and starkly candid lyrics which vocalist Oli Rainsford croons in a soulful, throaty murmur. The track slowly builds in velocity throughout until it reaches a precipice and the guitars almost sound like they erupt into screams of frustration, while Rainsford’s hard-hitting, dark lyrical narratives show the band are as bewildered by our political leaders as they are humoured by them; “They fuck you til your brain hurts, while they drink champagne”. 

Speaking about their upcoming single Swarm, produced, mixed and mastered with Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw, Mother Vulture) at Stage 2 Studios in Bath, vocalist and lyricist Oli Rainsford states, “Swarm encapsulates an overarching frustration in the world at the present time. It explores perceived power, and backs the message that knowledge IS power. Much less a protest song, as a celebration of unity. Swarm is a song you can dance to, in blissful awareness of your own place in society.”

Check out ‘Swarm’ below.