Lazy Queen Move Into A New Chapter With Single, ‘243, New Moon’

As we await the follow up to Lazy Queen’s refreshingly impressive EP “A Human Reaction”, the Norwegian-New York bubble punk hybrids are welcoming a new era with their new single “243, New Moon”

Set for release on Swedish tastemaker label Icons Creating Evil Art, the new single sees the band continue their partnership with long-time collaborator Morten Øby at Taakenheimen Lydriket in Oslo. Appearing as a more sonically laidback version of Lazy Queen, the new single is nevertheless loaded with emotionally-confronting lyrics and earworming guitar melodies from the off. Simmering out the self-antagonistic air evident in the band’s previous work, “243, New Moon ” is no less passionate than before as it hints at a new evolutionary stage of Lazy Queen.

“243, New Moon marks the start of a cycle. One that’s unaware of itself; of its own significance as a beginning. It’s feeling like change is the only option, but not knowing where to start” says Henrik García Søberg.

Check out ‘243, New Moon’ via your preferred streaming service.