Rasmus Hagen Releases New Single, ‘Learn To Love’

Rasmus Hagen is a platinum-selling singer/songwriter and producer from Stockholm, Sweden. Inspired by Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Julia Michaels and Lauv, Hagen’s compelling blend of pop and acoustic soul aims straight to the listener’s hearts.   

Everything started with weekly guitar lessons at eight years old, playing classic rock songs from The Beatles and The Eagles – which eventually led to starting his first cover band. After a few years of passionately jamming with classmates, he went on an exchange year to the USA and focussed on music theory and classical guitar. During this time, he played in several bands and toured both nationally and internationally, before deciding to start a solo career. In February 2021, he released his debut album Love & Hurt, which was received with glowing reviews and achieved platinum status within just six months. 

His latest single “Learn to Love” emits a euphoric feeling wrapped up in a juxtaposed sense of hope and fear. Coming in with Hagen’s haunting, echoing vocals which fall over a tender piano motif, the song also features vocals from Dutch artist Maxine. Her Halsey meets Julia Michaels voice adds to a stunning polarity of tones and perspective, including a phenomenal array of harmonies that result in ultimate full-body shivers. The pop-acoustic feel maintains the raw passion allowing the depth to come through in a highly singable and relatable song. From energised guitar strums and subtle romantic synths, the tune is bursting with feeling and excitement.

The self-produced and engineered track was co-written alongside Swedish songwriter Aron Blom. “Learn to Love” touches on tearing down emotional walls built from a previous relationship and slowly opening up to giving and receiving love again. The single is a story of two people surrendering to love, reminding listeners to be vulnerable and providing comfort when dropping the barriers for romance.

As inspiration for his music, Hagen uses his ups and downs in life and converts his happy or sad moments in his songs. His studio setup was specifically designed to capture these ideas and inspiration in the best possible way. For example, he uses multi-coloured lighting in his studio to steer the song in different directions and trigger certain emotions. “Learn To Love” for instance was written all in blue. 

With currently over 120 million streams on Spotify alone, Hagen has been heavily played on commercial radio stations in Sweden as a featured singer on the John De Sohn hit single “Love You Better.” He has also worked with incredible artists such as Andrelli, Urban Contact and iamsimon.

Check out ‘Love You Better’ below or you can stream it via Spotify.

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