Linkin Park To Release Never Before Heard Track Off Their Record, ‘Meteora’

Linkin Park are set to release a never-before-heard song from the Meteora archives, and the band has given fans an 18-second teaser. 

In March, Linkin Park will be celebrating 20 years since the release of Meteora, and to celebrate they will be releasing a song from the archives called ‘Lost’. 

Check out the teaser below.

‘Lost, a new, never-before-heard song from the Meteora archives,’ they say. ‘Out Friday, February 10. #Meteora20 #LinkinPark’.

Linkin Park’s Record ‘A Thousand Suns’ Have Been Certified Platinum In The UK

According to the British Phonographic Industry, we have another reason to celebrate Linkin Park as it’s been announced their 2010 record ‘A Thousand Suns’ has hit Platinum!

This equates to 300,000 sales, which is a massive number!

This is their sixth LP release to reach that status with ‘Reanimation’, ‘Collision Course’ both currently Platinum, ‘Minutes To Midnight and ‘Meteora’ both currently 2x Platinum and ‘Hybrid Theory’ currently 5x Platinum. 

Check out ‘The Catalyst’, which is off the record below.

Linkin Park & Twenty One Pilots Are Two Of The Most Streamed Artists In 2020

Spotify wrapped is here. That’s right for the users who use Spotify, it’s where they reveal the most streamed artists and tracks of the year.

Thankfully two more rock centric artists have gotten in on that with Linkin Park and Twenty One Pilots taking the 10th and 11th most artists spots respectively.

Check out the full list below.

Grandson & Fever 333 Cover Two Linkin Park Tracks

There’s some covers about in this post!

We’re talking Fever 333 and Grands0n, two huge acts in the scene at the moment as they have released covers of two tracks from Linkin Park’s debut record, ‘Hybrid Theory’ in celebration of its 20th anniversary.

Check out Grandsons cover of ‘One Step Closer’.

On Grandson’s cover, he says:

On his cover, grandson said “Chester is an all-time great, and I could never try and sing like he does. We had to pitch the song down just so I could come close to hitting the notes in this song. I just wanted to try and pay homage and do this incredible song justice.”

And here’s Fever 333’s cover of ‘In The End’.

Jason Butler says:

“‘In The End’ was the song that made me believe that rap and rock still belonged together. I studied their tasteful marriage of the two styles from that moment on and created my own music with that in mind.  I wish I could tell my 14 year old self that one day I’d receive a DM from Mike Shinoda about him liking my music. I wish even more that I could tell my younger self he’d offer to share his talents and energy with me to make more music. I don’t think 14-year-old me would believe it, though. 35-year-old me still doesn’t.”

Mike Shinoda On ‘She Couldn’t’: “We Set The Groundwork For Our Later Evolution”

Looking back on Linkin Park’s career as a band, there’s a lot to be said. As time went on, you can see the evolution in their music from the Nu-Metal heroes to the changing scope of the Electronic Experimentalists that they are now. It’s safe to say they’ve come an awful long way.

Mike Shinoda has recently been reflecting on the evolution of the band recently, with the release of ‘She Couldn’t’. The track is a demo from 1999 which sounds a lot different to the material which would come to be released on their record, ‘Hybrid Theory’.

““She Couldn’t” is one of the earliest demos we made when Chester joined the band.

Two things stand out about the song, to me:

1.) The programmed beat and focus on synth sounds and vocal loops (rather than heavy guitars) foreshadowed a future of the band many years after Hybrid Theory. In searching for our “first sound,” we set the groundwork for our later evolution.

2.) The softly-sung “you’re not alone” refrain reminded me that, although we debuted with a song screaming “shut up,” what most fans came to find out was that empathy and community were just as integral a part of LP’s DNA from the very beginning.”

Check out ‘She Couldn’t’ below.

Linkin Park Celebrates 20 Years Of ‘Hybrid Theory’ With Unreleased Track, ‘She Couldn’t

Linkin Park’s debut record ‘Hybrid Theory’ was released 20 years ago this year. That’s right, we’ve been enjoying 20 years of their very first record where some people (well, a lot) have been wondering what (if anything) Linkin Park would be doing to celebrate the release of such a phenomenal record.

Well for one, there’s the release of ‘She Couldn’t’, which is a unreleased song for the record which the band are adding to a new deluxe reissue of the record which is set to be released on the 9th October 2020.

The deluxe version is set to have never heard demos, rarities, B-sides, DVDs, never before seen footage as well as more which is going to be released across a Super Deluxe Box, Vinyl Box Set, Deluxe CD and Digital.

All the information on the ‘Hybrid Theory’ boxset can be found via the following link.

Check out ‘She Couldn’t below.

Linkin Park Tease ‘Secret Project’ Associated With ‘Hybrid Theory’ Via Their Own Website

Okay, what’s going on with Linkin Park right now?

The band are currently using their own website to tease something huge to commemorate their 20th anniversary of their debut record ‘Hybrid Theory’.

If you head over to, you’ll see ‘Linkin Park’s Old Band Computer’.

Here’s what it looks like.

This is an absolute throwback!

The interesting part is the MailNet Client where you can view messages sent between the band.

Mike Shinoda says on a message

“Hey guys, I’m starting to go through old gear to see what I can dig up for the secret project we spoke about. Hoping I can find some good stuff in there. Still working on getting the old band computer figured out also. I’m copying the email on that computer so whoever is in there helping can stay up to date. More soon.

– m”

Then Drummer Rob Bourdon replies saying:

“Great. My mom has boxes of stuff as well.I’m going to start sorting through that. Rob”

So a secret project?

Then guitarist Brad Delson and bassist Dave Farrell, turntablist Joe Hahn says:

“It’s cool seeing some of the versions of the album cover we considered. Haven’t see those in years.


Something that is also interesting is the inclusion of a WebMeeting tab, which at the moment says “There are currently no meeting rooms available to connect with”. So we would recommend keeping your eyes on the website over the coming weeks to see what is unfolding.

The band kicked off their celebrations back in March when they filmed themselves reacting to some never before seen concert footage from 2001.

Check it out here.

Linkin Park Issue Cease And Desist Order To Donald Trump Following Unauthorised Use Of Their Music

Linkin Park are the latest in a recent line of bands to issue a cease and disist order to the Trump administration for the unauthorised use of their music.

A cover of the band’s track ‘In The End’, which was performed by Tommee Prifitt featuring Fleruie and Jung Youth was used on a video posted by the White House Social media director Dan Scavino and then retweeted by Trump.

The video has now been disabled after the band tweeted saying, “Linkin Park did not and does not endorse Trump, nor authorize his organization to use any of our music“. They also stated that “A cease and desist has been issued.”

This follows Bendie Urie reacting to Trump’s walking on stage at his presidential campaign rally in Phoenix to the track, ‘High Hopes’.

Linkin Park Working On New Music?

Apparently Linkin Park have been working on some new material.

Bassist Dave Farrell recently appeared on an episode of Dan Really Likes Wine via Zoom for a little bit of tasting where aside from the samples, he spoke about the band.

“At this point right now globally we’re trying to do a version of the same thing. Stay home and stay as healthy as possible.

For us with the band, we’ve been writing and doing all that before this all started. Casually at this point, we’re doing Zoom meetings to eat lunch together and say ‘hi’ but we’re not able to get together and write.

“So working at home a little bit and working on ideas.”

So could we be seeing more Linkin Park release some new music in the future?

Check out the full interview below.

Mike Shinoda has also been keeping busy whilst in quarantine as well through live streams where he’s been putting together a ‘Hybrid Theory’ style demo from scratch.

Check it out below.

Linkin Park’s ‘Somewhere I Belong’ Has Been Certified Silver In The UK

It’s gone silver! Linkin Parks fantastic ‘Somewhere I Belong’ has been certified Silver in the UK!

This equals to 200,000 sales which is absolutely fantastic.

The track appears on the 2003 record, ‘Meteora’ which itself is certified 2X Platinum.

Massive congratulations to them!

This is the perfect time to revisit the track below:


Mike Shinoda On Linkin Park’s Future

Given Linkin Park’s situation, it’s been rife with speculation on whether if the band will continue to make music. Now, Mike Shinoda has announced the group has “every intention on continuing”.

New Music Video’s 19/12/17

Hello, I know this post is coming a little late (4 Days) but that’s because I was away in Newcastle and otherwise preoccupied at the weekend and away from a computer screen. Although, it’s here now so let’s get on with these next ten music videos.


Up first are up and comers from Scotland, Divide who have had to change their name recently but this video for ‘Last Words’ comes off their recently released EP, Embers.

Speaking on the track, ‘Last Words’, vocalist Nicole Mason said:  ‘Last Words’ was inspired by a book called ‘The Lovely Bones’. The idea was to write a song from from the prospective of someone who has had their life taken from them, that really sparked something in me. To give them a voice, to give people who are lost in life the message that it’s okay to feel that way but you need to keep fighting.

I loved making this music video. We had our good friend Kitsch Me Vintage (Stylist & Make Up) on-board. I wanted to show people that there is beauty even in the darkest parts of this world. It’s okay to be different.”


Next, with their newest record ‘Underworld’ out in less than a month, Tonight Alive have recently dropped a new track off the forthcoming record; Crack My Heart. On the meaning behind this one, Jenna has said: “The concept of cracking the heart is to allow the precious, vulnerable self to come through and be free. The painful, yet liberating experience involves the emotional and energetic decalcification of the hardened heart.


This next band has just recently released their new EP, ‘Sunday Brunch’ and Chapel have served their own spot of brunch in this video for Don’t You Love Me.


Let’s take things a little heavier for this next track. Sheffield rockers Rolo Tomassi have just dropped a video to accompany a track off their soon to be released fifth LP, ‘Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It’. They’re away supporting TheNumber 12 Looks Like You in America for the first time ever. But in the meantime, here’s their newest video for Balancing The Dark.


Next month, the Yorkshire rockers Marmozets will release their second record, ‘Knowing What You Know Now’ which will be the follow up to ‘The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets’, released in 2014. For now though, here’s their latest video for Major System Error.


More from British Rock, this time it’s Black Foxxes who have a very busy 2018 ahead of them. They’ve recently released details of a new record, headline tour and their video for the brilliant, Sæla.


South Coasters Acres just debuted a video for their new track, ‘Unwelcome’, which was shot and directed by Zak Punchin (Modern Error Vocalist). This is their first material since the band’s EP, In Sickness & Health which was released earlier this year.


Next up is Sci-Fi brilliance from Our Last Night. This is taken from their latest release ‘Selective Hearing’ which is out now.


Penultimate track time. This is from Legends of Pop-Punk; New Found Glory. This track celebrates their 20th anniversary of the band with the video compiling of archived footage from across their career.


And the last video of the day is a live video. It’s from the new live album, ‘One More Light Live’  and it’s nothing ut beautiful. Check out Sharp Edges Below.


And that’s it for another round of music videos. I’ll do my very best to have the next post on time this week but as a final message from Almost Anything Music, Happy Holidays!