Live Review – Creeper – Leeds Beckett Uni

This one had to be worth the wait because you know what they say, good things come to those who do. This show was postponed, delayed, rearranged, rescheduled again and again due to covid hitting the band bu now they finally arrived. Live music is back in full force and the theatrical emo’s known as Creeper are well and truly back and show absolutely no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

First up for the evening were the Welsh Punks, James & The Cold Gun. Slowly winning over the crowd in areas o their sets they use an array of tracks in their arsenal with small mosh-pit ready bangers showcasing some confidence in their set albeit a limited capability of what occurs due to limited playing capabilities due to the covid pandemic. they’re a band that grew on me during their set and I hope for larger things in their future though.

Seconds up, the Scottish duo Vukovi. Bringing the energy to the next level with their infectious charisma and catchy anthem tracks in the form of ‘La Di Da’, ‘Claudia’ and more, it’s so much fun to watch the energy the band brings to the stage because you’ve missed watching the bundles of energy that is a true rock performance, it’s what everybody has been missing all throughout the various lockdowns.

Now this was my first Creeper headlining set and I didn’t know what to expect but what did occur, a spectacle of the highest standard in music and storytelling. After the curtain drop every aspect of the performance just filled to eleven where frontman Will Gould just strode on stage with a massive pair of angel wings to deliver a selection of tracks with the most theatrical swagger since Alice Cooper. This is a band that continue to hit their peak every time they perform and willl only continue to smash it.

More of the theatricality in the horror punk come into play when Hannah dons a white wedding dress and lets rip with he sound of a gunshot, if they weren’t before everyone in the room held their collective breath as if we were watching a Marvel film for the first time or rather an M. Night Shaymalan twist came into play. Every emotion is felt during Creeper’s performance and you need to experience more again and again.


Live Review – Neck Deep @ O2 Academy, Leeds

Date: 16/02/22

Support: Happydaze, Higher Power, Wargasm

With a bang and stage filled nostalgia to where they came from (Seb’s bedroom), Neck Deep return to the UK for a headlining UK tour to re-launch where they left off in England and cause some mayhem along the way.

First to take to the stage, Scottish foursome Happydaze. Now with this roughly being their third ever show, it’s massive to see Neck Deep bringing some newbie’s along for the ride. It’s fantastic to watch some upcoming Pop-Punk take centre stage and see just where the future might lie. While they didn’t steal the show at first (some down to the technical difficulties after a song into their set) they did hit some pretty good strides and found some balance to take with them into the tour, especially since the release of their EP, ‘Underground Summer Sound‘ was released last month. Moving into their set set further, they did find some room to connect with the audience and we hope that that continues on this tour.

With this being a Leeds show, it meant that this was a homecoming of sorts for Higher Power and where they lack the intensity in their energy, the atmosphere of the whole venue turned up a lot for them. Higher Power might not be quite what most would expect where they sound something out of the 90’s grunge era but they have certainly made quite an impression on this crowd. The more heavier aspects of the crowd are one the audience responds to in some ways but their latest release ‘Fall From Grace’ does sound more updated when compared to their older material but that’s not something to be taken lightly. Did it make them more exciting to watch? Yes. Did it being everything up in the venue? Absolutely! Did people respond to them well? One Hundred Percent.

Now for Wargasm, one most exciting acts on the rise in the country at the moment. But they make you wonder, where the hell do they get their energy from? Seriously though, the chaos and extreme nature that makes the band themselves just berates you with banger after banger in a relentless wave of ecstasy. Tracks such as ‘Salma Hayek’ as well as ‘Spit’ go down really well with this crowd who do appreciate the heavier aspects what they have to offer, especially when the raunchier sounding track come out to play… ‘Drilldo’ we’re looking at you there!

It’s inevitable we’re going to see more from the band in the future and after a SOLD OUT UK headlining run of their own towards the end of 2021 as well as appearances at a number of UK festivals in the last year shows the sky is the limit for this band, who will crash through and set an example for what is genuinely possible in music which is a genre of their own making.

Okay so… Neck Deep. Oh my god these guys are so insane to watch. I’ve never seen a Leeds crowd react in such a positive way to a Pop-Punk band. No wonder why they’re favourites ey? It feels as if the band have combined everything that makes them exciting for this setlist (including playing one of their most popular tracks ‘A Part Of Me’) from their early days to the latest record, ‘All Distortions Are Intentional’ shows that they’re not another Pop-Punk band who just writes soppy lovesick hit after hit, they want everyone to enjoy it and reconnect after so long (pardon the crowd collectively crying four tracks into the set for ‘Lime St’) as well as celebrate one another, where ‘She’s A God’ being one track which celebrates the women in the audience.

Neck Deep just hits differently. It’s as if a surge of energy hits in the crowd and then their stage presence just combines with the dizzying spins every member in the band performs in a sight that has to be seen to be believed.

With these final tracks played out (Gold Steps & In Bloom) , Neck Deep always manage to show how much of a lasting impression they leave on the community that has gathered to watch everyone on this lineup.

It’s no secret that the bands are all so genuinely happy to be thrilled to be playing music on a stage again but it’s so good to see them use every ounce of energy in their person to provide one of a show that the audience will be sure to not forget anytime soon as everyone leaves smiling big.


Live Review – Employed To Serve @ The Key Club, Leeds

Date: 22/11/22

Support: Hidden Mothers

With one of the most anticipated releases of 2021, Employed To Serve set off on a very intimate UK tour for the launch of their record, ‘Conquering’ Madness was sure to ensue at this heavy affair.

Now not knowing much about Hidden Mothers beforehand, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought possibly some head banging and heavy riffs but there was something that what followed was just a lot more laid back in places and more emotional connection to the audience, which was quite a drastic change to be honest. What’s more is that there was a lot of circling from the bands vocalist in a way that made the performance all that more kinetic and connected to the audience.

Definitely a performance to remember for a while, it wasn’t until the final track the whole band came together on stage and outrightly brought the house down.

Onto the main event of the night, Employed To Serve have become one of the hardest working bands of the last few years in the UK, delivering some absolutely killer records along the way. Their latest effort just oozes stomping power and head banging in the best ways for days and that translates over to the livr side of things beautifully because anytime you watch them it’s utter chaos. Some tracks just work out so well in these intimate venues similarly as to for Hidden Mothers and now their sound is just so defined, when one track drops the whole venue just erupts with applause. Employed To Serve prove how savage they are time and time again and there’s just no complaints on the night, they’re heavy as you can get and you’re always wanting just that little bit more.


Photos by JackLiddPhotography.

Live Review – Wargasm @ Leeds Key Club


Support:Death Blooms, Bambie Thug

This time last year Wargasm were relatively unknowns in the music world but then came their singles which found their way into the ears of their ever growing legion of fans. With the popularity only growing over the year and slots to play at the Download Pilot and Slam Dunk Festival, they are just gaining so much traction where now at the end of the year they embarked on their debut headlining UK tour.

First we were introduced to the larger than life gothic artist Bambie Thug whom offered up some shock as well as flexibility in her set as she showcased raw and clean vocals making her a standout to watch and keep an eye on over the coming months. With the added messages of self love and sex positivity within her tracks, there was something unique about the performance to ensure that all eyes were on the stage with no exceptions.

Okay I have to be honest, Death Blooms a few months ago were a bit meh. From the moment they set on stage on this evening however, they were utterly relentless. Everything just battered from sheer carnage into mosh pit after pit which seemed to span over half of the room at some point where the aggression and pent up rage seemed to flow out of everyone to give a really poignant and respected set. Part way through you had to ask if you took something because of the alien appearing onstage mid-set whom then joined the earthlings More of this I beg you Death Blooms because that was truly amazing to watch!

Storming onto the stage with the largest applause I’ve heard in a while are the truly amazing Wargasm. With them ripping into their material at serious speeds you feel as if you’re a deer in headlights the way things are moving at the pace where as they performed, they just excelled more and more into the night.

The utterly brilliant catchy chorus of ‘I want to drink, fuck, fight, love’ just moves into your brain, an earthworm of the best kind with the crowd getting louder and rowdier all over the place. Now the chemistry and energy between Way and Matlock is just impressive to see as you feel the connection between them, each one of them doing more to outmonourver the other, it’s what we all need to see.

Eventually closing things with ‘Spit’, possibly their most destructive track so far to date, you had to be ready because this took everything up a notch way above what we were expecting to showcase just how far they can fly.

Wargasm are truly one of the greatest bands to hone their craft coming out of the pandemic and with more to come from them in what will hopefully be released, it’ll only add to the sheer chaos that is their live act.

Rating: 9/10.

Photos by JackLiddPhotography.

Live Review – Fully Showcase 1


Featuring: Please Remain Calm, The Rosettas, The Rosemaries

Heading to a showcase evening with some new and upcoming bands on the scene in Yorkshire, this evening was utterly spectacular with some new faces as well as some massive sounds to come from some acts I hope to see in the future.

First to grace the stage were Please Remain Calm, the heaviest of the three bands on the lineup. Coming over from Leeds, the hard hitting quartet had such a disorderly stage presence but so utterly powerful and one you just can’t take your eyes off. From their sound reminiscent of early Marmozets dashed with them being a little more on the melodic side of things, the band are one of the finest fresh faced acts to grace the stage in 2022 with hopefully more material and performances to follow soon.

Next up were The Rosemaries. This is what I love about finding new bands to listen to, there’s a whole bunch of endless possibilities. Looking possibly the youngest of the three bands tonight, The Rosemaries let their talent speak for themselves as they demand the audiences attention with every note played. But more to that, their blend of Pop Rock is quite like most out there at the moment.The audience feels connected to them because of their creativity and the lust for what they have to offer.

Now I do have to say,I think the York crowds loves their Indie bands. Well they do as far as The Rosettas are concerned. Giving off more of an alt looking vibe but sounding more along the lines of Arctic Monkeys, they are just a delight to watch. Every move they make the audience just responded to and there was more life injected to the crowd with every track, bringing us back from the brink with a bang. For such a younger band, everyone’s stage presences were unparalleled where the energy proving that the connection motivated just what was occurring in the room tonight.

Now do I hope that I see every band I saw tonight again soon? Absolutely! What’s more is that I’ll be front and centre to shoot them again and again.


Photos by JackLiddPhotography.

Live Review – As December Falls @ Fulford Arms, York


Support:Y!kes, Heartsink

Looking back this was my most anticipated show of 2021 in York mainly because I’ve been waiting to see the headliners As December Falls for ages! On the other hand, I was so hyped for this show as it took place at a favourite venue in my hometown?! I couldn’t think of anything better.

First up were the hometown heroes themselves, Heartsink. Now due to a positive Covid case in the band, they had to go acoustic for the night within a matter of hours and bless them, it worked really well! It’s a tough thing to do in a limited timeframe but it was a really lovely mellow start to the evening, an enjoyable pallet cleanser from the day to get everything and everyone in the mood.

Seconds up were the larger than life Y!ikes. Now truth be told, I had no idea this band were playing until the night but what a surprise! A massive and fresh faced band for me to enjoy who just seemed to soak up every ounce of energy in the place and threw it back to everyone. I hardly see a band that can do this but that made them all the more impressive to watch. Everyone just built on the anticipation from the guitar riffs to the vocals, but the standout? Their very fashionable guitarist mainly because that dude was freaking crazy! if you look at the pics you can certainly feel the energy pulsating right through the pic!

Onto As December Falls, it’s safe to say they didn’t disappoint. The set is filled with loads of their Pop-Punk bangers to prove that yes the UK does have some fantastic talent but more to that, the ferocity the band contain only has them bursting at the seams of the venue especially when they culminate into some of their larger tracks. What’s more is that they’re destined for larger venues soon and with all the festivals they’re going to be a part of in 2022, it’ll only strengthen their fanbase and prepare them to get all their energy out and about! A sonic battle for the ages at this venue, the Sold Out show and tour certainly got the fans their money’s worth and more by the time things got to the end.

With the whole performance, it makes you wonder that where’s the limit for As December Falls? They’re one of the UK’s hot up and coming acts in the entirety of the genre and we can’t wait to see what comes next from the bands.

Rating: 8/10.

Photos by JackLiddPhotography.

Live Review – You Me At Six @ Stylus, Leeds

Support: LONA

Date: 28/11/21

There was a lot of buzz around this one! You Me At Six’s release shows at the back of last year to celebrate the anniversary of the record that made them, ‘Hold Me Down’. Not only that, the band also had the incredible LONA on their support.

Sixers fans had waited two years to hear what the band had to offer from these shows and fans weren’t disappointed, with everyone in the camp ready to go, it was an experience unlike any other… that is until the anniversary of Sinners Never Sleep comes around later this year.

Having never heard of LONA until this evening, it was quite different to what I was expecting. First off, his lankiness would make one think of Machine Gun Kelly but you couldn’t be more wrong. Instead you get a more soulful and at times energetic artist that deeply connects to the crowd in a way that most don’t. With Tracks such as ‘Darkest Days’ and ‘Boys Get Sad’, one could say that he’s an emo at heart going by the track titles alone.

With quite a strong support act, it’s easy to forget that You Me At Six will take to the stage in a little while and we couldn’t get more excited.

I don’t think the atmosphere couldn’t have been better if people tried. Tracks such as ‘Underdog’, ‘Liquid Confidence’ just made the audiences heart melt and in the encore ‘Bite My Tongue’ just elevated the entire venue to a whole other level. ‘Where My Underdogs At?’ says frontman Franceschi. You know things are about to get real when he says that. The Guitar riffs and pits that erupt from here are second to none. You see why they came to Leeds because of this.

With all of the eruption from this, sonically it’s an absolutely sound show because the amount of love for these tracks that fans have is unquestionable. During ‘Liquid Confidence’, that has to be one the spot in the setlist where audience participation was at an all time high, signing the lyrics right back to them. But if you think that performance was grand, just wait for the Sinners Anniversary shows later this year.

Once again, You Me At Six prove just how much of a force they are and ready to tackle more, especially with their back catalogue of tracks.

Rating: 7/10.

Photos by JackLiddPhotography.

Live Review: Don Broco @ Academy, Newcastle

Support: Kid Brunswick, NOISY

Date: 25/10/21

We’re well and truly back now and so are Don Broco. For some, it might be their first show back and for others, their fifth, tenth or even more (for myself I’m around the fifteen to twenty mark). Whatever the number you’re currently on let me be one to say welcome back! Tonights show was the charismatic and incredible Don Broco on their debut show of their massive UK tour in support of their latest record, ‘Amazing Things’.

Kicking the evening off was Kid Brunswick. An artist that is outside the spectrum of the scene which has your usual heavy taste before that beat thumps everything into action once again. One thing I do have to mention is that this artist is very soulful at times, one part of a musician you don’t normally have the chance to see and this is the part of the performance which you’ll connect with the most where when that happens, more and more fans start to react.

Now switching things up a little more to Rock N Roll Ravers Noisy and from the first few tracks there’s more of a theme going on. There’s a similarity to Don Broco in some tracks they play but they each have their own unique spin of things to remain different and exciting. The only difference here is that I think the Newcastle crowd weren’t as warming than most to NOISY which is a real shame not only because of the potential but more based on what their music offers which is raw escape as well as singing about the bad weather if my hearing isn’t playing up. If that’s not British then I don’t know what is.

Now for Don Broco. There’s a real silence in the air moments before they come on and this is a powerful silence as in you could cut the tension with a knife in that room. That’s when it all kicks of in, a symphony of what makes this band so pleasing to watch. ‘Manchester Super Red’, ‘Technology’, ‘Pretty’ all get things going and quite a few crowd surfers, making anyone who wasn’t there for their Slam Dunk Festival sets all the more envious.

Blasting their way through their energetic set, the crowd delved into a few hits and mosh pits with their previous record in ‘Technology’ including the enormous title track and quite surprisingly towards the end of the set, a stripped back and emotional version of ‘Nerve’ which just hits you in a way the track has never done before.

Now with Amazing Things just being released, it meant that some tracks got their live debut with ‘Uber’, ‘Endorphins’ (where they just released the music video the other day) as well as ‘Bruce Willis’. The track that had the most impact though? That has to be ‘Bruce Willis’ and that is down to the chants that came back at the band. Mark my words, this could become a track that is there to stay in the bands setlist.

Now lastly the encore consisted of the highly energetic and crowdsurftastic ‘Everybody’ but let’s be honest, it’s not a Don Broco show if this isn’t busted out to get the crowd going again and again to lose themselves and hit that absolute peak before their finale for ‘T-Shirt Song’ where they’re just spinning around above everyones heads in awe of everything they’ve witnessed.

I have to give it to Don Broco but I’ll say this and that is they deserved a larger stage and audience for the performance and hopefully next time, more people will be jumping with us.

And very lastly, people will have to tell me how many people were dressed as Power Rangers each night of the tour. I think two or three was the number to beat at this show!


Be sure to Check out Don Broco’s latest record ‘Amazing Things’ via the following link.

Live Review: Covent & Thick Skin @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Heartsink, Merrick’s Tusk

Date: 15/04/20

This was the last show before COVID-19 shut everything for myself so I’m going to do my best as to remember as much as I can from the show. As with the Frank Turner review, I’m writing this late because I’ve had problems on my end with different aspects which have punctured my ability to be online and continue this blog but now I’m at a stable capacity as to continue for the time being.

Now I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching Heartsink play. I don’t know if it’s their drummer Jake and the hilarious faces that he makes to the audience or Kiel’s nature to just never stand still for more than two seconds at a time, but they’re just so much fun to be able to watch live and to date one of the bands I’ve seen live the most as well where their sound is constantly being perfected where hopefully when the lockdown has stopped we’ll see them playing to their best!

Seconds on are Merrick’s Tusk. Off the bat, I didn’t guess that they’d be as melodic as they came (which is one of the most charming things about the band) across but as with everything these days, looks can be deceiving where they powered through some utterly fantastic tunes to get everybody just that little bit more interested in what was going on during their set. What’s more, is that everyone just became more fixed on them as if they were in a trance so just watch out next-time you watch this band play.

Now I don’t know what it was about Thick Skin but it was as if someone ordered everyone straight to the front of the stage and were made to salute but everyone packed to them in a timely fashion. This band just stormed on and without seemingly trying to stole everyone’s attention and got everyone in the crowd in form. Now I’m not sure if it was the infectious guitar streams of ‘Medicine’ or the accompanying Bass mentality but there was something about this band that made them piercing to just watch and as when I’m finished here, will be listening to again and again.


Now Covent showed us why they were there. Some bands rarely understand how to get themselves picked up by the masses and Covent are just well on their way to. If you listen to any of their tracks, the production is among the best and when compared to watching them live, you see more or less exactly what you hear. But what you see as well, is a well put together setlist which draws everyone in further as well as the group’s energy, more than what Thick Skin we’re able to culminate to something which just pulsates to what just has to be seen. Hopefully, next-time people are in, we’ll get some pits going and things can turn up to eleven.

Rating: 6.5/10


Live Review: Frank Turner @ Barbican, York

Support: Micah Schnabel, Jess Guise

Date: 08/03/20

I do have to confess, I was in the Photo Pit for a little of each of the artists set’s for this occasion so I do apologise in advance if I fangirl a little bit in this review. Also, I do apologise that this is coming late. I’ve had a bit of trouble finding the right way to do these reviews in an uncertain time in the world at the moment.

Straight off the bat, this was a soulful very toned down show from three distinct artists that did steal the show in their own lights. What’s more, I think being in this intimate a setting for such a large show as well shows how different artists are able to captivate the audience, even if it is in such a calm environment.

First up was Jess Guise, whom I didn’t know at the time but is, in fact, Frank Turner’s wife! In a few ways her musical styling is similar but on the other end of the spectrum of things, it couldn’t be more apart. On one hand, Jess is getting used to performing in front of the fans although, she’s definitely affirmed herself ing the songwriter category where her voice is one of the most defining things about her music aside from the production but everything was so clear when she was performing, you could see why she was there on the stage in terms of her unique attitude as well as her musical skills.

I think I do have to say Micah did remind myself of The Homeless Gospel Choir in terms of the DIY punk-y nature they both have about them, but the things that separate everyone tonight is he was so open about everything he talked about. He was funny, charming and above all, he had this calming quality which came across in his performance that just made you stop and listen to him. You don’t get too many artists such as Micah and it’s important that we listen to the DIY nature because of the lyrics. It’s because of the geographical gap in how he produces his music. He sings about things in the track below, ‘Jazz And Cinnamon Toast Crunch’ that I don’t believe you’d hear if an English artist were to write about and it’s his experiences which divide him among everyone on the lineup.

Lastly, we’ve moved onto Frank Turner, the main man of the night. This tour is in celebration of his latest record, ‘No Man’s Land’ which focuses on the life and stories of historical women. What’s so fantastic about seeing Frank perform is that you see him as a true artist. He’s not doing this performance to prove himself, you see him as playing the tracks so everyone has a chance to hear them and you hear it as if it’s being played for the first time when it’s tracks from the latest record such as ‘Jinny Bingham’s Ghost’, ‘The Lioness’ or more established track such as ‘Get Better’. It’s always as if you know where you’re meant to be when hearing these tracks and I hope Frank continues to alternate and play so many different tracks so people can feel the emotions and celebrate every track and show for many years.

Going into his setlists a little, he played roughly 22 tracks from his career on the evening so you definitely get your money’s worth at a Frank Turner show. But what he’s managed to perfect is how to keep it rising without letting the overall show peak close to midway through his setlist and it’s not just a collection of his best tracks, because there’s always the underrated gems, the heavy hitters and the occasional track that just makes you stand and think about everything there for the performance.


Rating: 7.5/10