Low Island share New Track, ‘Kid Gloves’

Earlier this summer Oxford electronic-pop quartet Low Island announced their sophomore album Life In Miniature for November 4th via their own label Emotional Interference. Newly confirmed to support Hot Chip at the iconic Brixton Academy on September 24th, the band will first reveal the next single, ‘Kid Gloves’

Speaking ahead of their latest release, the group explained: “‘Kid Gloves’ is a love song to childhood and to ‘home’, whatever or wherever that may be. Like so much of the new record, it’s about life’s pushes and pulls: how leaving home can mark a new and exciting chapter in our lives, but necessarily involves leaving a part of our childhood behind; how falling in love can make us feel more distant from our friends, or how just generally we are so often confronted with situations that pull our emotions in opposing directions. I’m obsessed with this line in Future Islands’ ‘Seasons’ where Sam T Herring says ‘when people change, they gain a piece, but they lose one too.’ There is both such a cruelty and beauty in that, and Kid Gloves tries to capture that feeling and provide reassurance: home is there. you are still you. there’s still time. life is good:.

Check out ‘Kid Gloves’ below.

Low Island Announce Second Record, ‘Life In Miniature’

Oxford electronic-pop quartet Low Island announce their sophomore album Life In Miniature for November 4th via their own label Emotional Interference. It’s led by new single ‘Can’t Forget’ today.

Described by the band as a ‘sonic photo album; a journey through three years of accelerated change that felt like a lifetime,’ Life in Miniature promises to be an exploratory exhibition – treading the line between granular, emotional introspection and Big Picture understanding and acceptance. 

First single ‘Can’t Forget’ is beholden to a languid groove, blending into a bombastic chorus that takes cues from Tame Impala and Foals. Throughout it is underpinned by the melancholic optimism and idiosyncratic production that has come to define Low Island’s sound, with space for a brash, spiralling guitar solo, rarely unleashed from their arsenal. This clash of old and new techniques echoes the sentimental approach towards recognition of the past whilst gazing forwards. 

As singer Carlos Posada elaborates: “it’s a reflection on the headyness of youth and a fear of growing up. Verse 2 is a nod to the day I left home; as I drove down the street, I caught my Dad crying and waving me away in the wing-mirror of my car. It’s one of those memories that gets printed right onto the front of your mind and that you never forget.” 

Check out the video for the single, ‘Can’t Forget’ below.