Malevolence Release Third Single, ‘Still Waters Run Deep’

Hard hitting quintet Malevolence have dropped a new track off their upcoming record, ‘Malicious Intent’, which only heats up the excitement for what we’re going to hear off the forthcoming release.

The song and video documents the band’s young career, from 2009 to date, from a fresh faced, local band to international touring powerhouse.

Malevolence front-man Alex Taylor stated,
“This video is a deep dive into the history of Malevolence. We dug through hours of old archive footage and picked out some highlights from over the years as the song is a tribute to the journey we have set upon together, and the bond it has formed between us.
After hundreds of shows and thousands of hours in the van and practice room,
being a part of this band has been the most rewarding experience of our lives and this video reflects the evolution and progress of Malevolence over the last 12 years.
We hope you enjoy it!” 

Check out the video for ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ below.