Magnolia Park Share New Single, ‘Manic’

Pop-punkers Magnolia Park have dropped a new track and video, ‘Manic’ which features fellow Floridian rockers, 408. 

Guitarist Tristan Torres explains that “Manic” is the “ultimate break-up anthem, fusing that classic Pop-Punk sound with our modern flare. The inspiration was a combination of everyone’s worst break up.” He continues, “The video process was awesome, we booked this small movie theater that a lot of the band used to go to so it was pretty nostalgic. The idea behind involving 408 was just to show some love to the scene down in Orlando. We slowly became friends and we’re both always at the Audio Compound so it just made sense.”

Though at times lighthearted, Magnolia Park are also serious about spreading a message of inclusivity. Since their inception, they’ve been on a mission to inspire kids who look like them to start bands as a form of creative expression. “Our goal when we’re together is to make sure the next generation doesn’t have to face as much racial backlash for being a rock band,” guitarist Tristan Torres explains. “In the industry, people look at us a certain way and try to impose things on us—and we want to make sure the next generation of rock bands don’t have to go through what we’ve been through.” 

Check out the video for ‘Manic’ below.

Magnolia Park will be touring in UK this August. Check out the touring dates below.

Aug 22, 2023 – Boston Music Room, London

Aug 23, 2023 – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Aug 25, 2023 – Reading & Leeds Fest, Reading

Aug 26, 2023 – Reading & Leeds Fest, Leeds

Magnolia Park Share New Anthem ‘Homicide’

On the heels of their fantastic extended debut album ‘Baku’s Revenge Deluxe’, Florida rockers Magnolia Park have started their new era as a band with a new single and music video, Homicide”.

With a penchant for writing songs as thought provoking as they are accessible, the new single stresses the importance of community and giving back to those who support you. Expanding on the harder edge of recent single “Do Or Die” via massive arena – rock sonics, the band encourages us to check in on the people you love, make sure they are okay and let them know they are not alone.”

Conveying that message through lyrics like, “You can carry your throne, but you never have to be all alone,” the band is constantly proving to elevate the voice of outcasts and underdogs everywhere.

Watch the video for ‘Homicide’ below:

Magnolia Park are set to play in the UK this August.

Here are the following dates.

Aug 22, 2023 – Boston Music Room, London

Aug 23, 2023 – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Aug 25, 2023 – Reading & Leeds Fest, Reading

Aug 26, 2023 – Reading & Leeds Fest, Leeds

Magnolia Park Share New Single, ‘Facedown’

Orlando band Magnolia Park share their new track “Facedown” ahead of ‘Baku’s Revenge Deluxe’.

Extending their debut album released via Epitaph last fall and produced by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Wage War), the band is adding on four bonus tracks brimming with catchy melodies and massive guitar hooks that keep fans running back for more.

Out today, “Facedown” combines elements of pop-punk, alternative and hip-hop highlighted by cutting-edge production. Magnolia Park call the new song “A high energy modern punk song for anyone who’s ever experienced being bullied or taken advantage of. Here’s to finally sticking up for yourself.”

Check out the track, ‘Facedown’ below.

Check out the track listing for the deluxe version of ‘Baku’s Revenge’ below.

1. ?

2. Feel Something (feat. Derek Sanders)

3. Misfits (feat. Taylor Acorn)

4. Radio Reject

5. !!

6. Drugs

7. Paralyzed

8. Addison Rae

9. Ghost 2 U (feat. FRED & Joshua Roberts)

10. $$$

11. I should’ve listened to my friends 
12. Facedown

13. Complicated

14. Don’t Be Racist

15. Dizzy

Pre-orders for ‘Baku’s Revenge’ can be made via the following link.

Joshua Roberts Of Magnolia Park Shares New Single, ‘Angel’

Known for being the dynamic front man of buzzy alternative band Magnolia Park, vocalist Joshua Roberts is inspired by a diverse mixture of genres and generations. Today he reveals another side of his musical repertoire and impressive range with upbeat new single and music video “Angel.”

From the pulsating 80’s style synths, funky guitar rhythm and reverberating bass groove, this new age R&B/pop track with an alternative twist is sure to get you on the dance floor. Roberts says:“‘Angel’ has a fun Michael Jackson/The Weeknd vibe that the world has been missing. I put on my dancing shoes and my falsettos soar for everyone to hear.”

Depicting a softer side to Joshua Roberts, his solo music trades in high-energy pop-punk hooks and spirited anthems for a more mellow, heartfelt sound. Aside from his work with Magnolia Park, the vocalist and songwriter has been featured on tracks by everyone from 408 to labelmates poptropicaslutz! and plxntkid. Like many of the greats, he grew up singing in church but seeing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for the first time was an awakening for him to find his own voice and pursue his calling. He sees this solo venture as a personal journey to push himself not only creatively, but to also grow as an individual, stating, It’s a whole side of me that I never talk about or share, so it’s a scary venture for sure but it’s something I feel I needed to take.

Check out ‘Angel’ below.

Magnolia Park Announce New Record, ‘Baku’s Revenge’

Orlando-based band Magnolia Park have announced their debut album ‘Baku’s Revenge’ set for release on November 4th. 

Under the guidance of producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Wage War) they combine elements of punk, pop and hip-hop teeming with catchy melodies, massive guitar hooks and cutting-edge production. At times lighthearted, the band is also serious about spreading a message of inclusivity and inspiring kids who look like them to start bands as a form of creative expression.

With pop-punk icons as mentors, it’s clear that all their time invested on the road has helped further develop their sound. While their Heart Eater EP (2022) was recorded in a week, the band had much more time to finetune the songs for ‘Baku’s Revenge’— In fact within the span of a month the band wrote 30 songs for the album before fleshing them out with Andrew Wade who helped the guys “trim the fat and think about what we’re trying to say” according to Tristan Torres. 

This attention to detail is evident on Baku’s Revenge, through dynamic vocal performances the band addresses depression and mental health, toxic relationships, as well as their own experiences with institutional racism. With songs as thought-provoking as they are accessible, the band members’ lived experiences are present in every second of the 24 minutes that make up the album.

“I think when [listening] to the messages in our songs and seeing the videos, you see that we’re more than a playful pop-punk band,” says bassist Jared Kay. “We can have a good time and be silly, but we also show that there are some serious real-world problems going on in the world that we want to address and expose.”

Check out the Album Artwork, Tracklisting and Music Video for the latest release, ‘Misfits’ below.


1. ? 

2. Feel Something (feat. Derek Sanders) 

3. Misfits (feat. Taylor Acorn) 

4. Radio Reject 

5. !! 

6. Drugs 

7. Paralyzed

8. Addison Rae

9. Ghost 2 U (feat. FRED & Joshua Roberts) 

10. $$$ 

11. I should’ve listened to my friends

Pre-orders for the upcoming record are available via the following link.

Live Review – Slam Dunk Festival North 2022

Less than a year has passed since the previous iteration of Slam Dunk Festival and here we are for the third time at the Temple Newsam site since switching from the city centre where just about everything is bigger and better! The stages, the food, the acts, the sound etc. It feels truly amazing to be back without the fear of coughs, covid passes and everything else in-between that would stop us from attending!

Having grown up from my teenage years to university on a steady diet of Pop-Punk, Metalcore and tonnes of more music, it almost feels as if this is a dream today and it feels as if the gap between all the shows in the last few months has passed. Also, this has to be the most diverse lineup I’ve witnessed in a long long time!


Over on their festival debut, the Baltimore based Pinkshift continue to win over some new faces to the band and I’ll say this, their energy levels didn’t drop by one bit at all. They sounded up to that point in the day, the best out of every single band on the day and they continue to win over every person that watched (including myself) especially with their recently released single ‘Nothing (in my head) which has you losing your mind over that soaring guitar.


Kicking off the heavier side of things is the always incredible, Cassyette, an artist who hasn’t gone unnoticed over the last year and has steadily put out a consistent repertoire of banger after banger. Her oozing her anthemic liveability has the early crowd being thoroughly entertained with her glam rock attitude with her added swagger though… she lives up to the hype.. Being a staple as one to watch could lead her to falter a but but with track such as ‘Sad Summer Girl’, it makes her pleasing to watch and hopefully in a few years time, we’ll see this artist head further up the festival bill.

Yours Truly

Rising Aussie favourites take to the Temple Newsam stage for the second time in as many days, previously on You Me At Six’s 10 Years Of Sin (Sinners Never Sleep Anniversary Shows) it’s clear that they’re fan favourites in the scene at the moment the way everyone’s bouncing on the stage to show that this is Yours Truly’s world, we’re just living in it and proof that they have only gotten better with time, refining their sound over the pandemic. Sadly though production monsters have struck during their set which do plague the performance on the occasion but that doesn’t make things unenjoyable, it makes us want to watch even more.

Meet Me At The Altar

Today there’s someone we’ve been wanting to watch for a while now but sadly their set is plagued by some technical difficulties, especially on their guitar early into their set. After some momentum from May The Odds Be In Your Favour, the sounds are a little disappointing in the rhythm of their set but around their ending, they do show some motivation at what they really can do to make them a good presence where hen they do make their UK return, these problems won’t bring them down, they’ll bring the carnage to their set.

Hot Milk

‘Lets show them how we do it in the north’. says Hannah Mee, leading the charge with Hot Milk as they reach some amazing heights with their Rock Scene stage performance. The band blast through some high octane tracks, the recently released ‘Bad Influence’ as well as their previous title track off EP, ‘I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I’m Dead’with every single piece of energy just dripping from the band, it’s very impressive to say the least. Hot Milk continue to go from strength to strength in the dynamic flow of their back catalogue of tracks and the atmosphere just raises things up ten times of what any band has accomplished so far today.

Magnolia Park

Another international debut, were the social media sensations, Magnolia Park. ’10 for 10′ became this full circle moment for everyone in the crowd because it was one of those songs that when you hear for the first time which has a poignant meaning and the standout on the day of the festival but made them all the more crushing and pleasing to watch. In all honesty they are ballsy to be covering ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’ (as is anyone who chooses to) and they nail it perfectly because of their modern electro-pop blend which fans have become accustomed to. The more I listen to Magnolia Park, the more interesting they become to me not only because they seem to be the future of what the genre has to offer but because when they inevitably make their Slam Dunk return, a bigger stage will be required.

Mod Sun

It’s been a while since the record ‘internet Killed The Rockstar’ dropped and he brought about a new age of Rock to our ears and when the tracks ‘Karma’, ‘Annoying’ and more hit, all you hear is the entire crowd chanting back and screaming the lyrics. What’s more is the amount of time Mod Sun interacts with the crowd, expressing how loved he feels to be there and the entire time, that love is reciprocated. Dedicating the set to his fiancé Avril Lavigne (and even a few rumours of the queen herself being there) the 2021 breakout single ‘Flames’ is one that possibly can be heard across the pond for what is a fantastic set for the first time appearance

Set It Off

It’s been three years since Set IT Off last played in the UK. Postponement after postponement meant that their latest upcoming tour has now been on the back burner for the last few years (thanks to COVID) and this is just the opening salvo of what is to expect when things come about in a few months time. Starting off with ‘Skeleton’ and ‘Projector’ it’s obvious that they’re clear fan favourites already and will continue to stay in their setlist for a good while but that doesn’t mean they won’t bust out their old hits such as ‘Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’ as well as ‘Why Worry’, there’s more than enough charm to go around, especially with the bands colour coded outfits as well as a You’re Next style bunny mask for their touring guitar player.

As December Falls

Making their return to Slam Dunk Festival (with their previous appearance back in 2018) and after an impressive SOLD OUT headlining run of the UK, British Pop-Punk protégées As December Falls continued to impress with their lovely catalogue of tracks, especially their latest release of ‘Go Away’, we just want more and we will on their upcoming Autumn UK Tour later this year. With the entire set of crowd pleasing tunes fizzing with some personality, the sass manages to cook up more to get the crowd really going and hopefully they’re going to be firm favourites sooner rather than later.

Nova Twins

Now I Feel for Nova Twins, I really do. They’re at the end of the day just about to go on before main headliners Sum 41 but the more you watch from them, the more you’re just in their trance. With the crowd rather drained, the duo powerhouse get the crowd moving again and again to have them reignited to remind them just who the hell they’re watching. The annihilating Riffs and furious tracks make the most of their message and believe me when I say, nexttime they tour, get your butts to a show.

Sum 41

The final band to take to the stage, the kings of the festival today are sounding the absolute best from left to right all over the place, especially with a massive Red Devil looking ominously out into the crowd.

It feels so weird to be listening to tracks such as ‘The Hell Song’, ‘In Too Deep’ and ‘Fat Lip’ but I suppose that’s always the case of people you’ve been listening to for years. They’re always welcome with the favourites in their setlist where you hear the crowd collectively chanting back and a realisation comes to you, this is the community of the entire festival singing back. The setlist is culled from more nostalgia feels of the last 20+ years but they hold up time and time again.

Picking up in between the set, covers of riffs from The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’ and Queens ‘We Will Rock You’ feel effortless from my standpoint. The band have always been capable of more, and the set provides it time and time again to bring Slam Dunk Festival 2022 to a triumphant end but if I may say, this is a crowd that wants more and they oozed up every last ounce of what was put out there today.

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Magnolia Park & Lil’ Lotus Announce UK Tour

Magnolia Park and Lil Lotus have announced a string of UK shows ahead of their appearance at this years Slam Dunk Festival

Support will be coming from SMRTDEATH as well.


So that’s Magnolia Park

And Lil Lotus

And here are the dates for the tour.

June 2022

3rd – Temple Newsam Park, Leeds *SLAM DUNK FESTIVAL*

3rd – Facedown, London

4th – Hatfield Park, Hatfield *SLAM DUNK FESTIVAL*

5th – Mama Roux’s, Birmingham (NO MAGNOLIA PARK)

5th – Rebellion, Manchester

7th – Loft, Southampton

Magnolia Park Release New Collaboration Track With Action/Adventure, ‘Deja Vu’

Magnolia Park are continuing into 2022 with their Pop-Punk awesomeness with a massive release.

The band have collaborated with Action/Adventure for ‘Deja Vu’, a track that brings together Magnolia’s intensity, Emotion and intoxicating attitude of both into one perfection of a track.

As Magnolia Park say, “This one is for the culture and a moment in Pop Punk History.”

Check out the track below.

Magnolia Park Release New Emotional Track Featuring Guardian

Magnolia Park are continuing to drop some emotional af tracks in this new year and it hits in all the right places.

‘Storm Clouds’ fixates on soft trap beats to build on the unreal atmosphere again and again dealing out the melodic rhymes again and again making them again, ones to watch this year.

Check out ‘Storm Clouds’ below.

Slam Dunk Festival Adds Beartooth, Set It Off, Nova Twins & More

Slam Dunk Festival has announced more bands to its 2022 lineup! And there’s some big and amazing names on there.

First up are Beartooth! They’re making their return to the Slam Dunk Festival lineup for the first time in five years.

On the announcement, the band says:

“We’re beyond excited to return to Slam Dunk. It’s a killer festival with killer bands and it’s an honor to be a part of the lineup. Like a lot of bands, it’s been years since we’ve been able to play in the UK. I promise we’re gonna do everything in our power to kick major ass. See ya there!”

And also set to play the festival wit Counterparts, 3OH!3, Set It Off, Nova Twins, With Confidence, Magnolia Park and Lil Lotus

Check out the updated festival poster below.