Music Video Roundup 02/08/19

It’s 4PM on a Friday! This means it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or these music video roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I watch some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. Up first in this weeks roundup are New Zealand based heavy metal trio ‘Alien Weaponry’. The video for ‘Blinded’ is the B-side to the ‘Ahi Ka’ 7″ single.

On the track, vocalist Lewis De Jong shared:

“The song has very personal meaning for me, but we wanted the video to leave things more open, so people can interpret it their own way. Piotr and Dwayne have really captured the notion of altered realities that we were going for, and we hope people will find their own messages in the images and the music.”


Next, this band wrapped up a set at this year’s 2000 Trees festival but the Danish powerhouse MØL have released a documentary-style video in a montage of footage of the band.


Cambridge rockers Mallory Knox are nearing the released of their self-titled fourth record this month and this is the latest offering which has followed ‘Guts’, ‘White Lies’ and ‘Black Holes’, all of which will be released onto the record.

Check out ‘Livewire’ below.


Heading into unfamiliar territory with this one, The Amazons have a fresh cut from their second record ‘Future Dust’ which was released earlier this year via Fiction Records, which comes ahead of their sets at this year’s Reading And Leeds Festivals later this month.

Frontman Mattew Thomson has shared:

“We fell in love with [director] Thomas James’ vision for Doubt It early on. He tapped into the themes of temptation and recklessness and applied his love and knowledge for the Horror genre to come up with something special. In a twist of fate, the video was shot in Wales, the country in which we wrote and recorded Future Dust.”


Heading straight into heavier territory, the legends that are Skunk Anansie have premiered their brand new video for ‘What You Do For Love’, which is the first new music in three years for the band.

It’s pulled together lots of live footage from the recent EU leg of their 25Live@25 tour.

Speaking on the track, vocalist skin shared: “People always use love as the reason to do the most heinous things to each other.”

“The hardest songs to write are political ones which is why we always try to avoid them.

“They’re supposed to just instantaneously spill out of you due to pure vexation, or they sound insincere and you fall into tired old clichés. This is one of those moments of rage! Love always seems to be the reason why people do hateful things, which I’ve never been able to understand.”


Up next are Post-hardcore up and comers Anemoria who’ve debuted a video for ‘Cashmere Jungle’ which is the first piece of new material following last year’s self-titled EP.

It’s uncertain whether or not the song will remain as a stand-alone single, or if it’ll feature on a yet-to-be-announced EP or Record.


Heading over to Bristol, the Punks known as Idles have a new animated video for ‘Never Fight With A Perm’, which is a fan-favourite taken from last years record ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’.

It was created by the great team at Fluffer Records who used the beat ’em up video game concept for the song’s lyrics to tackle toxic masculinity.


Taken from the record, ‘Barriers’, Frank Iero & The Future Violents have dropped a video for ‘Great Party’.

Starring Surfbort, the video gets weird after Frank and his band performs.

On the track, Frank has shared:

“I knew immediately when we finished writing ‘Great Party’ that it needed to be a single off the record and that we needed to make a video for that song. when I wrote the treatment for it I could see the whole thing playing out in my head, and I knew that our friends needed to be cast in it! I saw this weird gathering that you couldn’t tell if it was an AA meeting or the worlds bleakest birthday, and I knew our friend Dani from Surfbort had to be the one to light the fuse that would turn everything on it’s head. I really love this video, it may have turned out even better than I first imagined it.”


Heading to the heavyweights for the final videos, the band making a name for themselves are TheCityIsOurs as they have released a video for ‘Don’t Wait For Me’, a single from their upcoming record, ‘Low’.

Mikey Page (Vocals / Guitar) has shared:

“‘Don’t Wait For Me’ was written about a relationship that was incredibly toxic. We wanted to highlight the effects that relationships of this nature can have. Toxicity in these scenarios is horrible for all those involved, but there is still a general stigma that often men are at fault within these relationships or they should just ‘suck it up’ and get on with it, and even though it isn’t widely spoken about, we’re just as vulnerable… We wanted to juxtapose the lyrical message with the music, to symbolise this stigma. On the surface, this track has a feel-good vibe, but if you dig deeper, you’ll uncover something far more vulnerable.”


Ending on the giants known as Asking Alexandria this week and just in case you’ve been living under a rock, they have recently released the mega video for ‘The Violence’ the band’s latest single which sees a little role reversal of the zombie genre and humans are the infected and zombies are their prey.

Danny Worsnop (vocals) has shared:

“‘The Violence’ was an incredibly rewarding song to create. Ben and I both got to go way outside anything we’d done before and create something fresh and engaging. Thematically the song is about the way mainstream media and politicians manipulate and spread mistruth amongst the people to encourage and create anger, fear, division, and conflict in their quest to control and acquire power. As the history books have shown, this only goes so far before the people stand up and say enough is enough. I hope everyone enjoys what we’ve created here, we had a great time making it, and even more fun shooting the video!”

Mallory Knox Announce Autumn UK Tour

Mallory Knox’s upcoming self titled record will be released in May 2019 but everyone’s been asking when’s the up tour going to be taking place?

Well, there’s an answer for that right now!

The band have announced a mammoth UK tour for September and October 2019 which will see them play all over the UK so if you’re in a serious need to see the band, this will be your chance!

Here are the dates.

September 2019

15th – Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach

16th – Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

17th – Bristol The Fleece

19th – St Albans The Horn

20th – Peterborough Met Lounge

21st – Hastings BlackMarket VIP

23rd – Liverpool Phase 1

24th – Manchester Gorilla

25th – Sheffield Foundry

27th – London Underworld Camden

29th – Guildford The Boileroom

30th – Birmingham Mama Roux’s

October 2019

1st – Norwich Waterfront Studio

2nd – Hull Polar Bear

4th – Milton Keynes MK11

6th – Leeds Key Club

7th – Newcastle Think Tank

9th – Exeter Cavern

10th – Cheltenham Frog & Fiddle

11th – Leicester The Shed

12 – Dover Booking Hall

13th – Bedford Esquires


Mallory Knox Announce Details For Their New Record

It’s coming! The new Mallory Knox record is coming this year and it’s a Self-Titled record!

That’s right the new Mallory Knox record is called Mallory Knox which is set to be released on August 16th 2019 via A Wolf At Your Door Records.

Check out the cover art below.


Oh, and this is what the tracklisting looks like.

01. ‘Psycho Killer’
02. ‘White Lies’
03. ‘The World I Know’
04. ‘Livewire’
05. ‘Wherever’
06. ‘Freaks’
07. ‘Fine Lines’
08. ‘Black Holes’
09. ‘4’
10. ‘Radio’
11. ‘Heartbreak Lover’
12. ‘Guts’

Track two, ‘White Lies’ is the first single off the record, and you can check it out below.

Pre-orders are available via AmazonItunes and the bands webstore.

Mallory Knox Have Completed Their Next Record

The last few years have been up and down for Mallory Knox. It was around this time last year, Mikey Chapman stepped down from the band, where they’ve been quiet as of late.

Although, some guessed that they’d been utilising that time away to put together their upcoming fourth record which would be a follow up to their 2017 effort, ‘Wired’ which has now been completed.

Sam Douglas, the now vocalist and bassist for the band has confirmed via Twitter that the record has been recorded and mastered, hopefully, the first single will be on the way soon.

A Conversation With… Mallory Knox

It’s a new era for Mallory Knox, Their former vocalist Mikey left the group a few months prior to this new direction the band would be taking but one tour and a festival headline slot later, they’ve proven they’re ready for their next big challenge in the world of music. I sat down to talk about what’s going on in the band, the music and of course, Greggs.


Jack: Hey guys, how are you doing today?

Joe: Very good,

James: Tired but good.


Jack: always the best at this time, just need a bit of coffee in yourself and you’ll be okay.

Joe: Exactly

James: I’ve already had two and I’m still knackered.

Jack: I’m the same, it takes about five for it to kick in for me.

Joe: I may have been given decaff though.

Jack: That would explain the tea I’ve been drinking today.


Jack: So, Pop Punk Pile Up today, how does it feel to be headlining?

James: It’s a bit of a strange one really, I don’t know what Selby is, I’ve never really heard of Selby before we’ve come here today but it’s good, we like getting out there and doing gigs so it’s great to be here

Joe: Well, we’re not Pop-Punk so it’s one of the more bizarre days but we just finished a tour and we were out there on the road and we were offered to do this so it’s one of those to finish off the tour nicely.

Jack: End it with a bang with the first festival of the year. I was going to ask, you’ve been out on the first run of the year, how have those dates been for you?

Joe: It’s been great, it’s the first tour since the lineup change and we’ve had our predictions going into it. We don’t know if people would take to it, accept the new form but it was such a good feeling, goodwill and back for us with the fans, there was no heckling, disappointment, the new songs went down a storm and everyone was on board and genuinely interested in what we’re doing next. It was quite a surprise really.


Jack: I wasn’t going to ask about Mikey leaving but I can imagine it’s been a little strange going on stage as you are now in the new lineup.

James: It’s a strange one, we’ve done interviews about the whole thing and sam did the big ones when it happened so it’s been a weird year for us because we’ve known about it for a while and we’ve been wanting to get out for a while, we’ve been writing behind closed doors anyway, we’ve got new songs lined up and been in the studio and had the new single a few days after the announcement. We’re as tight as we could be, as we’ve ever been and playing the old songs and the new songs to prove we can still do this like he didn’t define us, we’re still a good band and the tour coming away has proved that.


Jack: And playing the new material, Black Holes dropped two months ago, is that the general feel for the new material?

Joe: It’s one of those where we draw influences but for the first time we’re trying to write with a clear direction, we always feel are a mixed bag, like there are some hard rock songs and then there are some ballads and we wanted to move away, the best records have a clear theme. Not concepts records but I’m talking about their sounds and being four records in it’s about time we started to do that, we’ve identified where we want to do and black holes is definitely an indicator of that it’s sort of veered side to side on where we want to go but we want to go rockier, heavier and we wanna have that more mature feel. Actually, I hate that word when bands go oh we’re on the third record, we should go a bit more mature but it does seem we’re trying to move away from the cornier elements of our sound.

James: Yeah, the rawness of Black Holes is a theme you’ll notice. The riffs and the guitar work. Sma adds the overall vibe. I think and I’m not saying this as a bad thing but our last couple of albums Mikey became that lead role and the music took a bad seat but now it feels like a band again. The music is in the forefront and Sams voice just compliments the whole lot of it.

Jack: So it’s all flowing nicely?

James: Absolutely. The follow and the work of it all drives us back. It was a bit of a kick up the ass, Mikey going so everyone got their heads in. the game and it’s going as good as it’s ever been going.

Joe: The thing that’s weird with Mikey leaving is that a lot of people assumed that there’d be some massive and drastic change but he didn’t really write any of the music anyway but he wrote 95% of the lyrics so what’s essentially happening is the main person who’s writing the lyrics is singing them now and you know, the main change is that it’s happier unit now so it’s nice to move on and it’s shaping up to be something better behind the scenes.

Jack: And moving to a few more… fun questions. Tour grub,w hat’s on your to eat list?

James: Tour grub?

Joe: Honestly, we’ve been hammering the Greggs on the tour. It’s cheap and they’re everywhere. We’ve spent quite a bit of time up north on this tour and the northerners love a Greggs so we’ve adopted that.

Jack: I think in Newcastle there’s a 24-hour Greggs.

Joe: Go on the geordie’s!

James: But the bad thing about a 24 hour one though is what time do they start the bacon rolls? Because I think I’ve had about 4 Greggs this tour and today is the first show of tour where we’ve had to be here early to set up and everything and that was the first day I had to have a bacon sandwich because they stopped doing them at 11 so that was a right little treat.

Joe: All I know for sure about this band is that we love Greggs.

James: You’ve gotta be doing them at least until lunchtime, Joe won’t eat a bacon sarnie, he’s a veggie.

Jack: I can imagine it now, Mallory Knox endorsed by Greggs.

James: That’s the dream, honestly.

Jack: Just have a personal baker on the tour bus.

James: Yum-Yums on demand, having it fed to us, that would be amazing.


Jack: And if you could use three words to describe each other what would they be?

James: Savy as stern, funny but, fit.

Joe: James… I don’t know.

James: Lizard like. Really big chin.

Joe: No, best friend forever

James: Aww, that’s lovely that.


You can watch Mallory Knox’s latest video for Black Holes below.

Music Videos 09-03-18

It’s that time of the week again. Another music video roundup. what more could you want on a Friday afternoon?

First up are up and coming Pop-Punkers Crossing The Limits. It’s off their soo to be released EP, ‘Perseverance’.


Mallory Knox recently came back into the world of music but announced they’d parted ways with frontman Mikey Chapman. Now back into releasing material, the band have dropped a video for their newest single, ‘Black Holes’.


Things are just getting better and better for Scottish Pop Punks Woes in 2018, firstly revealing they’ve signed with UNFD and now they have a video to accompany their latest single, ‘Real World’.


One year on for Decade’s full-length record, ‘Pleasantries’, the band have dropped a video for the opening track and their latest single, ‘Human Being’.


Coming back into the fold are Falling In Reverse which sounds like a little bit of their older material comes the first music since 2017’s ‘Coming Home’. Here’s losing my mind.


Another band who are back with a bang are Aussie fave’s Parkway Drive. This next track is expected to feature on their yet-to-be-announced record but you can view the amazing ‘Wishing Wells’ below.


Coming next is from Stick To Your Guns. This track is taken from the band’s latest record, ‘True View’ which is out now. This is the track for ‘Forgiveness Of Self’.


Time for a throwback to for a retro video from indie rockers Tigers Jaw who’ve released their newest single ‘Window’. It’s off their latest record, ‘Spin’ which came out last year via Black Cement Records’.


Now keeping up with some great tracks in today’s music world, this one comes from Best Ex. This track was part of the 2017 EP Ice Cream Anti-Social and is the last track off said EP, here’s Jellyfish.


Now this is one I’ve been waiting for, for a while. Eva Plays Dead has just debuted their brand new single, ‘Get Back’ which is off their upcoming EP, ‘The Fix’. It’s a song that approaches the subject of mental health and its accompanying video portrays the struggles of those who suffer from bipolar disorder, specifically from vocalist Tiggy Dee.

Mikey Chapman Releases Statement


After the announcement that Mikey Chapman would be leaving the band Mallory Knox, vocalist Mikey Chapman has now released the following statement.

“Hi everyone. It is with mixed emotions I am writing to you today, as i’m here to personally announce my departure from Mallory Knox. I feel so much warmth and gratitude to every friend and fan who have made Mallory what it is today and I have no doubts that same love will continue long after i’m gone. Every show, conversation and experience holds a special place in my heart, and from the very bottom of it I thank you.

For 9 years Sam, James, Dave, Joe and I have lived, struggled, celebrated and adventured together, it has created a bond with them unlike any other and I will always support them and watch with keen interest. I am sad it’s all coming to an end but I’m so proud and excited to see their passion, creativity and determination go into new music that I can’t wait for everyone to hear.

Thank you so much lads for everything. I wish you all the success and love in the world.

2018 for me is the start of new adventures, projects and experiences that lead me down a new life path. I can’t wait to see what comes around the corner.

Thanks for your time, much love




The band are set to go on as a four-piece with Bassist Sam Douglas taking over vocal duties.

They’ve also announced a run of dates for April.

Here are the dates.

April 2018

16th – Brighton Haunt

17th – Cardiff Globe

18th – Exeter Cavern

20th – Stoke Sugarmill

22nd – Glasgow King Tut’s

23rd – Manchester Rebellion

24th – Birmingham Mama Roux’s

26th – Nottingham Bodega

28th – Selby Pop-Punk Pile-Up Festival



2nd – London Camden Rocks Festival



Mikey Chapman Leaves Mallory Knox

It was announced today that after nine years in the band, Mallory Knox’s Mikey Chapman has left. He featured on three records the band released on vocals.


In a statement they posted:

“After nearly 9 years together, today we announce that Mikey has decided to part ways with Mallory Knox. As a band, we respect his decision and wish him well for the future.

2018 marks a brand new chapter for the band and we’re excited to be continuing Mallory Knox with Sam taking the lead on vocals. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes writing & recording new music. We are very keen for you to hear it & you won’t be waiting long.

With this news comes the unveiling of a string of intimate UK headline tour dates. We’re ready to get back out on the road & play some new songs alongside the songs we’ve been playing for years. Head to for details.

More announcements to follow so watch this space.

Much love
Sam, Joe, James & Dave


Bassist Sam Douglas will take over lead vocal duties.

They also announced the following dates:

April 2018

16th – Brighton Haunt

17th – Cardiff Globe

18th – Exeter Cavern

20th – Stoke Sugarmill

22nd – Glasgow King Tut’s

23rd – Manchester Rebellion

24th – Birmingham Mama Roux’s

26th – Nottingham Bodega

28th – Selby Pop-Punk Pile-Up Festival



2nd – London Camden Rocks Festival